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To Tame a Sheikh He D Noticed Her Across A Crowded Room, And In That Instant Sheikh Shaheen Aal Shalaan Wanted Her With Just A Few Words, Shaheen Had His Mystery Woman In His Bed, Where She Awakened Passions He D Long DeniedThen The Sheikh Discovered His Lover S True Identity She Was Johara, His Childhood Friend, Now Fully Blossomed Into A Vision He Could Not Do Without But His Lineage Demanded He Take A Wife Of The Throne S Choosing Anything Else Would Have Catastrophic Results Yet How Could He Turn Away From The Woman Who Carried His Baby

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    If you want to read a story of true love, belief, and enduring passion this is the one for you Shaheen prince of Zohayd sees a woman across a crowded room and all though of duty and arranged marriages fly from his thoughts as he sees the woman who completes him his heart, his soul mate his everything Johara has loved him since she was a child and lived in the royal palace where her father was the keeper of the royal jewels and wanted to see Shaheen once before he marries for poilitical reasons but that is not to be Passion is immediate and the love scenes are both intense and gentle and totally beliveable When the chance comes for the Big Misunderstanding Olivia Gates goes against the normal and doesn t take it Our hero believes in our heroine to the last drop of his blood He will do anything for her one of my favourite lines is He took her from gravity as he wished to from everything that caused her worry How romantic Can t wait for the stories of the other brothers Herres and Amjad

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    If you like to read stories where people are kind and loving to each other or why else would you read love stories then I know you ll LOVE this novel There s still enough conflict in the story for those who like this element in their reading material, but just not from the two main characters the man and woman whom the love story is about The drama surrounding them brings them closer and enriches the novel providing tender as well as passionate romance And this is why we read these romance novels, am I right ladies and gentlemen

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    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Prince Shaheen Aal Shalaan not afraid to show is loved for Johara Nazaryan From beginning to end this book is wonderful It gives you the insight from the mans point of view I liked that about this book He wasn t afraid to enter into this love for her Keep writing these wonderful books Ms Gates Looking forward to the others.

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    If you are looking for a love story then this is the one for you Another reviewer MelissaB said that Ms Gates words were flowery and I cannot disagree as they certainly are Normally I would have disliked this story because it was so sickly sweet but I actually found that I loved it There was very little romance involved as the H h declared their love for each other almost from the start There was a little angst when the h disappeared and the H was looking for her but that really was contained over a few pages.It was what I class as a fluffy romance which I usually steer clear of I read Harlequins because I like the angst, the fighting, the revenge, the heartbreak and in the end the HEA but Ms Gates is excellent in her craft and makes you want to carry on reading I even went on to read the other 2 in the trilogy.I would happily recommend this to anyone who loves Harlequins and likes sweet romance.

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    5 plus stars A perfect love story filled with passion, beauty, trust and sacrifice Writing is incredibly passionate, detailed and vivid Brava Cannot recommend highly enough

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    I really, really liked this one There was no massive misunderstanding, they were clearly in love from the first, and were totally confident in the other s love, but there was still conflict and problems Loved it

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    After reading To Tame A Sheikh, I had an epiphany I ve been reading romance for longer than I care to admit, and most of the time, I feel like I m chasing a mirage I m reading those books for the romance But what I usually get is two people who re at each others throats for most of the book, who spend most of the story prisoner to their fears or insecurities or prejudicesetc etc and treating their love interest accordingly The epiphany was that for someone who s been reading romance regularly, I m rarely reading about love.But this book was about just that Love LOVE The hero and heroine first met when she was six and he was fourteen the first time her eyes fell on him was when he d just saved her life Then he became her best friend for the next eight years She didn t only love him, she believed in him, would sacrifice anything for him, starting with her own heart and happiness When they meet again when she s grown up and his eyes don t recognize her, his heart does He just resumes loving her as if he d never stopped because he never had Then things do wrong and every evidence is against her In any other book that would have been the cue for doubts and angst to poison the hero s mind But for Shaheen, it wasn t even an option for him to doubt her How could he doubt the soul that had long bonded with his It s that unwavering love, that incredible depth of trust and delight those two had in each other, that reminded me what s been missing from so, so many so called romance books The LOVE Seeing it on every page, not only in a usually rushed ending, with the promise of that kind of love that To Tame A Sheikh displayed so wonderfully, AFTER the book ends, in a so called happily ever after we have to imagine So in To Tame A Sheikh you spend a whole book luxuriating in that love, in a hero who s treating the heroine with absolute cherishing and trust And for me, it was an amazing experience For those who love conflict and angst, those were there by the ton, just not between them With everything against them, far better problems that those of Romeo and Juliet, the heartache and desperation was palpable as it seemed certain they would be torn apart Until they both sacrifice their all for the other And that s the only way they end up beating the impossible odds At last, this is a book about LOVE If you like to read about that, about how a hero who s alpha, regal and powerful to the max can truly love, then this is the book for you I ve read all of Olivia Gates books since reading this one And all her heroes end up with the same sort of total love for their heroines But if you d like to read stories about how the two characters love each other all the way through the book, I recommend the fabulous The Sheikh Surgeon s Proposal and Billionaire, M.D.

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    Wow Just when I think Olivia Gates has written the best book she could, she writes another one that s just as good AND different from those that came before it She never repeats herself And I love the intensity of the passion and romance in her writing Shaheen and Johara share a love like no other I loved their Romeo and Juliet like dilemma, but I bought their love much than I did Romeo s and Juliet s Those were two adults with loads of reasons to be that much in love And the sacrifices they offer for each other aren t for theatrics and maneuvring but for real And their happily ever after is so hard and well earned Loved this book, love Olivia Gates s writing I once read another reviewer saying she d find her grocery list engrossing reading, and I agree Another winner and keeper.

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    great romance can read over and over again.

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    Olivia Gates is the Sheikh romance writer extradonairre This is a good one, but for some reason doesn t hold the stratospheric level of angst, heart wrenching love that some of her others do.In this one, we have pretty much a beta hero with alpha tendencies and the heroine who has loved him forever Forever being when he saved her as a child and he was a teenager Too bad he s bound to be the Sheikh although he s the middle of five brothers, and she is a mere peon Her father is was the jeweler to the kingdom so they merely live on the fringe of the Sheikh s world.Years later she sees the H at a party and it s Insta everything She leaves with him He doesn t know who she is but is attracted to her She s a virgin and is gone the next morning as in a martyr moment leaves she he can become the Sheikh he s meant to be He ll have to marry one of the daughters of the tribes to keep the peace Olivia Gates loves her martyrs, male and female.He sees her at the palace and rushes her back to bed basically, under cover as no one can know He s honorable and wants to marry her, but she s such Mary Sue Martyr she tries to keep him off Sideplot about the jewels to the kingdom being replaced with fakes is okay, but the kicker is the eldest brother, Amjad his name I remember who is so horrible, so damaged, so cruel, and such a horse s ass, he has to have a great story in To Touch a Sheikh.Anyhoo, we have another OTT wedding where the bride is dressed somewhat like this below minus the 250 carat yellow diamond necklace Kinds of makes the western virginal white dresses B O R I N G Characters from her other novels pop up which is kind of confusing I mean they aren t any Tom, Dicks or Harry s here.P.S.Upon reading the wedding night, I m going to revise that he is an alpha hero with a hint of beta I don t know, but it is racy