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    One of my favorites in this series.In the previous book we find out Reyhan is married In this book we meet Emma.Emma is the sole child of over protective older parents 6 years after Reyhan left her, she gets a mysterious invitation to visit Bahania and is coerced to go.Subsequently finding out she s a princess about to be divorced.I liked both the characters The brooding Reyhan as well as the strong Emma.I also liked that everything was not roses and stars when they first met view spoiler It is revealed that Emma was a virgin and perhaps Reyhan was too passionate and she didn t enjoy his over eager attentions They do make up for the one sided passion later on.It s never said that they had anyone else at time of separation.She has a miscarriage when they separate hide spoiler

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    What happens when a naive, young woman meets the man of her dreams, but is destroyed when he abandons her Emma went through with a wedding to Reyhan, only to have him leave, then found out that the wedding was a fake Devastated, she turns to becoming an RN, helping to deliver babies.Her life is disrupted when she is swept off to Bahania and finds out that she is indeed married to a prince of the country Reyhan does not want his wife there, and in fact asks his father, the king, to grant him a divorce so he can marry a woman who would not challenge him or bring out emotions he thought he d killed.I wasn t sure I d like this one too much of the usual forcing a woman to become remain a wife when she doesn t want to, but this is a great twist on it.

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    Fun short read Less is You get to use your imagination to fill in every tiny detail This book is not going to spoon feed you everything but let you fill in some of the color own feelings It lets you explore differences in culture, relationships parent child adult, lovers Sometimes it s nice to see that strength doesn t always have to be from the one with the most physical strength but from the one willing to risk everything for a chance, just one time.

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    I read my way obsessively through this series in my teens Not a bad story but the dynamics of the relationship bug me a bit Emma is still a bit too naive throughout the tale and Reyhan s whole issue with love is just ridiculous but is supposed to be charming that he overcomes it in the end Eh, not my favorite couple in a series that is riddled with problematic relationship dynamics if I recall correctly More appealing when I was younger.

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    Overprotective parents can be a nuisance and stunt a child development in social skills and I hate it when they don t allow them choose who they can date marry It feels like an arrange marriage which I dislike because not everyone gets a happy ending Stubborn men are also annoying.

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    7 10I ll be honest, I only read this book to see of Sadik and Cleo, and unfortunately I was mostly disappointed Other than the fact that Cleo and Sadik make small appearance together in the book, I enjoyed reading this much than I thought I would I loved Reyhan He was humorous in a Very dry way that I found myself bursting into laughter over something small he said He was extremely loyal but also jaded in his views of love That made the pursuit even entertaining DAMN these books and them not having epilogues I was extremely saddened and disappointed when I discovered this book didn t have an epilogue I might be forced to read Jefri s book to figure out the after of Reyhan and Emma.

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    Emma Kennedy met and fell for Reyhan in college, but she didn t know he was Middle Eastern royalty Out of the blue, an employee of the US State Department arrives at the door of her Dallas apartment to issue and suggest she accept a two week invitation to Bahania where she is shocked to encounter the man she thought had made a fool of her with a fake marriage Meanwhile, Reyhan has thought that Emma rejected him when he returned to claim her after a family emergency He hates that his desire for Emma, and later her rejection, weakened him back then, and even still she seems to hold him prisoner He s determined to get the king s approval for a divorce, but Emma starts to think marriage to Reyhan might be worth the risk I like Reyhan, but his angst over being weakened by love seemed overblown and dragged out He has a happily married brother and two happily married brothers in law who could all give him some positive examples His pain came from living without Emma, which he was setting himself up to repeat I really liked Emma, who is intelligent and brave, without taking stupid risks I would have preferred that Reyhan actually take some time to get to know Emma again I m not so sure they had enough time to really know each other before and the passing years have definitely changed her for the better view spoiler I loved the secret Desert Palace and his little shrine hide spoiler

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    I M WHAT No, not pregnant, thank heavens Emma would have known that But married Well, if the man standing before her the very love of her college life was to be believed, she was And suddenly he was claiming to be a desert prince, too Sure, they d had a pretend ceremony and honeymoon in the Caribbean But it was pretend, wasn t it Prince Reyhan claimed his father, the king, had decided it was time for him to marry There was just one little glitch Reyhan was already married So, the king ordered Reyhan s wife Emma to a two week trip to paradise before he would grant a royal annulment But wasn t paradise the perfect place for love I love all these primal tough Princes They are afraid of love They are afraid of loosing themselves They are afraid of giving in They are afraid of being abandoned They aren t thattough nor that primal They all seem like children to me Yet another good one 5 stars

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    I liked Emma, but hated her parents Its one thing to protect someone you love another really different is to suffocate someone And reading things book, following how Emma discovered their lies was so sick and twisted love I just don t get why they would want their kid to suffer and live alone.But I liked Reyhan and after all those years he was still looking after Emma, plus he still loved her and cared so much that he didn t want another marriage I understand it must have been an awful experience in college when everyone knew he was rich, so Emma with her kindness and so na ve made things real They are a great couple and I loved seeing them finding the truth and learning about their relationship again.

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    3 stars An enjoyable quick read The plot was good and different I just had a hard time believing their past characters and decisions Her too innocent at 18 to feel desire Her saying she was too young childish to make the relationship work funny, the same desparaging refrain her parents say to her Yet 6 years later and no relationships she suddenly feels desire He just leaves for a funeral and doesn t one take his new wife or two even tell her what was happening I just couldn t buy those aspects and that brought an otherwise enjoyable read down a star.