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    Dear Harlequin Silhouette As you have probably noticed by now, Olivia Gates is incredibly lazy and refuses to forego her wasteful job as a medical doctor in favour of her job as an author The nerve LOL.Needless to say, it s proving to be quite a challenge to her fans as we have to rely on her backlist to see us through until her next dynamic offering Would you please provide guidance as to where one may locate books on her backlist I can only assume that her popularity and talent are keeping her books out of circulation as searches on eBay, and various other internet sites yield very little.Any assistance would be appreciated as the wolves my friends are hammering down the door to borrow the eight I now have and I really don t want to share because honestly I doubt that I d get them all back Normally I wouldn t care but these are OLIVIA GATES Thank you.

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    The Desert Lord s BrideShebab Farah s StoryShebab Aal Massood Farah BeaumontThis is the second book in the Throne of Judar Trilogy Tbis is the story of Shebab and Farah Shebab is the middle brother, like his oldest brother he is also just as passionate and complex He is the brother that always stays in control, always in charge A ruthless adversary in business and pleasure He doesn t want to rule Judar that was to be Farooq s destiny Farooq has decided that Carmen is his destiny Therefore as next in line it is up to Shebab to save Judar by entering in a marriage with Farah Beaumont, illegitimate daughter of King Atef of Zohyad Shebab was a man that took what he wanted whether in business or with a woman He will marry this woman and save Judar unwillingly He decides to meet this woman under false pretenses After meeting her he becomes entranced and decides that if he had to marry her he would at least enjoy the seduction He won t marry her for love but he would take his pleasure All for the good of Judar.Once he realizes that they are very well suited their world is stunned with news that will rock their world off its foundation He cannot give up his love for Farah even for Judar Shebab rejoices that he has a spare heir in Kamal.Their story is about the finding of the power of love No matter what the consequences they know they will live happily ever after because they have each other.This story is a five star read A MUST read.

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    I love the cover for this book It was beautifully written and delightfully melodramatic A good book to read to escape from the mundane cares of your everyday life I liked that the heroine was socially awkward and tended to say things that shouldn t be said.

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    Emotions rule the day in this story that has both the H h crying during the big denouement when the heroine finds out her true identity and confronts her mother That final set piece is so over the top the dialogue, the characters, the soap opera plot twist that it actually eclipses all the emotion and drama that came before So many romances lose energy at the end, but this author started out with a revengeful hero deliberately planning to seduce the clumsy, endearing heroine and ends up with him feeling her pain and practically overcome with the depth of his love This is melodrama with no chaser Drink H h are fun characters The hero s thoughts are fun to follow as he veers from revenge to love The setting is fun The gazelles and scuba diving scenes are fun The sex scenes are character appropriate I don t feel the need to read the first book in the series the oldest brother abdicates the throne for his true love and passes it on to this hero like a baton in a relay race But I do want to see how the third brother handles the hot potato this hero dropped in his lap.

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    The fake love of my life, Logan Echolls, has the best quote for any and all Olivia Gates romances Our story was epic, you know, you and me Spanning years and continents Lives ruined, bloodshed Epic Here we have our hero who thinks the heroine is a faithless, female of ill repute who has no family loyalty Yawn, that old trope Her new found father the Sheikh of Blah Blahde blah wants to arrange her marriage Being a geeky finance type PLUS the fact she s known about her new papa for all of a month, her loyalties don t really lie with the Kingdom of Blah blah.Despite his scorn for her wayward ways and lack of loyalty to the country she never knew about, the H goes about to seduce the slightly geeky heroine away from her boss who is actually just her boss The best part is knowing the H has such a compeupance., such a grovel when all become clear I love OG, but the hero grovel while good was not quite as epic as I was hoping The biggest disappointment and saddest part is the parental betrayal the heroine has had from her mother and distant father I am sure the H will make for the lack of lovins.

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    This was a fantastic book Shehab had a mission, to make Farah, the newfound daughter of a king, marry him Thinking the worst of her from all evidence, he embarks on seducing her into doing what his kingdom needs But from the first moment on, he thinks she s nothing like he d expected, and he begins to fall for her guileless charm Thinking he was someone other than the groom she d rejected, she falls all the way from the first moment Most of the book is spent on this sensually tormenting journey of seduction as Shehab takes her to his desert island, and proceeds to drive her and the reader out of her mind with desire, to the point where she ll agree to anything he wants He doesn t count on falling as deeply in love with her Then she discovers the truth What happens after that is the most heart wrenching black moment I ve ever read I sobbed my heart out at Farah s pain and betrayal, at Shehab s horror at realizing how much he d hurt her, that he d lost her.Keep your hanky ready and enjoy the heart squeezing pain and passion of this incredibly written story

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    Loved it can t wait for the final bookGOOOD read great for your collection Both characters were good from start to finish.

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    The Desert Lord s Bride is the story of Farrah and Shehab.When Shehab becomes the king once his older brother Farooq abdicates his throne for love, he discovers it s his responsibility to marry He finds a bride in the estranged and illegitimate daughter of King Atef of Zohyad, Farrah who he thinks is a promiscuous, rich man s mistress.Deliberately he sets out to seduce and woo her, finally ending up falling under her spell in process and soon the secrets are revealed.I liked the contrast between the characters On one hand, Farrah was this cut throat businesswoman on the other she was a lonely woman struggling to find a home and acceptance Shehab on the other hand is recently burdened with duties, and what starts off as an vendetta ends in true love.Their love making scenes are smokin and applause worthy.The twist in the end is unexpected well not really because I read the Pride of Zohyad series first and the scenes are really heart wrenching and real The ending was very cheesy, and I d have liked groveling.Safe3.5 5

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    The Desert Lord s Bride is the second book in Throne of Judar series and impossibly, it s even emotional than the first one The Desert Lord s Baby run to read it if you haven t yet I cried rivers when Farah found out the truth, felt my heart breaking with her, and felt Shehab s having a heart attack when he realized how much he d hurt her Another five star and then some book.

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    Wonderful second book in the throne of judar trilogy, a seduction tale that turns on the seducer Some really heartwrenching scenes and some of the best writing and details i ve ever read Highly recommended.

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The Desert Lord's Bride The Future Of Judar Rests With Farah Beaumont, A Foreigner Who Wants Nothing To Do With Her HeritageAnd To Secure His Country S Peace, Prince Shehab Aal Masood Must Make Her His Bride By Any Means NecessaryHiding His Identity And Sweeping Farah Off Her Feet Is A Start But The Joyful, Seemingly Innocent Farah Is Nothing Like He Expects And Shehab S Calculated Seduction Soon Becomes An Affair Too Powerful To Control