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The Sheikh's Forbidden Virgin (The Royal House of Karedes, #4) On Her Twenty First Birthday, Kalila Is Pledged To Marry The King Of Calista But First She Must Be Delivered To Her Husband To Be Scarred, Sexy Sheikh Prince Aarif, The King S Brother, Is Sent To Escort Her However, Willful Virgin Kalila Tries To Escape And Aarif Has To Catch Her In The Desert Heat His Scorching Desire For Her Ignites A Desire That Is Forbidden And Aarif Claims Kalila S Virginity, Even Though She Can Never Be His When She Walks Up The Aisle On The Day Of Her Wedding, Kalila S Heart Is In Her Mouth Who Will Be Waiting At The Altar To Become Her Husband

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    Well, it took me awhile to finish this one but only because I lost the book and had to find a replacement Anyway, this was a great story and it even brought tears to my eyes This is a sweet love story and the only reason it isn t 5 stars is because the beginning was kind of slow If you want something refreshing in a HP, this is a good one to read It is part of a series but I think it can stand alone despite the references about the family diamonds Kate Hewitt is a new author for me in the HP line but I will definitely pick up another one of hers.ETA OK, so I just realized the azzhole hero from The Playboy Sheikh s Virgin Stable Girl is this guys twin Know this they are sooooo different The again, of course they would be since two separate authors wrote each story And no, Sheikh Azzwipe doesn t make any appearance in this book.

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    3 1 2 stars Texas Destiny Harlequin Presents style Honorable and guilt ridden brother of a Arabian king must deliver his princess to him, but of course they fall in love I like this sort of plot, but had a few issues with the book I think the author tried to get the cultural details correct, but the attitudes of the heroine towards her culture niggled at me It makes sense that she d have picked up a lot of Western ideas at college in England, but there s no balance to her point of view, so it comes off as kind of sneering And though I love an honorable hero, there was too much effort on the heroine s part and too much resistance on his.It s good storytelling, so if you enjoy this plotline you ll probably like it.

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    The beginning was kind of slow but I love an honorable tortured guilt ridden hero and a heroine who brings him to life Passionate, angsty book about a forbidden love

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    Ohhhhh Aarif cuanto dolor y autocastigo No mas

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    It s like a romance book than an HP book, of which I am glad Recommended

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    I just couldn t get into this I understand Kalila s feelings toward her arranged marriage to Sheikh King Zakari, but I really couldn t accept that she Prince Aarif betrayed her fiance and his brother.I did like that Aarif was the bridegroom at the end, with his brother s blessing.Book 4 of The Royal House of Karedes series in the volume that contains 1 4.

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    I had to read a sheikh romance for my 2017 Romance Reading Challenge Not bad I think Aarif could have been nicer, it was hard to like him until later But I did enjoy the it will never work, our love is doomed storyline.

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    she is supposed to marry his brother On her twenty first birthday, Kalila is pledged to marry the King of Calista But first she must be delivered to her husband to be Scarred, sexy sheikh Prince Aarif, the king s brother, is sent to escort her However, willful virgin Kalila tries to escape and Aarif has to catch her In the desert heat his scorching desire for her ignites a desire that is forbidden and Aarif claims Kalila s virginity, even though she can never be his When she walks up the aisle on the day of her wedding, Kalila s heart is in her mouth who will be waiting at the altar to become her husbandpart of Royal House of Karedes Bundle in HQ

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    i think i would have easily given 4 stars if only i had not read The Inherited Bride by Maisey Yates The Inherited Bride has the same story as this one and Maisey Yates has done a far better job writing than Kate

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