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The Desert Surgeons Secret Son The Sheikh S New Found SonSeven Years Ago Sheikh And Surgeon Ghaleb Aal Omraan Chose Duty Over Love And Left Viv LaSalle With A Broken Heart And Unknowingly A Baby Now Their Little Boy Sam Is Desperate To Meet His Father, But Is Ghaleb Ready To Be A Dad Stunned That His New Director Of Surgery Is Viv, Ghaleb Finds His Passion For Her Is As Strong As Ever But His Impending Marriage Of State Convinces Viv That She Must Escape With Sam Before Ghaleb Discovers He Is The Boy S Father Except Now Ghaleb Knows He Wants Viv And Sam Thatn Anything More Even, Then His Throne

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    I liked this book but I didn t love it The hero just didn t move me I didn t like him for some reason He just annoyed me most of the time The heroine was amazing I really loved her strength and passion and I was really bummed when she succumbed to his love making again I just didn t care for him at all I know he kind of groveled in the end but I just didn t feel his love I felt hers for sure The way he left her seven years ago was heartbreaking Then he went on to other lovers been though they had given him no pleasure or relief or whatever he was thinking It doesn t say if she was celibate either but I think she was She worked so much and took care of so many people and was such an amazing woman I loved how he tried to get her to fail on her first day and she triumphed I was so happy at that Sam the little boy was cute too I liked that he didn t seem to mature for his age and that he just wanted a Father I didn t like that she didn t tell him and that he had to find out himself though a DNA test But he really had abandoned her like her Father had and she didn t really know how he would react He did abdicate for her to show the proof of his love, but I still couldn t get past his thoughts of her And it was all resolved with one simple conversation Come on I hate that so much But I guess we wouldn t have this novel then and it was good I really love the author and I am glad I read it I may even read it again and see if I change my mind on the three vs four star debate I had going on in my mind It would have been a four if he had been celibate which is what I thought at first but then he thought about his other lovers since her at some point saying that he had no relief with them or whatever and that took that one extra star away for me My opinion only I am a freak about that and I know it Again, this is a very good book Just had some triggers for me personally.Looked up the other women and he said he had many lovers since her, if he could call the empty disappointments he d had since her lovers I felt so sorry for him.NOT It annoyed me that one stupid line It sucked.

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    Oh Lordy Lordy what a fabulous read It doesn t get much better than this Do yourselves a favour and read this one I love Olivia Gates heroines They re always educated, stong women who can stand on their own And the hero sheikh in this book was love struck and GORGEOUS He worshipped the heroine and wasn t afraid to show it.

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    4.5 Stars A brilliant book I loved it and could get nothing done until I read every word, even skipping my grocery shopping and having to scramble to find enough food to prepare for supper.Seven years ago there were two grave misunderstandings and misconceptions that tore sheikh and surgeon Ghaleb Aal Omraan and surgeon resident Viv LaSalle apart, causing him to leave her without explanation He crushed her heart along with her spirit and left her at the mercy of a merciless man who tried his best to ruin her life and livelihood Prince Ghaleb went back to his homeland where he would one day rule and enter into an arranged marriage for the sake of the country Nothing was quite the same for either of them after they parted and deep inside they both still loved the other while convincing themselves that it was hatred they felt Little did Prince Ghaleb know that he had not only left Viv utterly devastated and heartbroken, but also pregnant with his child and after the way he treated her and walked away, there was no way she would open her son up to a ruthless, unfeeling man In the very conservative country that was home to the Prince, he would be unable to claim the boy because fathering an illegitimate child would cause many problems for his country and the royal family Instead Viv chose to raise him alone with the help of her aunt.When her son turned six years old he began to question Viv about his father and it became an obsession Viv applied for a temporary position with the hospital Ghaleb was working for to see if he was worthy of learning about and getting to know his son When the two first lay eyes on the other in the surgery room you would have thought an electrical current was charging through the room As time went on Ghaleb began to question his once hasty decision to leave Viv because she just didn t seem like the kind of woman who would have done what he thought she did The fact that he never confronted her with what he heard and given her the chance to defend herself began to wear on him and me as well He had chosen to believe the worst in her with no proof or explanation For me, this was a pretty serious read There were a lot of misunderstandings throughout that lasted until the very end with much sadness than I like to see in any book I venture into I am troubled when days later the book comes to mind and I feel a disturbing sadness For those reasons I had to mark it down a half star It was still a great book but the sadness and heartache seemed too overwhelming with very little happiness to counterbalance I still highly recommend it Olivia Gates knows how to get the emotion on the page and make you feel the heartache right along with the character.

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    Reading this book was such a delight, and it was sad too I learned that this was the last book Olivia Gates wrote for the medical romance line, and so I woulnd t be getting of those larger than life mouth watering sheikh surgeons Thankfully she just wrote another one for the Harlequin Desire line, A Secret Birthright, so there s hope yet This book is another five star and then some read Ghaleb and Viv set the pages on fire, and the relatioinship between Ghaleb and his secret son Sam is the best father son relationship I ve ever read.

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    That was the last sheikh medical Olivia Gates wrote, but thankfully she went on to write luscious, passionate knights of the desert for the Desire line She even wrote a sheikh surgeon lately A Secret Birthright so I was not deprived of those fantastic heroes and the heroines who are strong and special enough to deserve them This book also has an incredible father son relationship, that s so moving and realistic it had me in tears at many points The passion is off the scale, too Another winner from a fabulous author for sure.

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    The first medical romance I read by Olivia Gates and I understand the last one she wrote for that line and boy, must they be feeling her loss, or at least they should be I can t even begin to describe how amazing this book is The characters, the dialogue, the emotion, the intricate, authentic medical scenarios that push their relationship forward, and the first REAL father son relationship I ve read in romances How this book isn t being reprinted and advertized everywhere, I don t know

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    Again Olivia your books are soul music to my earsWhenever i read your books and i read others i get so mad because i am waisting my time and energy Your books have me hooked till the end you are truly truly a magician with words

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    Romanticissimo e Dolcissimo Mirella Curione

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    Olivia Gates is one spectacular writer I just love it too much

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    The Desert Surgeon s Secret SonWhen you over hear only part of a conversation you always get it wrong These two worked closely together years ago But he left suddenly Now she is in his country to work Will he be able to tell her what he overheard Is he willing to listen to what happened What will he do when he finds out about her son