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The Sheikh Surgeon's Proposal The Sheikh Doctor S Virgin WifeCaught Up In The Frantic And Romantic Whirl Of Life As An Emergency Doctor In The Desert Kingdom Of Damhoor, Jay Latimer Is Swept Off Her Feet By Her Handsome Boss, Playboy Surgeon Sheikh Malek Aal HamdaanMalek Is Entranced By Jay S Luminous Strength And Beauty, But While He Is An Eligible Bachelor He Is Also Heir To The Throne, And Not Free To Choose His Own Bride Malek Knows He Can Offer Jay A Loving And Passionate Relationship But He Also Knows That The Only Proposal She Deserves And Can Accept Is To Become His Wife

  • Paperback
  • 187 pages
  • The Sheikh Surgeon's Proposal
  • Olivia Gates
  • English
  • 08 August 2019
  • 9780263863079

About the Author: Olivia Gates

my website so I can keep you updated on all my news and special content and offerings My latest series is Dr Angelica Mortmain novels, a heart pounding medical action thriller with a white hot central romance, and it starts with

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    It had been two months since Janaan Latimer s mother had committed suicide, and now she had the opportunity to travel to Damhoor and learn about the other half of her heritage Only her father too was dead, and her half siblings wanted nothing to do with Jay Not wanting to leave Damhoor without learning about the culture, Jay joined the GAO Global Aid Organization as a field doctor to the impoverished desert tribes Sheikh Malek Aal Hamdaan thought he was dreaming the first moment he set eyes on Janaan Malek was the Minister of Health and the leader of the GAO mission in Damhoor From the moment their eyes met they were in tune, as if their souls had met before Working together brings them even closer, though Malek must push Jay away for her own good There is no future to their relationship Malek isn t just any prince of the desert he s the Crown Prince, and as such, he has obligations to his father and his country Obligations that care not that his heart and soul belong to Janaan.Oh my I want my own Sheikh Malek I just adore Ms Gates heroes they are all so tortured, so honourable and they cherish the women of their hearts Malek is a man I think every woman yearns for He s decisive, talented as a surgeon and doctor, deeply committed in his duty to his people Jay is a strong woman who has overcome many hardships, and yet her capacity to give to others seems never ending As they are swept from one incredible medical crisis to another they uncover a bond that is richly intense Their sexual tension is palpable as is their joy in loving each other This is a fast paced dramatic lovestory that will touch your heart from the first pages This is Ms Gates first Sheikh story, and there are several soon to be released, and I m hungry for them already

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    I really dont t know how to express how overwhelmingly fabulous this book is From the first page to the last the adventure of healing, of working, of love, of duty just kept getting better and better Such a touching, poignant and all enveloping story Such intensity, it had me sitting on the edge of my seat Such insight into so many different worlds that can exist in one place Such searing, scorching, intense love and devotion Olivia Gates, I salute you Readers, do yourselves a favour and get onto this book

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    Amazing book No, than amazing I am speechless and breathless after reading Malek s and Janaan s heart wrenching love story What those two go through to be together will leave you gasping for breath The medical details and situations are the most detaield and authentic I ve ever read I m really wondering how this book has been so neglected I could only find a copy in some offshore second hand bookstore What is the publisher thinking not reprinting this gem and putting it out as ebook and everything esle

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    This was my first ever sheikh book, and I only read it because it was written by Olivia Gates And Oh My God It was beyond fantastic Malek the man, the surgeon and the sheikh was unbelievable and his love for Jay Janaan was one of the most beautiful emotions I ve ever read Jay was strong and fearless and the only woman who deserved that god of a man The medical scenarios are incredibly detailed and move the story along so well All in all a book that left me panting for sheikhs But so far only Olivia Gates have proved to me that she can really write those knights of the desert

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    I can t believe how fantastic this book was This has to be the most beautiful, poignant love story ever I cried my eyes out with both Malek and Janaan and really feared their impossible love won t come to pass Amazing medical content, too I really have no words to describe how moved I was by this book

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    A poignant, passionate drama and romance that has almost everything I don t enjoy a sheikh, a medical setting, a trite title and in the hands of a masterful author I realized I can not only enjoy those things, but LOVE them An incredible book through and through, and I m only sorry I had to buy it used, and can t even find an ebook of it to download to my permanent Kindle library.

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    An all around great romance between two cultures and classes It had push pull than I normally like, but it was necessary because of who the H and h are in their everyday lives I also thought it worked out in the end perfectly for this couple Without spoiling anything, I ll just say I would have been disappointed if the HEA came about as I expected it to for most of the story The medical aspect was also engaging and interesting without taking over the romance storyline An overall excellent addition for the Harlequin Medical line.

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    This was my first medical romance novella and I found it quite good However, all the medical jargon could be confusing for a non medical person Then again, a dictionary while reading would always come in handy.I loved both characters and the degree to which they carry their duties and responsibilities as doctors The hero was a favorite alpha male without being an arse.

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    2nd time I read this and I loved it.

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    I just want to laugh at some absurdity It was a good short reading.

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