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The Desert Bride I Am A Close Acquaintance Of Crown Prince Razul SRash Worlds Indeed Bethany Morgan Was Desperate To Stop Her Deportation From Datar, And Only Razul Could Help Her But She D Tried So Hard To Forget Him They D Been Involved Two Years Before, And Back Then Bethany Hadn T Been Able To Hand Such A Proud, Passionate Man Bethany Got To Stay In Datar However, By Renewing Her Close Acquaintance With Razul She Paid His Price He Demanded That She Become His Wife

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    Re The Desert Bride Lynne Graham gives us another Sheikhy Lurve Force Mojo Desert love story with this HP outing She has an anthropologist Dr h and a Sheikh CrownPrince who will eventually be King of a fictional desert kingdom trying hard to modernize I suspect a lot of LG s inspiration for this came from a little book, and eventually a 1991 movie with Sally Field, called Not Without My Daughter The story is about a woman who married an Iranian man and then found herself trapped in Iran when he decided to remain there and how she and her daughter eventually managed to make it back to the United States I don t know how accurate the book is and there is lot of criticism that it paints Islamic and Middle Eastern culture in a very bad light and demonizes many of the men However there was a lot of Middle Eastern and Islamic peoples migrating to England in the late 90 s and tensions were rising, cultural stereotypes were abounding and in the best of HP Author Social Statement Traditions, LG decided to address that The result is that LG writes a book that initially sets the reader up for a full blown harem experience, ala Edith Hull s The Sheikh Then as the story progresses and the H and h interact, she blasts those stereotypes apart to show that HP h s are kinda not the sharpest pencils in the box, no matter where you set them and that besotted Alpha H s are pretty much the same everywhere, but there is always a rosy glowing sunset HEA when the Patented HP Lurve Force Mojo takes over The book starts with the h landing in the H s kingdom and almost being put on the first flight back to England because she doesn t have a male escort The h is a junior lecturer in anthropology back in the UK and her male grad student broke his ankle in the rush to make the plane at Heathrow, so she traveled on alone.The h s dissertation was actually on girl s roles and rights in third world countries, so she isn t exactly a female Lawrence of Arabia, wise in the ways of the desert and it peoples In fact the h was kinda surprised she is being sent here, this is not her anthropology field, but a big donation was given to her university and she was told to pack a bag and go study the area s desert tribes Since her cat and her three bonsai trees and her career are all the h has going for her, she packed up her bags and off she went But now the study is in jeopardy, the h has no male escort and to make things worse, the whole country is having a public love fest about their very popular and handsome Crown Prince, who in five years has managed to pull the people out of poverty and war and bring some really awesome shopping malls and modern medicine to the land This Crown Prince adulation disturbs the h greatly, because she knows the man personally He came to her university two years earlier to get some European polish and see what life outside the desert was like and the h really felt a lot of attraction towards him as she tried to help him acclimate The H went hog wild on the ladies for the first semester and then when the h tried to help him in unfamiliar social situations in the H s second semester, the H turned his dark desert sights on her Fabulous gifts and offerings flowed forth, but the only thing the h accepted was a pretty little Persian cat, which the h dutifully got spayed so there wouldn t be extra kitten bonuses There are cat mentions in this book, but I am ignoring them, because the h left her cat in a cattery and I am not down with that I took off stars for that too The h was 25 at the time, and now at 27 she is still a unicorn groomer, so even tho she felt a weakening in the knees and a melty tummy sensation every time she saw the H, when he made his Let s Have a Purple Passion Boudoir Fling proposition the h very firmly rebuffed him Now tho, her research study is in peril and so the h does the only thing she can think of, she tells the airport officials that she is the very close personal friend of their beloved Crown Prince The airport officials are in shock, red carpets and cavalcades are quicky assembled and rolled out and soon the h finds herself with a migraine while irately confronting the H The H announces that he has been plotting to get the h into his clutches for two years, he even paid for her university to build a library, and now that he has her, he is keeping her Visions of harems and a life without freedom assail the h and as she passes out from screaming at the top of her lungs, her only thought is that the H is an utter madman.Soon the H and h are bickering back and forth and the h believes that the H is setting her up to be either his concubine or his second wife When she sees a woman wailing and groveling on the ground in front of the H, the h assumes that the woman is his wife and she has just been told about the h s arrival and future wife status.There are many, many misunderstandings as the h doesn t speak the local language and the H doesn t have all the nuances of English learned yet either Add onto that a very furious OW and very diffident handmaidens that the h can t get used to being around and it all adds up to big miscommunications Eventually the h agrees to let the OW help her to escape and instead of being taken to the airport and the next flight out, the OW digs her Claws of Doom into the h s arm and dumps her in the desert We get another H and h argument and the H gives the h the opportunity to get into a helicopter and leave, but the h dawdles around and misses the departure, so the H assumes that she is willing to marry