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Delaney's Desert Sheikh Delaney Westland Refused To Let A Mix Up In Her Vacation Plans Postpone The R And R She Craved But When She Reluctantly Agreed To Share A Secluded Cabin With An Arrogant Sheikh Bent On Seduction, She Found Herself Enrolled In A Crash Course In Human Sexuality Unfortunately, Commitment And Love Were Misplaced Pages In Her Darkly Handsome Mentor S Manual Jamal Ari Yassir Had Intended To School Delaney In Sensuality For His Pleasure, But His Plan Backfired Instead Of Loving And Leaving Her, He Became Engulfed By An Irresistible Passion For His Sexy As Sin Cabin Mate Could His Convenient Summer Lover Be The Woman He Was Destined To Share His Life With

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    Okay, I was originally going to read all 31 books in this series, but after making it through 1, I m aborting this project.This book is atrocious.Delaney is a 25 year old virgin and pediatrician.Jamal is an Arabian prince with very woman hating views.In an extremely improbable scenario, they fall in love.It all starts when Jamal first gets a glimpse of Delaney s ass Mesmerized Hypnotized Suddenly consumed with lust of the worst kind.An African American woman had gotten out of a late model car and was bending over taking something out of the trunk All he could see was her backside but that was enough He doubted he could handle anything else right now.The pair of shorts she wore stretched tightly across the sexiest bottom he had ever seen and during his thirty four years he had seen plenty But never like this and never this generous And definitely never this well defined and proportioned What he was looking at was a great piece of art with all the right curves and angles.Great Women love being leered at by creepers It turns out they are both staying at the same cabin for four weeks.THE MISOGYNY His jaw suddenly had the look of being chiseled from stone In my country women do what they are told In Tahran there were women readily available for him women who thought it a privilege as well as an honor to take care of their prince s needs They would come to his apartment, which was located in his own private section of the palace, and pleasure him any way he wanted It had always been this way since his 18th birthday.There was also Najeen, the woman who had been his mistress for the past three years She was trained in the art of pleasing only him and did an excellent job of it He had provided her with her own lavish cottage on the grounds not far from the palace, as well as personal servants to see to her every need He stretched his body, tired of the conversation It was evident somewhere along the way Delaney had been given too much freedom What she needed was some man s firm hand of control His thoughts drifted to Najeen She would remain his mistress even after he took a wife He could not see Delaney settling for that type of arrangement with any man She would want it all He smiled The woman he married would have only one job to give him children She could walk around naked all day if she chose to do so She would be naked and pregnant the majority of the time.Charming But he s not the only woman hater in the book Delaney has five brothers, and they are all overprotective louts who hound and stalk her constantly, never giving her any privacy and hassling any man who looks at her It was a longstanding joke within the family that her youngest brother wanted a wife who he could keep in the bedroom 24 7 The only time he would let her out of bed was when she needed to go to the bathroom He wanted her in the bed when he left for work and in the bed when he came back home His wife s primary job would be to have his children and keep him happy in the bedroom, so it wouldn t matter to him if she were a lousy cook in the kitchen He would hire a housekeeper to take care of any of the less important stuff.Haha A joke If any of my brothers ever expressed these kinds of sentiments about women, they would have gotten such a dressing down that they wouldn t know what hit them My father would never put up with this kind of disrespectful attitude towards women, and no son would ever hurt my mother like that by saying something in this vein It would be unheard of.If you can manage to brush aside the misogyny, which you most likely can t, the book is a hilarious laughfest of bad sex and worse writing He watched