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    This one is hard to rate From the sea of 4 and 5 star reviews, you d think it was exceptional, but really it s just OK I mean, if you like these kinds of books, it was really quite a fluffy and entertaining read But there was so much that was cliche and OTT ridiculous that I have to give it 2 stars I ll put most of my review in a spoiler tag view spoiler The h Rose is in Rashid s country to get him to sign an important oil deal After 5 days of cancelled meetings and watching women leave his rooms sometimes than one, he has his own harem that he s been using since he was around 14 ick in a wing of the palace she gets fed up and decides to wait in his room and ambush him there Guess who falls asleep in his bed Guess who wakes up naked, having lost her virginity but thinking it was all a dream Guess who lets him do it again and again that night If you guessed Rose, a gold star for you Come on Who would just lay there and sleep through someone taking off all her clothes she was wearing a business suit for heaven s sake and being a virgin, just let some strange man have sex with her Especially one who is an entitled manwhore When Rose wakes up, she feels embarrassed for her behavior so she runs and catches the next flight home, losing her job for not getting the contract She s also got a little souvenir bun in the oven When Rashid wakes up the next day he can hardly function because the surprise woman who was left for him was so different and special and unlike any other woman who he s ever had Really This man who has slept with countless women, just knows that this one is the exception This was Insta love to the extreme They spent a few hours together and never even had a conversation He demands they find her and he can t stand the touch of any other woman after that This is a nice effort of the author to keep this safe because they are both celibate during the separation, but sooooo unrealistic Or course Rose winds up pregnant, kidnapped, and so in love with Rashid that she agrees to marry him so she can help the women of his country have rights and opportunities. Her thinking is so skewed Rose has an MBA degree and is presumably intelligent But she decides that she won t confront her husband about his harem and wonders how she ll feel when he goes back to using the women when he gets tired of her She does make him think about how it makes her feel to see them all over the castle and have to interact with them But she decides that releasing them has to be a decision that he makes Ugh, girl Nice marriage you envision, and what a great atmosphere to raise your children, especially your daughters I can t even Rashid asks Rose to help him make changes for the women in his country She comes in and solves many of their problems like the American savior she is Rashid is a poor little boy whose parents died when he was 13 and he had no one to raise him except his advisors who just used him to further their own interests His parents were so inept that they didn t bother to plan for the event that they died so he d be taken care of He has learned to trust no one and to have no feelings Poor little rich boy.For being such a smart and ruthless ruler, he s quite an idiot He needs Rose to point out simple things like women needing an education and holding positions of leadership in his country They are not just here to be your playthings Wow, who knew And this intelligent man is shocked shocked when he releases the women in his harem and offers them an education at a university, that they stop giggling and stand taller and take it What happened to those seductive girls he s enjoyed over the years They were only pretending to enjoy being whores Has my whole life been a lie Dude, just how out of touch are you hide spoiler

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    HummNice quick read and very easy to follow spoils Yes, the first encounter between the Hh is quite literally all wrong in the worst possible way ever Not here to encourage any of that rape couture Maybe the author wasn t trying to overlook that bit But you could easily compared the h s experience to someone who was drug up fuzzy like dream state yet still some what coherent Even though the author wrote out that the h enjoyed it you can t ignore the most important part was that she was asleep when the H had sex with her.

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    FREE on today 3 8 2019 Blurb Rose overheard her boss, the only reason they chose her to represent Royston Oil was because Sheik Rashid had a thing for blonde busty women Instead of getting angry at their obvious stereotyping she decided to show them a thing or two She would get the Sheik s signature on the oil processing rights by using nothing than her skills and intelligence It was time she shook up the Old Boy s Club What Rose hadn t planned on was the infuriating rudeness of Sheik Rashid But, she had a plan He d canceled on her for the last time Little did Rose know, but her plan would lead to a night of unrivaled sensuality and pleasure at the hands of one annoying Sheik.