him.The h is soon whisked off to attire herself as a bride and a desert wedding ceremony is celebrated The big Lurve Club Passion Event is sufficiently purple enough to make even a dragon blush and the H is delighted that his wife has known no other man but him Then the h gets blood poisoning from the OW s Claws of Doom and has to be hospitalized Before the h and H married we learned that the OW is not the H s wife and was dismissed as a future marital prospect years earlier, the OW gets sent off to marry some guy in Saudi Arabia The h also learns that newspaper articles about the H s supposed 200 lady harem were greatly exaggerated When the H was a child, his father arranged a betrothal with another prominent family The H s future fiancee died and his people began offering daughters as potential wives The H s father took them all in and sent some of them off to be educated and others he dowered and helped them find husbands, so all the ladies that were supposedly in his harem were really ladies that the H s dad helped out to find better lives The H really had been plotting for two years to get the h to his country, he argued with his father for his chance to marry the h, he learned English and he held out against his father s attempts to arrange another marriage until the h could be maneuvered into a visit However he understands that the h may not be able to adapt to her new lifestyle, so he tells the h that the marriage will only be for six months The H s father met a French lady who became the H s mother, she couldn t handle life in his country and so she ran off and abandoned the H and divorced his father The H s father loved the lady and became very bitter and angry after she ran off, so the H s father kept the H from learning anything outside the desert for many years and fiercely argued against the H importing the h,but they are a very close family and the father loves his son, so he told him he could marry the h Now tho the h is in hospital recovering from the OW s Claws of Doom and we meet the H s sister She is older than the H and a full British schooled medical doctor from London who now runs the new modern hospital her family just built The H s sister is all things independent and bossy and the h realizes that the image of oppressed ladies lounging around harems while waiting for their master is completely wrong The H and h go off to his desert abode and proceed to lurve it up and learn about each other The H learns that the h is very wary of marriage because her father is a serial philanderer and her mother is his welcoming doormat The father even gave away the h s pony to the daughter of a woman he was wanting to have an affair with and the h s mother only told the h the pony was his to do as he wished The h isn t close to either of her parents and only rarely communicates by letter with her mother The h also has an aunt in Canada who married an Iranian and he was abusive until the aunt escaped and the h became very anti marriage and men based upon those experiences The H points out the fallacies in her argument and tells her that abusive and philandering men don t have a lock on a specific nationality and the h has a rethink on her attitudes She also realizes that she loves the H, so now her goal is to get the H to make the marriage permanent.However the H isn t commenting on the h being his wife any and everything he says seems to indicate that once the six months are over, the h will be shipped back to England alone The h now believes that the H bargained for this time with his father as a sort of last hurrah before submitting to an arranged marriage with a appropriate future queen So the h decides that she needs to get preggers, that way she won t be alone any and will always have a part of the H The H gets frustrated when the h tries to talk about the potential end of their marriage and he leaves her in a huff Then the h finds out she is pregnant and the H s sister shows up.The sister pragmatically tells the h that the H is majorly in love with her and that the two of them need a smack with her skillet She dumps the h off at the palace with strict instructions to talk to the H, tell him she loves him and then tell him he is going to be a dad The h ends up meeting the H s father instead and she wins the man over when she confesses her love for the H and admires his bonsai trees and tells him about her own.The H s father laughs at the pair of them when the H storms up to confront the h and he tells them to go home and get a dictionary so that they can be clear on what they are communicating The H is still in pouty mode tho, so he plans to send the h back to their palace alone The h tells him she is preggers and then goes off to have her own pouty mopey moment The H s father sends her one of his beloved bonsai as a present and a sign that he accepts her into the family The H shows up as the h is crying and the big explanations begin The H did not want to make the h angrier, so he quit talking about their future He thought maybe the h wouldn t want to stay, so he tried to give her enough time to get used to his life and that is why he mentioned six months The h explains how she plotted to get preggers so he wouldn t send her away and they both FINALLY declare they love each other for the big Desert Sunset HP HEA.If you can get past the beginning with the HP Standard H s assumption that he just KNOWS the h really wants him, no matter that she had completely and utterly rejected his pursuit in England, the rest of this is fairly well done Both of their misconceptions about each other get to be a bit wearying, but LG was trying to break the image of several bad stereotypes, so I mostly forgave her for endlessly going there The romance was cute in many places and it really doesn t get much better in HPlandia than when you have an obviously besotted, head over heels in love H who is all out to get his girl This isn t LG s best work by a long margin, but it was a decent attempt to shake up some perceptions, so it is worth taking out for an HP voyage if you run into it and the HEA is very believable.

