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    I was sooo disappointed with this book Having enjoyed the previous books in the series, I was excited to read this 5th installment featuring two normal people normal meaning Rafe wasn t a born sheik and Zara was supposed to be a no nonsense college professor Well, I m sorry to say that almost nothing in this book worked for me Rafe was too passive, Zara was annoyingly and unbelievably innocent, they had no chemistry together, the secondary characters weren t engaging and the plot had holes than Swiss cheese The only saving grace was one or other funny scene, but it was too little to compensate for everything else.I intend to take a long ish break from this series now, because the next books are about the princes of Bahania and I can t stand their father, King Hassan Ugh, the man is just an insensitive clod.

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    Really enjoyed this story of professor Zara who finds out she s a princess and Rafe, Kardal s bodyguard and honorary Sheikh.I liked how she had difficulty adjusting but Rafe was there with her every step of the way I still don t like the cat obsessed Hassan, and I m glad the author addressed how he behaved with Sabra.I can t wait to read about what happened with Cleo.Wish this had an epilogue I d have liked to know what happened in far future though I know books are in continuation Safe read3.75 5

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    I loved this book The banter between Rafe and Zara was believable and entertaining Zara is a college proffessor on vacation in Bahania She has evidence that she could be the King s daughter Zara was mistakenly dragged to the royal private residence by a new guard who thinks she is the princess Sabra She finds out that she does look like princess Sabra and with good reason..they are sisters The reader knows this from the very beginning from the letters and ring she carries Rafe is assigned to be her body guard.and boy does he guard her Body This was the first Mallery book I ve ever read and I will be looking for lots by her

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    Sweet love story about a bodyguard who falls in love with the princess he must protect Sadly like others said the ending felt really rushed and abrupt.

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    So I was reading another book about a princess and her bodyguard Forbidden The Billionaire s Virgin Princess and wasn t having any fun at all and suddenly remembered instances from this one I d read years before. So, I left that unfinished to track down this one and reread it I love this one Ill go finish that one now

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    Liked this book, very fast read However, everytime Rafe s name was mentioned I kept thinking of him in his other book and how his stories didnt quite match up In this book he said he was an orphan and didnt have any family, etc.

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    Ugh, I loathe this title even if the story is one of my favorites in this series Zara is a fun princess to follow as she finds her long lost family and falls for her wrong side of the tracks bodyguard I wish there would be discussion of Zara s Ph.D and how that plays into her story but overall, she s one of the enlightened heroines in this series Rafe, her reluctant hero, has a depth to him that I can appreciate though his hard luck story is fairly standard in romances so his struggle to realize he s in love seems rote in some ways if you ve read enough of these.

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    Love it Except for jealous Sabrina, hate when good women turn evil.

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    Awesome ending Can t wait to read the next book.

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    Rafe Stryker is a sheikh by virtue of an honor he received when saving the life of the Prince of Thieves, but up to this point he has been a loner drifting from job to job as a security expert Zara Paxton grew up in the United States thinking she was average, despite her unusual upbringing However, while sorting through her deceased mother s belongings, she discovers that her father may be King Hassan of Bahania With her foster sister Cleo in tow, she visits Bahana to decide whether she should reach out to the King She meets Rafe during a mix up at the palace and he decides to investigate her claim and potential threat to the royal family It turns out that Zara s mother was the one true love of the promiscuous king and he is eager to get to know his long lost daughter Zara and Cleo are immediately moved into the royal palace and Rafe is assigned as the new princess bodyguard, even though he officially works for the City of Thieves and is only in Bahania to work on developing a joint air force between their two governments and El Bahar Though frustrated with the king s decree, Rafe is even bothered by his attraction to Zara The attraction is mutual, but Zara also comes to depend on him as the only person who understands her discomfort in this new world Rafe knows that messing around with the king s new favorite child would be a disaster, so he tries to resist both Zara s desire and his own Not only could he literally lose his head, but he knows that Zara wants and deserves the kind of committment he doesn t think he can offer While Zara s reaction is completely understandable, being overwhelmed constantly doesn t leave her much time to be interesting Despite this, I still find myself liking her Rafe is a great hero strong, kind, intelligent, and sensitive This story felt kind of strange, almost as if it was just a layover between other installments in the series There s definitely set up for the next book.

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The Sheik and the Virgin Princess (Desert Rogues, #5) (Silhouette Special Edition, #1453) When Prim Professor Zara Paxton Ventures To Distant Bahania, She Wants Only To Find The Father She D Never Known But Her Father Turns Out To Be King Hassan Of Bahania The Desert King Promptly Put His Princess Under The Protection Of A Muscular, Mesmerizing Sheik, Who Sets Zara S Sense Aflame, Yet He Refuses To Quench The Fire Steely Security Liaison Rafe Stryker Scorns Lasting Love But Before He Knows It, The Bespectacled Brunette Sneaks Into His Heart, Making Him Throb With The Urge To Taste Her Sweetness Clearly, Innocent Princess Zara Wanted To Be His Woman, But Taking Her Was Tantamount To Treason Rafe Knows The Consequences, But Even He Can Stand So Much Temptation