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    This is my first book by the author, it was free on my Google books It was a cute, fast paced romance.Rose is a beautiful and ambitious worker, unfortunately she works for chauvinistic men So, she is determined to make her trip to another country where a handsome Sheik Rashid is ruler While waiting to meet with the Sheik, she notices he has a large appetite for the ladies She becomes fed up waiting to see him, that she foolishly takes matters into her own hands What happens next will be a surprise for the Sheik and Rose I like the flow of the story line, and the attention to details I love her sisters, and the ending was a happy one

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    2 starsI finished this with a fair bit of skimming after halfway Curiosity rather than enjoyment spurred me on The idea of a one night stand that she was barely coherent for and the subsequent romance was a little too OTT for me Details of the story went begging The wedding scene ended with her walking down the aisle I had to go back and check I hadn t glazed over and missed it While this book wasn t for me, I guess this is one for readers who are looking for a quick read involving an OTT romance will enjoy.

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    A lovely read and I d definitely pick up another book by this author

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    Okay, before I explain why I gave this book two stars, I want to state that I have been struggling to read and finish many of the amazing books I have I don t know why But I have And it should be noted, for whatever reason, I finished this book It probably says about me then this book but still It s worth noting With that being saidWow This book is highly problematic This was a free book about a sheik and since that is one of my catnips, I thought maybe it would hit the spot It hit a spot Just not the one I was expecting There are several points where I should have DNF d.The heroine s first sexual experience because of course, she is a virgin happens while she is asleep Yes You heard me right She is asleep But the hero thinks that she is awake because she sleeps with her eyes open I am not making this up But then the writer keeps trying to make it better throughout the book by having the heroine admit she knew all along what was happening It s such a thin explanation, it does nothing to fix the consent issue I m sorry But here s the thing, there is a scene later where she wakes up in the middle of the night after they are married, so consent is no longer necessary and he is having sex with her again I m sorry but is this a kink, Rashid Do you like sleeping with women while they are unconscious Now let s discuss the American girl who is going to change the antiquated ideals of a Middle Eastern country I m sorry but the issue of woman s rights in the Middle East is a very delicate subject And as a writer, if you choose to tackle certain social issues, there is a responsibility to handle with care and thoughtfulness I think it s hard to set a romance in the Middle East without having the issue of gender inequality coming up But this author handled it by simplifying it and making the solution that there just hasn t been anyone to advocate for women in this country But don t worry, our heroine is here and she is on it And just like that, she is building clinics and providing education to women Throughout the entire book, there was no blowback to anything There was no outcry over their Sheik marrying a white American There was a line that essentially says, the board was displeased but I m sorry, I think they would be than displeased Even if it didn t matter in the end because the sheik can do whatever he wants, I would think that this would still be a huge issue within his advisors And then, all the work she was doing for woman would not have gone over well I am not saying that Middle Eastern countries aren t making progress where woman s right are concerned They are But there is still a lot of outrage surrounding it Don t get me wrong, the sheik makes multiple comments about how it s not going to be easy for his people s minds to be changed but it s just words because there is absolutely no example of that happening anywhere in the book Everything goes by without a hitch Well, except for the insurgents Because you have to have insurgents in a Middle Eastern country, right I felt like the author did absolutely no research and went based solely on preconceived notions about an incredibly nuanced culture On top of the above, I simply didn t believe the romantic story arc It was forced, rushed and completely unbelievable I will give credit where credit is due The erotic writing was good The scenes themselves were problematic but the writing was well done I honestly wonder if this didn t start as erotica but they decided to turn it into a romance This is the reason I didn t give it one star I honestly hope the author never reads this because I rarely rate a book I finish reading below a four If I finished it, then I usually enjoyed it and that s enough for me But if the author does read this, I would tell her that the world of romance is changing and readers are expecting from their authors We expect that if you decide to have a polarizing subject in your book that you deal with it carefully It s demeaning to the real men and women who are fighting to be heard when you make it seem like all anyone needs is an someone to come in and simply fix the problem.