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    First off let me start by saying that im a huuuge Lynne graham fan however Shiekh stories are not my cuppa tea not bcoz im an Arab and the amount of ignorance shown in these bks astonishes me but bcoz I like reading about people who are very different to me That being said the ignorance of Arab culture in the Desert Bride is again laughable But i dont hold it against Ms Graham because I love her too much The misunderstanding in the bk was OTT So ridiculous that I cheered when the H dad, the king, told his son to take his wife home and borrow a dictionary Usually Im with the h because with Graham they may start as doormats but progressively they develop a soewhat backbone and stand up to the H This is is probably the first LG bk that I found the h unbelievably annoying from start to finish LG made it seem that its the H fault coz he doesnt speak that great English but i believe that the h was the one who was incrediablely obtuse The whole bk she fights the H for her freedom and then she lies about being on the Pill so he can knock her up and they have no choice but to stay together REALLY She goes to explain to the H about her misgivings about their marriage bcoz her aunty married an Arab who beat her up and she doesnt want that This doctor assumed all arab men beat up their wives She furthers says that her auntys hubby who s an Iranian was jealous and.wait hold up Since when are Iranians Arab They are persians they dont speak arabic hence they re not Arabs and I m sure if you refer to an iranian as an arab they would be offended just as if you refer to an English man as a French Both countries are neighbours but they are nothing alike Ok rant over I absolutely loved the H He was awesome and too good for the stupid h So if you love a besotted H then go ahead and read this just ignore the h lol

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    Hero learned to speak English for the heroine.Hero defied his father for the heroine.Hero manipulated it so the heroine would come to his country for her research.Hero planned to marry her as soon as possible.Hero married her and gave her a six month escape clause if she so desired.Hero put up with a lot of histrionics from the heroine who clearly didn t get how smitten this hero was Lots of conflict and willful miscommunication in this one.

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    3,5 stars

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    This book is quite different from your typical HP Razul is an absolutely fabulous hero He is a passionate, intense loving man who absolutely adores the heroine He is willing to do anything for her including fighting his father for two years to gain approval to marry her The heroine on the other hand, is a flake She is selfish, speaks before she thinks, never shows remorse for her horrible actions, embarrasses him in front of his family and subjects, and goes so far as to blatantly lie about taking birth control I had trouble following her logic from one page to the next She blows hot and cold and was beyond annoying.The poor man, I could not see what he saw in her In fact at one point, he admits that marrying her was one big horrible mistake I was hoping he would see sense and finally put her on a plane back home.

