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    No spoilers, just commentary.I ll have one of each, thankyouverymuch I m now completely corrupted and converted to wanting a sheik even though I ve always wanted one of those muscle bound guards at my every beck and call waggling my brows, laughing How weird is that But you know after reading another installment of Bodyguards by Carol how can you resist Damn my libido, experiencing in fantasy all that testosterone in one room shivers Yeah, baby It was great to see the hot guys team up, come together and play a part in this book The only problem I ran across was taking my brain back to the other books prior in order to remember what they each looked like Needless to say it was hopeless and I flopped, gave up It was inevitable to happen I got absorbed, went out of focus as this book takes you into a fantasy like so many others of the M M genre do, but kinda not The men are different, the scenario is different and the circumstances are genuine and unique Carol s books always tease, but they always please with her hot men, men in uniform, the hot sex between them and the action that bunches into one little packed book that makes reading them worth while.Again well done and look forward to the next As always

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    I really liked this newest instalment of the Bodyguards in Love series.The sheikh, Ali, needing rescue for once, and the strong bodyguard, Gavin, there to protect and save him was a fun, interesting upside down version of all the usual sheikh fantasies in both het romance and the few that I m aware of in m m Add the complication of Gavin s past, some intrigue from the side of the sheikh s family, even the CIA, and off you go.The love that grows between the twom main characters kept me turning the pages as much as the mystery of who exactly was trying to kill Ali The reappearance of some of the characters from earlier volumes in the series was also very welcome I look forward to the next volume

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    Aqu tenemos a Al y Gavin, una pareja con la que seguro te puedes preguntar c mo llegaron a estar juntos, ya que Gavin es todo un ermita o y Al es el jeque de una bonita isla En este caso, la agencia de guardaespaldas toma un papel crucial en la historia, ya que sus integrantes son los responsables de unir a esta pareja en un principio, luego, todo corre por las locuras en las que Gavin embarca Al El suspenso, la intriga y la acci n tambi n tienen una parte predominante aqu Muy recomendable.

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    Another nice book from the series.It was a little hard to understand some parts, since I skipped the previous book polyamorous romance isn t my cup of tea , but overall light and enjoyable read.

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    Be free to be the man God made you. Gavin Burk, ex CIA operative, lost his partner Dusty than three years ago, making Gavin retreat to his mountains to live his sequestered life That is, until his friend Jack requested his help to protect Jurru s Prince, Sheik Ali Zahar Sheik Ali Zahar, Pince of the island of Jurru has already had two failed attempts to end his life and Gavin is send as his new bodyguard When things start to heat up, and not only between the prince and his bodyguard, Gavin takes than the necessary precautions to keep Ali alive Seducing the Sheik is a captivating and warm unlikely love story It has suspense and steamy hot sex scenes All this coupled with a family drama but a HEA for the MC s.Part of Bodyguards in Love series but can be read as a standalone

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    2.49 stars

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    Not terrible, but I think I ll be skipping the other Lynne books on my TBR list If you know what the term wallpaper historical means, this screamed wallpaper sheik to me from start to finish It could have been set in Nebraska, the sheik could have owned a sporting goods store, without changing the feel of the book much at all.I did at least discover that, yes, it IS jarring to read a book set at least partly in the US, with American characters, but with British spellings, so my apologies to all the Brits, Canadians, Aussies who have complained about American spellings in stories set in the UK I thought you were being unreasonable, but you were absolutely right I still maintain that writers should use what feels comfortable to them, but I get it now.

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    What did you think The story didn t really inspire any much thinking Seducing the Sheik was a very simple sort of sheik arabian fantasy thing, best enjoyed after turning brain activity off A basic, lightly enjoyable read which gave me a blank feeling good as a rebound book The lack of atmosphere and sense feeling of location really disturbed me, though.

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    Not sure I can say why, but this story really struck a chord with me I really liked this one There are two not so little little things that niggle at me view spoiler How did Yul get into Ali s apartment and why wasn t that escape route blocked or guarded after the bombing hide spoiler

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    I went back and forth between giving this one 2 stars or 3 stars, so let s just call it 2.5 The plot was pretty convoluted and didn t make much sense at times I m glad to see the resolution of the Sheik storyline though since its been brought up so many times in other books.

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Seducing the Sheik (Bodyguards in Love, #5) Book Five In The Bodyguards In Love SeriesIt S A Daily Battle For Prince Ali Zahar To Hold Power Of Jurru After Two Men From Three Partner S Protection Are Injured While Guarding Him, There S Only One Man Left Who Will Take On The Challenge, Gavin BurkWith No Friends Or Family, Gavin Lives His Life Volunteering For Dangerous Missions He S Learned Not To Get Close To Anyone And As A Result Leads A Very Solitary Life, But The Passion Stirred By Prince Zahar Threatens The Control Gavin Has Worked So Hard To MaintainBefore Gavin Has A Chance To Come To Terms With His Desires, He And The Prince Are Forced To Take Shelter Alone, In A Hidden Fortress, Deep In The Desert There, Gavin S Control Is Tested And Fails Life Will Never Be The Same For The Ruler And His Bodyguard