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The Devils Garden Dr Forle Is A Scientist On A River Station Deep In The Heart Of The South American Jungle The Last Inhabited Point Before The Impassable Interior He Is Studying The Eerie Forest Glades That The Local Tribes Call Devil S Gardens Who Or What Has Created These Cursed And Poisoned Places The Answer, He Hopes, Will Change The Way We Think About Life Itself But As The Devil S Garden Opens, Work On The Station Is Thrown Into Chaos By The Arrival Of A Ruthless Colonel And A Sinister Judge They Claim To Be Registering The Indigenous Peoples To Vote And Yet That Night Forle Witnesses An Act Of Torture That He Cannot Ignore From That Moment On, He Is Drawn Deeper And Deeper Into A World Of Brutality And Corruption Until He Finds Himself In The Midst Of A Small War Involving Remote Tribes, Renegade Soldiers, Cocaine Growers And The Woman He Has Come To Love When One Of His Assistants Is Murdered, Forle Is Forced To Abandon His Life S Work And Take Sides What Kind Of A Man Is He

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    There s not a lot of love here for The Devil s Garden, but I really enjoyed it The setting, a scientific community in the jungle let s just call it was well drawn and while I do understand some of the criticisms of the lack of character development, for me and I m normally a stickler for this I found that although we aren t told much, there is plenty to be gleaned from their actions Their various motivations were clear I think pages spent working through character back story would have really weighed this book down.As it was, the story built to a satisfying crescendo, Docx led us to the crux of the soldiers mysterious activity without bashing us over the head with the moral dilemma at the heart of the story, which was true to what s happening in that region right now I particularly enjoyed his description of Fore s struggle alone in the jungle, the heat, confusion and misery of his situation were palpable And the ants Now I know something about ants.

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    I fully admit it I was disappointed by many aspects of this book.It felt like he was rushed through book deal with Picador The plot was interesting enough I liked the scientific aspect which he researched, which was lovely previous works were not so stitched together using facts from real events and science though if I hadn t read his previous books, I never would have been interested in this one But while this book had its main character and close supporting characters the Docx way , none of them felt fully fleshed out.My biggest disappointment though The writing itself What happened to his beautiful way with words There were glimmers of the Docx I ve recommended to countless people, but not enough to meet my expectations.

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    A bit to like a take off of the heart of darkness had a little bit of menace, but was a bit predictable None of the characters were particularly likeable and I am not sure I really cared about any of them.However I finished the book and don t feel it was a total waste of my time I wouldn t be inspired to read any other by the author, nor to recommend it even for a beach read There are so many others out there that would do.

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    This was an easy to read and interesting thriller set in the The name comes from a phenomenon where a specific species of ant poisons all plants other than its mutualistic host and thereby creates patches of monoculture in an otherwise richly diverse ecosystem The ants seem to defy the concept of the selfish gene and there is nice metanarrative about individualism verse altruism in nature, and humans I enjoyed it.

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    It was always interesting, but didn t really know whether or wanted to be a thriller or a novel It wasn t quite thrilling enough for a thriller and yet didn t tell us enough about the characters for a novel.

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    This was the most boring, convoluted , drivel I have read in awhile I don t know what the hell this story is about, where or when it takes place I m not even sure on who was speaking at times1 stars

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    I seem to be in a run of thrillers at the moment, but didn t really enjoy this one It has the madness in the jungle atmosphere of Heart of Darkness but transposed to an un named Central or South American country I felt I never really got to know Forle, in spite of extracts from his book which gave an insight into the relevant science He seemed to have no real enthusiasm for the research, possibly continuing with it for the sake of his dead friend, and no real enthusiasm for holding things together at the station either but nor was there any resentment that he d been left to do it, that it was taking time away from the research he was there to do There were also lots of gory bits and several deliberately sadistic characters with nothing to explain or redeem them even the affair described was contingent rather than based on any real connection So, overall, it left a rather nasty taste in my mouth and I was glad to finish it But then I didn t like the Conrad it echoes so much either.

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    Despite the claims on the cover, I didn t find any suspense or excitement in this book The tone of the narrator makes it seem almost Victorian, which is fine, but then in the same paragraph they re talking about satellite phones and GPS tracking It doesn t make sense I couldn t see any character development and there isn t enough detail to create a sense of atmosphere.

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    This book has drama but I didn t find it very realistic nor did the characters have much depth It s not difficult to imagine that incidents like those described might occur in parts of the , but it s also difficult to imagine that it s as lawless as Docx suggests.

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