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    I never know whether to recommend Lynne Graham or not As I ve mentioned before, she s not the greatest of writers to me and her characters sometimes do crazy things in order to further the plotline A lot of times, her writing comes across like fan fiction to me, especially since she loves writing about exotic heroes, so the guys speech are always a bit awkward.This book is probably one of her romantic endeavors, as well as being horrifically non PC and sort of poorly written I enjoyed it in the way one enjoys trashy, unbelievable badly done romantic comedy movies Bethany is the most unbelievable doctoral candidate in the world Supposedly she studies anthropology of desert cultures, but it would have been far believable had she been an alien because she was so ill informed about everything, much less the intricacies of desert cultures She further had no idea that Razul was unmarried shouldn t she have read up on this before going into Datar and creates some crazy lame brain idea about contract marriages based on some things she s told Oh, and of course, she doesn t speak the language at all, so there s even of a language barrier Right, and she wears completely unsuitable clothing and is nearly kicked out of the country before she even got in, because she somehow didn t know that single females need to be escorted by men Come on, really, Bethany Was your degree printed with crayon Further, instead of having a good conversation with a translator with Razul, she does such stupid things When Razul tells her that if she hasn t left the country by sundown, they re getting married, instead of packing and waiting beside the helicopter, Bethany falls asleep For a woman who was fighting and yelling about leaving the country, this action was dumb, no Then, when they are married, Bethany decides she wants to have his kid so lies about being on the pill in order to get pregnant Dumb and devious, no But mostly dumb.The redeeming feature in this book for most readers, and for most of Lynne Graham s books, is how besotted the hero is Lynne Graham writes THE most besotted heroes, who have pined after the heroine since he espied her with his black gold eyes They will do all sorts of weird, besotted things to get her into his clutches, be it false imprisonment, extortion, basically any sort of illegal action that were it Donald Trump, would result in a huge scandal and a lawsuit But Lynne Graham also specializes in extremely dumb heroines who are also afraid of the legal system and never pursue a vendetta against the hero Oh, right, and HP heroines also have to be Christian too Because Bethany says that she can t be Muslim, and Razul says that the entire country has been Christianized because it s also westernized That was just a little bit too much for me, but par for the course in an older HP.She s not for me, but I do get her appeal I also hate these newer, repackaged covers These editors have clearly never read the book Bethany has long, rioting red gold curls, and the girl on the cover of this book has a bob cut What is going on there, HP publishers

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    The Desert Bride is the story of Bethany and Razul.So..WOW.What a wonderful, heart wrenching but full of love and drama, well written book.We have our two leads Bethany and Razul The two have a past, in which a mind filled with preconceptions led our heroine to reject our hero Now a research opportunity has bought her to Datar, where she soon realizes the crown Prince rules, and it is none other than our hero A couple of legal issues at the airport leads her to confess her past connection to the prince, and soon she is whisked to his palace, and back into his life.A reluctant marriage then takes place, but as the two personalities clash and attraction sizzles, will our heroine finally escape back to her home, or stay to find the love she has been desperately craving for We had a willful cough stubborn heroine who changed her mind oh so often, threw tantrums and hurtful words, judged quickly, is scarred by her past yet is amiable enough to give in when required.What shines in this book is the AMAZING hero Devoted, in love, possessive, sexy, caring, kind..I cannot gush enough regarding how much he loved the heroine, and the lengths he went to appease her and her love.Yes, there is LOADS of drama, push and pull, an evil OW, a cynical father, running away, ring drama, but there is also hot lovemaking, angst and such a sweet ending.This was a good read just because of the lovely hero Safe4 5

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    Overlooking the melodrama, the plot was driven mostly by miscommunication lack of communication At least some of it was driven by language issues She was a bit of a pill but she did get better in the second half of the book In fact the whole second half of the book was better than the first half It did have the hero crazy for the heroine during the entire book I just needed a quick pick me up read and this hit the spot for that.

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    2006 Review I think its sweet that the hero was actually totally in love with the heroine for so long Although it seems a bit TOO farfetched and hero was a bit stupid not stupid in a bad way but sometimes towards the heroine Otherwise I guess I liked the characters and the way the story was written flowed.

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    My personal rating scale from 1 to 10 7.5 I don t remember too much about this one, another book to re read skim it.

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