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The Sheiks Arranged Marriage Man Shy American Heidi McKinley Winces When The King Himself Insists She Marry And Make Heirs With His Sinfully Sexy Royal Son For Prince Jamal Was A Legendary Lover, An Expert On Erotic Intrigue Whatever Would He See In Serious Minded Heidi Plenty Up To His Crown In Gold Digging Bubbleheads, Jamal Is Secretly Enchanted With The Sweet And Studious Virgin So Why Was Homespun Heidi Donning Silken Disguises And Posing As Siren Honey Martin To Seduce Him And How Could Jamal Hope To Choose Between A Bold, Brazen Mistress And A Bashful, Blushing Bride

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    I m sorry to say this, but not even SM s writing could save this book for me Jamal was OK, but his decision to hold his silence when he clearly knew Heidi had misconceptions about him made him look stupid, not cool and distant Heidi, oh Heidi I didn t like her at all She was unbelievably innocent, to the point of being totally ignorant about sex I just couldn t buy the idea of a modern, 25 year old woman who had had the best education possible being so clueless And her scatterbrained plan to seduce Jamal was idiotic at its best.So there you have it I didn t care for either Jamal or Heidi, hence I didn t care for their story 3 stars is the best I can give.

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    I loved this lighthearted romance Heroine was adorable and so funny I adored her I love how she seduced her husband and how vulnerable they both were His first wife was a bitch so it was super romantic how he found love with Heidi This author knows how to write steamy love scenes

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    What started out as an excellent book quickly turned really. stupid.Heidi is plain, frumpy family friend of al Bahar royal family She comes back to become a historian but is instead coerced to marry the second prince, widower Jamal because she wants stability and children and what better way than a arranged marriage frown Jamal finds her plain and barely attractive but marries her for duty.First half was good, filled with some funny scenes but by the middle my brain went wtf.I mean she wants to be pretty for her husband Gets a makeover, pretends to be Honey, and ends up becoming her husband s mistress.The minute Jamal sees her changed, he knows it s Heidi but he plays along with her charade because he wants to let her build her confidence I mean. why And Jamal takes all the time in the world to correct her mis assumptions about his dead ex.Overall it turned out to be an average read.3 5

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    The thing I didn t love about this book was the heroine pretended to be another woman and the hero slept with her as another women This felt like adultery although it wasn t Otherwise it was a really good book.

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    It was okay but the premise was silly There s no way someone wouldn t recognize his own wife even with wig contacts And the fact that she thought he wouldn t realize it was her immediately was just silly The ending was kind of sweet.

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    Contains no spoilers Okay, so first of all I love steamy romance books so my mini review might be a bit biased.I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was fast paced and the main characters were interesting I loved Jamal.The only thing that I didn t like was the fact that the story was very predictable Overall, it was a descent book and I enjoyed it.

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    I liked this one A shy, naive, bookish heroine and an alpha desert prince marry in an arranged marriage that suits everyone but themselves Heidi decides to become Honey , a mature woman of the world to become confident and to attract her husband without him recognizing her.I loved Heidi and could empathize with her in her attempts to learn how to relate to her husband I also liked her attempts at being Honey and learning to flirt This isn t great literature, but it is a good read 12 12 18 Kindle version view spoiler I d forgotten he knew from the beginning that Honey and Heidi were one the same person fun hide spoiler

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    I had trouble reading this novel because it was so embarrassing At least parts of it were The heroine was way too young mentally for her physical age of twenty five I felt horrible that the hero had to marry her and deal with it As the heroine grew, things got better but the whole Honey persona wasn t very good.

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    It s a nice short read It isn t a great book but definatly entertaining Jamal was an interesting character, but Heidi was annoying A lot of the plot was misunderstandings and lack of communication.

