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    I think this book can be filed as a little gem I don t recall where I discovered this book, but it follows the shenanigans of Chris, Razor, Jules and Karen The prose and storytelling is a delight.

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    BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER EVER READ.I have the privilege of being taught by Tyler and must recommend his short stories which are even better than fireball This book , as well as most of Keevil s writing has mastery of simile, simple description that is so smooth and natural almost feels like your experiencing the emotion with the characters What I like is, he didn t let the the other characters become one dimensional and had all of them grow into something that you might no predict but just go Yeah of course that s how they end up.I love the conflict between relationships , the strong and somewhat ambiguous dynamic between Razor and Chris this relationship is so typical with males , but Tyler caught not only the aggressive and stereotypical side of this dynamic, but the inner most secrets about bromance us guys no matter what actually get on and care about each other even if we need to use violence to nurture it it really hits home how complex masculinity is in a ever changing post postmodern world where guys are expected to fill so many roles this books shows us that boys will boys without ever drifting into clich.

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    I can t believe this book isn t well known It is reminiscent of The Catcher in the Rye and The Outsiders but still manages to bring a unique feel to the story This is partly because of the modernisation of the characters and the 21st century feel to the story in general Also, the characters are well formed and easy to relate to.However, the novel is written in this staccato fashion which offers brief glimpses of insight into the story being told, and switches direction, train of thought and points in time from chapter to chapter Its difficult to explain how this works, but it really does It feels so natural and easy going and like you are sitting with the protagonist and he is telling you the story in a casual way, and he adds in different pieces of information as he remembers things that are relevant Usually I don t get on well with novels that reveal key plot points early on and then you have to read your way back to them But with this book I can t imagine it being written any other way It just works.

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    A terrific read lovingly revealing tragic story of outsider teens in conflict with the mechanics of society The harshness of the story is tempered with humour and embroidered with a fond nostalgia.

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    An enjoyable and quick read about teenage angst set in Vancouver Nicely developed characters especially the narrators best friend Chris , some black humour and some surreal sections Would make an excellent beach book

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    Fantasticalong the lines of classics like Rumblefish Don t know why this book isn t well known.

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    I seriously thought this was an amazing book and really enjoyed reading it.

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Fireball In This Tense Coming Of Age Novel, The Story Opens At The End Of An Intensely Hot Summer In Vancouver As Chris, A Complex And Misunderstood Youth, Has Just Driven A Stolen Police Car Through A Road Block And Over A Cliff To His Death Unraveling The Events That Lead To Such A Death, The Novel Traces The Lives Of Four Teenagers And The Months That Will Come To Define Their Future Hailed As Heroes For Saving A Drowning Woman, Boys Soon Attract Unwanted Attention As Minor Celebrities And, As The Weeks Go By, The Public Admiration Is Replaced With Envyuntil The Pressure Builds To The Final Fiery Climax Darkly Comic And Cinematic In Tone, This Dramatic Debut Novel Captures The Spirit Of Spent Youth

  • Paperback
  • 292 pages
  • Fireball
  • Tyler Keevil
  • English
  • 28 February 2019
  • 9781906998103

About the Author: Tyler Keevil

Tyler was raised in Vancouver, Canada He first came to the UK in 1999 to study English at Lancaster University He returned home to finish his degree, and after graduating undertook a variety of bizarre jobs, working as a treeplanter, a landscape gardener, a deckhand on a fishing barge, a greenhorn in the shipyards, a restaurant busser and a kayak shop assistant After paying back his student