the sway of Delaney s hips until she was no longer in sight His nostrils flared in response to the enticing female scent she had left behind, the primitive sultan male in him released a low growl But something deep within him believed there wasn t anything normal about this What could be normal about wanting to stick your tongue down a woman s throat to see how far it could go What was normal about wanting to suck her tongue forever if necessary to get the taste he was beginning to crave He uses this advanced kissing technique called Ares on her, which makes her orgasm and then faint You know The Ares technique o.O Only men with strong constitutions, those capable of extending the peak of their pleasure could use it Give me your tongue back, Delaney, he whispered in a low gutteral tone Just stick it out and I ll take it from there Her mouth felt sensitive, raw, and his taste was embedded so deeply in the floor and roof of her mouth that she savored him every time she spoke She lifted her fingers to her mouth as she remembered the kiss she and Jamal had shared Her mouth still felt warm and sensitive It also felt branded He had left a mark on her that he had not left on another woman He had given her his special brand of kissing that had been so passionate it had made her lose consciousness.It s very strange.Also strange is the scene where Delaney and Jamal get in the hot tub and he starts playing with her vulva and breasts with his feet HIS FEET Doesn t this seem fucking weird to you Feeling frustrated and disappointed, she was about to close her own eyes when she felt him He had stretched out his foot and and it had come to rest smack between her legs Before she could take a sharp intake of breath, he had tilted his toes to softly caress her most sensitive area She closed her eyes and sucked in a deep breath as his foot gently massaged and kneaded her center in tantalizing precision, slowly through the thin material of her swimsuit.But he didn t plan to stop there He lifted his foot higher to rest between her breasts Then with his big toe leading the pack, he caressed the right nipple through the thin material of her bikini top, and when he had her panting for breath, he moved on to the other breast.o.O His erection was a like a radar and guided him unerringly to his destinationLOL He also has an extreme problem of not realizing she s a virgin until he s balls deep inside her, pretty much her fault for not telling him jackshit, but her attempts to start a conversation with him about this are hilariously ignored I m not a woman who makes a habit of getting into a man s bed, she said softly, feeling the need to let him know where she stood We don t have to use a bed if you don t want We can use the table, the sofa, or the floor You pick the place What I mean is I don t sleep with a man just for the fun of it He nodded slowly Then what about for the pleasure of it Would you sleep with a man just for the pleasure it would give you You re not getting it, jackass She s trying to tell you she s a virgin, you fucking moron and he didn t want to shower In fact, he wanted to smother in the sexual scent their bodies had created.He also does bizarre stuff like jabs a hole in her pantyhose with his finger while he s driving so that he can finger her while driving Why didn t he just ask her to take her pantyhose off Why didn t he just wait until they got home I can t help but think fingering a woman through a tiny hole in her pantyhose while you are driving is extremely unfulfilling and frustrating for all parties involved, including the pantyhose o.O The scent of you having a climax It s a scent that is purely you, private, individual and totally sensual I wish like hell I could bottle it He also has scads of unprotected sex with her He uses a condom the first two times, but then is like, Fuck it and just has tons and tons of unprotected sex with her They don t discuss it, they don t mention it, they just stop using condoms even though they have boxes of them and KNOW he s engaged to marry another woman and he s going back to Tahran in three weeks and she s never going to see him again STUPID.Tl dr An extremely bizarre and silly and woman hating book This is probably why romance gets a bad reputation And I can understand older romances being as bizarre and misogynist as heck, but this was written in 2002 So, there s really no excuse.ZERO REAL STARS, ZERO ROMANCE STARS