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    Nope Couldn t do it This rating is based on reading 20% of the book Maybe the first and second chapter I tired I seriously tried to continue with this series but I can t Here we meet Heidi, who dreams of translating the slowly disintegrating ancient texts at the palace Unfortunately for her the King, and his mother Fatima, have decided she s perfect for the middle Prince Jamal Heidi doesn t want to marry but apparently according to the King and Fatima , Heidi has to be married in order to be happy She needs kids The King said so several times though there s never really any indication that Heidi, herself, wants kids She s 25 and has just completed a degree and 2 years at a finishing school She s begun to suspect that Fatima and the King may have been plotting to toss her with one of the Princes for a little longer than she thought What with the whole grooming her for the guy by sending her away from the only place so loves and making her go to school and a finishing school before allowing her to finally come home and do what she s dreamed of doing Why can t I finish this book It s simple I don t want to waste my time on characters that are assholes or spineless.We ve got two people of power, the King and his mother Fatima, who know that they mean a lot to Heidi She lost her parents and her grandfather, leaving her dependent on the King and Fatima for affection and roots Her one and only dream is to translate the texts She feels beholden to both of them for their love and support, and knows that the King can easily bar her from her dream job She tells them several times she isn t interested in being married yet She s not ready But they know, and she knows, that she can t say a firm no because of obligation and guilt.The Prince also knows she s not interested in marriage He s a mixture of spineless and asshole I ll get into the latter in a bit He can t say no because he s a prince and he knows what his duty is blah blah blah He, too, tells them no He tells them she s not interested, he begs them to find someone else for him to marry, but no It has to be Heidi Then he brings up the point that these two idiot matchmakers have screwed up twice Both he and his brother were married to women that these two were sure had to be great matches Both failed miserably What the hell makes them think they can pull this matching thing off What the hell keeps Jamal from growing a pair and telling his father that he s already had one arranged marriage, if the man insists on creating another for him, he ll leave Jamal has stock market skills He s in charge of making the family rich He could very easily do the same thing on his own and leave his home also putting the whole money making for the kingdom in jeopardy and maybe using that as leverage to get his father off his back But, instead, he puts Heidi and himself into a place that neither of them truly want to be in Neither can say no, so he is forced to ask her to marry him knowing the outcome will be that he and she are now trapped by family obligation and guilt into an arrangement that could potentially screw them both out of happiness Now, he s an asshole because he and his brother Malik have a few great conversations and thoughts about how horrible Heidi dresseswhich interestingly enough they consider spinster like but I d say it sounds pretty damn close to how Dora from the first book The Sheik s Kidnapped Bride had to dress in order to keep from being seen as slutty Fatima is described several times as wearing form fitting suits by Channal She sounds stylish Dora never sounded stylish She sounded like she was wearing clothing that covered her neck, her wrists and her ankles She sounded like she was from some sort of religious sect Which is amusing because Fatima is the one with the antiquated notions Shouldn t she be covering her body in ill fitting clothing so no one lusts after her and then blames her for causing them to think dirty thoughts Or has she earned the right to wear nice things because she s old Anyway, Heidi is wearing the same sort of clothing as Dora did, but apparently she s a spinster and should be wearing clothing that is a little form fitting Sort of screws the whole first book over Should I take this to mean that in their culture a woman who is married should dress conservatively so as not to reflect poorly on her husband, but a woman who is single should dress nicely so as to entice a man and not make him think she s a dried up spinster Sort of like how women can t be happy unless they have a husband and family P Anyway the asshatedness continues as the brothers make a wager After mocking the hell out of Heidi, the two place a bet that Jamal won t kiss her on the lips There s really no reason for this bet other than being juvenile jerks Jamal, of course, goes and kisses her His thoughts reflect on how she wasn t that ugly, she could be prettied up a bit with the right clothes and makeup and while he didn t find her attractive, he found some of the things she did cute Honestly, he basically toys with her emotions for a bit because he has a bet to win Both he and his brother spend a great deal of time tearing her down because she isn t dressed stylishly or wearing makeup Jamal assures his brother and the reader that she could be pretty If only she pulled herself together I just can t There s just too much stupid shit in this that makes me angry I can t read the rest of the book and be happy I just don t think there s an outcome that could make any of the stuff mentioned above alright I worry this will be a big makeover sort of idea, where she s made pretty and therefore loveable and worthy of Jamal That, after having been forced into marriage and manipulated by these people who openly admit that they recognize Heidi s deep seated need for a home and paternal affection and who are willing to use her fear of losing those things from them if she denies their life changing demands , she will ultimately come to the understanding that they were right to make these decisions for her because she could never ever ever have grown to love Jamal without their intervention Isn t that a novel concept Let the two work in close quarters and fall in love naturally if you re so bloody sure they ll love each other Why force their hands and marry them so quickly Anyway, maybe I m wrong Maybe the story goes in another direction I m just not going to read it to find out.

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