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The Desert Sheikh's Captive Wife Captive In The Sheikh S Harem Tilda Was Living To Regret That Once She D Had A Short Lived Romance With Rashad, The Crown Prince Of Bakhar Now, Not Only Had He Gained Possession Of Her Impoverished Family S Home, Rashad Was Also Blackmailing Her For The Huge Debt They Owed Him And Insisting She Pay The Priceashis Concubine Tilda Was Appalled But In No Position To Refuse Soon She Was The Arrogant Sheikh S Captive, Ready To Be Ravished In His Faraway Desert Kingdom But Rashad Slipped Up By Publicly Naming Tilda As His Womanand Under The Law Of Bakhar This Meant She And He Were Bound Together Foreveras Husband And Wife

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    H h met in university but broke up when the hero thought she was cheating Hero was is heir to the throne of a made up kingdom and someone in the palace guard created a fake investigative file to break them up Heroine never got over it and remained a virgin Hero never got over it and nailed everything that moved.Five years later the hero sees her photo and remembers that he needs revenge He threatens to repossess the heroine s family home if she doesn t become his concubine The hero is forced to change his tune because he inadvertently proclaimed the heroine as his woman on arrival to his country, thus announcing his marriage This is just as binding as a formal ceremony in the hero s country.From there the H h work on untangling the misunderstandings from the past It s a nice second chance story, but the abrupt change in the hero s attitude toward the heroine is a bit unbelievable I did like that the hero blundered into a forced marriage.

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    I don t know exactly how I feel about this, there are things I really didn t like but others I liked too much to give this a low rank so I m settling in 4 stars Spoilers abound ahead.Prince Rashad met Tilda in a seedy club for rich men, he fell for her so they started seeing each other, she was holding her virtue so he was even intrigued He received irrefutable proof that she was entertaining several men on the side so he just blocked her from his life.Again, I m not shelving this as unfaithful while separeted because they didn t sleep together He was oh so devastated by her alleged sluttiness he proceeded to become a manwhore but never with blondes, because they would remind him of the h So sweet not But I m in a forgiving mood.On the other hand, the martyr h had to deal with an agoraphobic mother who let her waste of space second husband squeeze the money out of her and control her life just because, oh and did I mention the h had 4 siblings 3 from the slime step father So, in order not to bother mom the h had to work at the club and do as they said even dancing in a cage wearing a bikini, occasion that the H liked throwing at her even thought it was his friends the ones that paid the manager so the h had to do it.Anyways, five years or something later the h finds out mom s debts to the H and has an eviction threat from some firm guarding the H s interest and obviously she s just out of school and has her student loan to pay and all that so she can t help, besides she has to think of her siblings too So she goes to find the H who treats her horribly until he decides it s time for revenge and tells her he ll forgive the debt if she becomes her concubine Just because I m in the mood for writing I m going to say that in my country a concubine is woman in a married like relationship with a man without being legally married, therefore she acquires some rights Too bad for this h things are not the same here, though she was forgiven some half a million pounds and got the designer jewels and wardrobe, so I guess it makes up for other kind of rights like medical insurance So back to the story, the H has a great plan in his head of taking a vacation in some isolated harem palace and the h being at his disposition to do and act as anything he pleases The problem is that there is some law that states that if the H says the woman is his woman in front of witnesses then they re married So, the joke s on him, his simple revenge play has backfired big on him.For the sake of appearances they are going to try Until then the h s attitudes were perfect for me Yes, she let herself be humiliated by the H but it was because she knew she needed his help, she tried to defend herself as much as she could and made demands when necessary, she was insistent on seeing the damning file, she knew his faults and told him some home truths, knew of his dutiful lifestyle What I m trying to say is she wasn t your typical spineless doormat, she thought than your average h before making her choices.She s looking for the wedding night because her v card is her ace to show him how wrong he was buahahaha After the deed she was expecting the great groveling but instead he goes to take a shower WTF Conclusion neither H nor h s plans work in this story.So she runs, he goes for her He s not declaring love but wants her back because scandal is not cool and duty first She has to make a choice, live her life apart from him and be miserable for the rest of her life or stay married always trying her best to win his love and be miserable for the rest of her life because he won t love her back ever Tough choice.As there were some pages left the slime step father tried to rain in her parade, H found out, got rid of him and chose that occasion to declare his love and HEA even for the agoraphobic mother.I know, I know, in Harleyland you find plot holes and things don t always add up pretty frequently, so I usually let it be What do you make of my overthinking things, would you say I was liking it too much or not I felt like I was having too many thinky thoughts when I wasn t reading the book.For once I was thinking when did the h s mom ask Rashad the loan The woman couldn t leave her house so it had to be there and with the complexity of their deal I doubt it happened while Tilda was in the loo so she wouldn t find out So I spent some minutes figuring out the different scenarios Second, I was wondering why Rashad didn t invite his so called friends to the wedding at first I thought it was because they knew her shady past so it was to save her some embarrassment, but still they re supposed to be his friends.Anyways

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    The lovers reunited theme is not one of my favorite themes, and what happens in this book is a reason why Without spoiling anyone, I must say that I would have loved this book a lot if the hero had really tried to trust Tilda when they were first together or at least confronted her about what he broke up with her about Actually he didn t even break up with her in person He made some really stupid mistakes that cost them five years I was very hard for me to get past this when I read this story This was not a bad book overall, but I found the actions of Rashad infuriating Tilda was definitely a class A heroine She has the ability to forgive that I fear I lack Give this book a read, and I hope that the actions of Rashad doesn t ruin it for you like it did me.