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    Yak dnf Ok, I know this is an exaggeration of the intent of the story and not what the author was probably aiming for, but this was all I could see The H and his country GROOM girls from a young age direct quote, in the art of how to please men They are effectively raising them as obedient geez, this story has me so irked I really want to write something REALLY offensive here, but it would still describe the mentality So, they raise obedient housekeepers, mothers and sex toys They see nothing wrong with aligning every part of the women s lives to please the man, from how their bodies are prepped to what they eat to ensure his approval Thankfully, the h actually does call him out for the appalling way his country and he treat their sex toys but she still melts and jumps on his cock at EVERY opportunity I understand the plot and all and have read others similar that I ve liked and I think have managed to pull off the inequality and gender bias s well enough to not have them jumping out at me like fire throwing gorillas, but this one really really misses the mark for me I got half way, and she s just been plucked, basted, stuffed and dressed like his preferred Christmas ham, and she s pissed and ready to have it out with him Well fine a fuck a ly She lasts what, 10mins of telling him that this is a huge problem that he as Sheik is perpetuating by saying girl s can pursue higher education, but we aren t going to let them do anything but follow orders to clean, fuck or breed so yes, I m mildly appeased that she s thrown the obvious in his face that generations of sexism has kept him blinded too And he s throwing around you will marry me and she s thinking I can t be one of many and then they are fucking again Really It s not that this book is overwhelmed with sex, it s that she actually has so many problems with the entire situation and his part in it, but she can t keep her legs closed in his presence, at all Luckily I don t need to point out she can t keep her panties on cause she s not given any, but is wrapped in such a way that one tug from anyone would leave her naked And she s conveniently brushed off the fact that he had her drugged, kidnapped and shipped to his country against her will, cause whatever, no need to be pissed about that, or have any worry about what kind of drugs were used and if they d affected that baby She ll just smile and get primped and preened between jumping on his cock while she s trying to have a serious conversation with him And yes, I understand that the author is trying to show what a huge I m guessing soulmate pull they have to each other, but there is a time to grit your teeth and keep your uglies from bumping for an hour or two So yep, this book really managed to piss me off There was no balance to the I want you and this is our reality There wasn t really any sides to him either for all that the author appeared to give him depth, he was just a spoiled cock 1219

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    Rose was determined to make something of herself After hearing her bosses plan to use her looks for their benefit she was even determined she would succeed She just needed to get some documents signed for an oil deal Simple right The problem was, the Sheik wouldn t keep the appointments So what s an industrious minded go getter to do Sneak into his bedroom and wait for him Only she falls asleep The next morning she wakes up realizing the dream she had wasn t a dream She is so embarrassed she forgets all about the signatures needed for the deal and jumps on the first plane back to the US Of course, she loses her job, has to move in with her sister, and finds out she has a souvenir from her night with the Shiek.The Sheik was so enad with her night in his bed, he wants her again, but she cannot be found After his security team locates her, she is kidnapped and brought back to the Shiek After discovering she is pregnant, he decides they must marry Rose isn t quite so certain she can adjust to the type of life women have in his country and once again her determination sets out to prove herself Thankfully Rashid isn t so set in the old ways as his predecessors and is open to the changes Rose wants to make So can they make a happily ever after

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    Book Review A Sheik for RoseI am an independent reviewer This book is the 1st in the Hearts of Gold series and ends in an HEA Rose is sent to obtain oil rights from a sheik, but her sleep disorder ends with her accidentally sleeping with him and becoming pregnant Rose s backstory is one of freedom and love with her 2 triplet sisters and flower children parents This story really emphasizes the difference in women s rights due to culture and the change that needs to be made starting with how the men think.The Sheik is really in love with Rose, but he needs help realizing his harem will upset her The lack of ob gyn care is also tackled I think this book is erotic and romantic, but ultimately the book will make one think This book is appropriate for an adult audience I am giving this book 5 stars.

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A Sheik for Rose (Hearts of Gold #1) This Edition Was Previously Published Under The ASIN BRMI Rose Overheard Her Boss, The Only Reason They Chose Her To Represent Royston Oil Was Because Sheik Rashid Had A Thing For Blonde Busty Women Instead Of Getting Angry At Their Obvious Stereotyping She Decided To Show Them A Thing Or Two She Would Get The Sheik S Signature On The Oil Processing Rights By Using Nothing Than Her Skills And Intelligence It Was Time She Shook Up The Old Boy S Club What Rose Hadn T Planned On Was The Infuriating Rudeness Of Sheik Rashid But, She Had A Plan He D Canceled On Her For The Last Time Little Did Rose Know, But Her Plan Would Lead To A Night Of Unrivaled Sensuality And Pleasure At The Hands Of One Annoying Sheik

  • Kindle Edition
  • 160 pages
  • A Sheik for Rose (Hearts of Gold #1)
  • Lizabeth Scott
  • English
  • 11 March 2017

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