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    This book was so great I was so happy to finally read a book where the sheikh wanted a woman of color, particularly an African American woman Usually the sheikh books have blonde heroines It was also good because of the dialogue and interactions between the characters This book mainly takes place in the cabin where they are both staying, so the focus is on the developing relationship between Delaney and Jamal The sexual tension is volcanic, but there is also tenderness and respect between them I don t usually like books where the h h meet and decide to have a fling, but this was so well done I loved it And you know that they are really in love and won t be able to walk away from each other long term Another great thing about this book is Delaney is about to start her final residency to be a doctor I dearly want to see romance novel heroines who are highly educated and are in a specialized profession, particularly science For some reason, it seems as though it s a bit taboo to have heroine who is educated and has a strong career in comparison to the hero I think that s totaly sexist But I digress This is a wonderful, short, but sweet, Sexy as all get out, feel good read I highly recommend it for readers who like sheikh books but want to see a different take on the sheikh romance.

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    Quick fun read that I am so glad I was able to get my hands on It was exactly what I wanted for a quick weekend escape read I m looking forward to making my way slowly but surely through this entire series Where you can find me Monlatable Book Reviews Twitter MonlatReaderInstagram readermonicaFacebook Monica Reeds Goodreads Group The Black Bookcase

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    Where Can I Get A Desert Sheikh I thoroughly enjoyed the instant, heated attraction between Laney and Jamal Although, it was definitely a bit unrealistic, who cares That s what romance is supposed to be You know everyone falls in love instantly, gets married in a matter of weeks, and all the black women have long, silky hair and a slim figure, and the men are gorgeous and built well in all the right places All I want to know is where can I get me a desert sheikh, who will denounce his thrown and alienate his people just for me if necessary , OKAY Looking forward to reading about the Westland family.

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    Uuuuuuggggghhhhhh I was delighted to discover a romance where the desert prince lusts after a black woman I waited till Sunday morning, so I could have a free afternoon of vicarious romancing Imagine my surprise when in the very first chapter the heroine is described as sassy Really Of all the words to describe a black woman Sassy But that was a minor thing I was willing to forget it, no one s perfect.But then in the same chapter, the african american heroine tells the love interest that he doesn t look american WTF does American look like She then tells him You speak our language quite well for a foreigner Is that supposed to be a compliment Especially since the English language, by all rights, belongs to ya know the English.Still, relatively minor issues It would have been ok if the sex scenes had been on point They weren t.I understand that Delaney is a virgin and as such is incapable of referring to a penis as a penis or a vagina as a vagina because virgins are like that. right right But the wordly Prince Oddly Sexually Unaware For A Guy With A Full Time Mistress refers to his junk as the area between his thighs Seriously, there are dozens of terms for penis if you re feeling shy Manhood Turgid length Love stick Just to name a few But between Delaney and Prince My Ding A Ling, the phrase area between his her thighs was used four times.There s a lot to dislike about this book It hits all the badly written romance tropes The virgin who apparently decided to bring multiple sets of see thru lingerie on what was going to be a solo vacation to a remote cabin The master of seduction has mastered a form of seduction so powerful that it can make a woman blackout just from kissing The heroine falls in love with the hero in a single week Hero intends to use condoms but, whoops the sex is so powerful that it doesn t occur to him til too late Hero and heroine are separated by worldly forces, afterwhich heroine discovers that she s pregnant Hero has a feeling that heroine might be carrying in most instances where I ve seen this, the hero s feeling is the result of loving the heroine sooooo much that it forms an almost psychic connection In this case, Allah, God of Islam, makes his first and only appearance just to tell Prince Forgot To Use A Condom that Delaney was preggo Bravo Also, for some weird reason, the hero kept mentioning Delaney s scent Her feminine scent He kept sniffing at her Literally inhaling her scent At one point he says your scent gave you away It came off as creepy and gross Stop that Don t do that any I m trying to remember if I rated Shades of Gray one star or two, because this was about as bad as that Maybe slightly less bad.

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    Another Brenda Jackson delight I really enjoyed the interaction between the hero and heroine It was nice for there to be so little emphasis on the interracial element This was probably amplified by the fact that they were alone a vast majority of the time Look forward to reading the books about her super hot brothers.

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    DNF at 25%I didn t like the writing style and couldn t stand the characters

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    4 1 2 stars This was a really good sheik book

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    Not sure what I was expecting from this book but it was the only one in the Westland series that I had not read It was pretty good especially the love scenes It was a quick three hour read for me but that s just how fast I read I really did enjoy the book

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    The 1 reason I couldn t finish this story The word huskily It appears to be an addiction for Jackson, who has no problem repeating words and phrases.I thought, with this being one of the most highly rated romance stories on Goodreads, that the quality of it would be better than the genre s reputation I was wrong.The irritating part is that Jackson s style, which includes an array of weak writing that could keep a creative writing class busy with analysis for weeks, sinks an otherwise sturdy vessel The characters aren t brutally thin They do struggle with some issues beyond their desire to mate with each other, and there is a classic arc from being irritated and distrustful of one another, and of course attracted, to giving in to desire and finally to love The process of this shift is the plot, which is simplistic and linear but has no flaws The setting is well described and utilized Point of view is switched effectively.It is unfortunate that stories like this are written so poorly and simplistically, as I think it is a genre that could attract readers if written well.

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