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The Sheik & The Bride Who Said No EVERYTHING ABOUT THE PALACE HAD ALWAYS INTRIGUED HERIncluding The Incredibly Handsome Crown Prince Himself There Was No Denying That Murat Was A Man Of Mystery, Power And Many Talents But For A Husband, Daphne Snowden Wanted Sure, Future Queen Sounded Lovely, But She Wanted Someone Who Saw Her As Than A Woman To Bear The Next Heir To The Throne Someone Who Respected Her Someone Who Loved HerStill, There Was That Niggling Burning Desire And Unfinished Business Between Them And Though Time Had Changed Him, It Had Not Erased Her Interest In The Only Man She Ever Loved But Obey His Demands And Marry Him Never

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    A very good read Firstly, I don t understand all the disdain towards this book and Murad.Does he coerce Daphne s niece into a marriage No His father does But I got the feeling he did it to get Daphne back into his land, and hence into his arms And other things revealed later.Was he overbearing Yes But way less than his brothers The I AM THE KING trope would have been annoying if repeated all the time.Was he unfair about the virginity thing I don t think so I mean, Asian men have this obsession with that piece of cervix gateway to heaven but is actually a rudiment piece of flesh hymen but since he moved on it was NOT unfair that she did too And they don t dwell much on it.Was marrying her wrong Nah Im fond of kidnapped brides and otherwise, she wouldn t have given him a chance.I was teammurad until 3 4th of the book, when I became teamdaphne Then I was TeamFFSPLEASECOMMUNICATE because them making assumptions gave me a heady headache Wow these books DO have a lot of thoughtless words thrown around But then again, thats Silhouette books for ya Well written story with good sex scenes.Unsafe view spoiler Both move on during separation hide spoiler

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    Not my favorite book in this series Murat needed a serious neck smack He kidnapped, keep stranded and even married a woman with an head injury He seriously has issues with being the crown prince and having everything on his way.I liked Daphne and completely understand her reasons to leave on the first place Okay, she loved him, but also tried to move on She had a normal life with a very dysfunctional family bugging her about choices, still she always made everything right, until her niece accepted a wedding with Murat and Daphne had to return and show him things would be different this time.I liked when Murat finally realized he needed Daphne in his life and how much she actually meant for him But he deserved to suffer a lot .

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    Daphne walked out on Crown Prince Murat 3 weeks before their wedding 10 years ago Since that time, no one is allowed to speak her name until Murat contracts to marry Daphne s young, naive niece and Daphne is determined to prevent the marriage.Prince Murat declares that someone from the family will marry him and takes Daphne prisoner.Many twists turns, misunderstandings and a prince who is way too used to getting his own way view spoiler I really hated that he forced her to marry him when she was unconscious Even in other cultures, that is so wrong hide spoiler

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    This prince gets a lesson on what a girl or women in this case, wants It was filled with humor and fun Good read.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this quick read It has the best of what Mallery offers a strong, intelligent heroine who will fight for what is right and demand the love and respect she deserves in her partner, and a strong, intelligent alpha male who needs to learn how to offer that love and respect and recognize that it is not a weakness to admit such feelings Of course there is the usual slapdash of humor and tears thrown into the mix And Mallery also works in a surprise twist or two to keep the reader truly engaged I liked that she didn t use a big event epiphany to bring them together, but rather a gradual growth or change in the relationship that made it all the believable.

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    I know when I read this series as a teenager, I wanted to smack Murat into next week and that sentiment has not changed There are all kinds of wrong here and the book doesn t really leave you with warm fuzzies More a concern that Daphne has permanent Stockholm Syndrome and everyone is OK with that except Billie who does offer to fly her out if she wants Billie remains the smartest of the bunch.

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    I like it when Murat finally sees it from Daphne s point of view He finally realises his mistake Many males fail to admit that they are wrong due to their pride ego Daphne is also the kind of woman I like, someone who can stand up to someone and hold on to their beliefs so matter how much the other party believes they are right.

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    It was heartwarming Although, I would say, the sheikh was egoist, doesn t want to confess first Duh The man s pride.

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    Cute story Short but cute

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    Ten years ago, Daphne Snowden broke her engagement to Crown Prince Murat of Bahania three weeks before their wedding without a word of explanation King Hassan has decided that it is time for his last single child to marry and has tapped Daphne s beloved neice Brittany for the job While Daphne was willing to incur royal wrath and the rejection of her family to avoid becoming Murat s bride and future queen, she is willing to do anything to spare Brittany the same fate Murat insists that he will marry a Snowden, whether it s Brittany or Daphne Murat was enraged and humiliated by Daphne s defection, and forbid that her name be spoken The unexpected opportunity to conquer her is irresistable Once he overcomes her defiance, Murat is certain that Daphne will make a good queen, a great mother and a pleasing wife Once he is victorious over her, he is certain his life can return to normal But Daphne left 10 years ago because she did not want a marriage without love, and that fact has not changed Murat and Daphne make such an interesting pair I enjoy their reparte and the way that they understand each other except when it comes to their relationship view spoiler Murat marrying Daphne when she was unconscious was a pretty awful move, but an interesting plot twist hide spoiler

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