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    Well it was a good book and I love that she calls him out on his behaviour He was sleeping around and she had to stay a virgin so that he would believe she did not cheat on him Where is his purity test Oh yeah he was too busy being punished by sleeping with any and every available model She should have taken of his hide However I loved it anyways It was great just wished for once the guy would be faithful too.

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    Hero wasn t celibate during separation Socialites, actresses and models I can digest alot of things but not that.

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    The Desert Sheikh s Captive Wife is the story of Tilda and Rashad.Plot Commonly used HQN trope H and h dated years ago H is from royalty, h is from a working class family Misunderstandings caused by sources make the H think h is a giant whore, and the H then cheats on the h apparently she suddenly finds him kissing OW causing them to dump each other They meet again 5 years later when the h finds the H lent money to her mum, and is now on the verge of kicking her family mother sibling stepsiblings out, and she decides to beg him for his help He orders her to sleep with him instead Conflict The H always thinks the WORST about the h Every word she says, he finds an ulterior motive In his mind, not only is she a hoe, but also a gold digger, cheat and conniving bitch That does not stop him from lusting after her The h goes through a lot, all for the sake of her family She was the only likable character in this book..until she gave in to her stepfather s demands as well as took the hero back sans grovel at the very end.Resolution Absolutely ANTICLIMATIC post the hymen discovery I mean she s a virgin, how can she do any wrong Even then, the h has to call him out on his BS for him to accept that he s being a giant dick No grovel OK ish HEA because by then I was mad.Positives The only thing I found I enjoyed is how both the h and H s families were caring and sweet.Angst MinimalSex Semi hotUnsafe view spoiler the H openly sleeps with multiple women during separation but justifies it as none of them were blonde like the h hide spoiler

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    I liked Tilda and even Rashad, the cad, who lost points with me for his ghosting of Tilda Sure, he believed she d betrayed him, but man up and tell your girlfriend to her face that you are no longer interested Adding insult to injury, Rashad continued on as a notorious womanizer after their breakup while sweet Tilda remained as pure as snow Tilda and Rashad might not have broken up if they had only confided their fears and doubts to each other view spoiler Rashad thought if Tilda had loved him she would have had sex with him when they first dated years ago Tilda, for her part, had been afraid of getting hurt and pregnant so she kept things casually platonic hide spoiler

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    Heroine s ex boyfriend Sheikh dumped her 5 years ago because he thought the heroine was cheating on him and all she wanted from him was his money He even gave a huge loan to Tilda s mother which she must now repay or else her family will be homeless Tilda agrees to be his mistress but they end up husband and wife instead Nice romance Both characters were intense, the heroine was very feisty and the hero was easy to like Not to mention the sweet cute epilogue I couldn t put it down

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    Matilda Tilda and Prince Rashad of Bakhar once had a heavy but not so hot romance going on five years ago, and after Tilda s continued refusals to have sex with him Rashad assumed she was playing him and he left her Five years later her supposed treachery still rankles his mind and he decides to call in her family s debt to him Tilda s mother cannot pay the debt because she s agoraphobic and is physically unable to leave the house and so it leaves Tilda to try and work out a deal with the vengeful prince Rashad is willing to let Tilda work off her family s debt to him.on her back He whisks her off to Bakhar, eager to set her up as his concubine, but when they arrive he unwittingly announces her as his bride and his people race off, eager to spread the news of their crown prince s pending nuptials Whoops Now Rashad needs Tilda s cooperation with this sticky situation and before she knows what s happening this former art student is now the future princess of Bakhar This marriage is the perfect opportunity for Tilda and Rashad to renew their love without outside interference but will Tilda forgive Rashad once she finds out why he left her five years ago This is the first in the Rich, the Ruthless and the Really Handsome series by Lynne Graham Despite Rashad being an emotionally stilted guy he really wasn t that bad I really liked him I declare him the ruthless one in this trio of friends from Oxford because he was really ruthless in finally getting Tilda When we get some flashbacks of Tilda and Rashad s earlier romance it was actually pretty sweet Then it all fell apart Poor Tilda never really understood why and was left carrying a torch for him and when she approaches him again he is cold, insulting and degrading She s in a tight spot though, financially, and she s forced to take it My hand really wanted to slip into the pages and start slapping some condescending males Even though Rashad really is rude I still liked him Once they get to Bakhar and it s thought they are going to be married I really started to like this book It s kind of funny when Rashad s father first congratulates him on his upcoming marriage If I was Tilda I think I would have relished the power of having this proud prince by the balls, but since she s a far better person than I she never abuses her new position This was a sexy and easy to read Harlequin I enjoyed it It s yet another case of virginity being the proof of innocence but I barely batted an eyelash over that part Enjoy

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