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The Sheiks Furious Prisoner (The Quabeca Sheiks #1) Saja Is Summoned Back Home To The Province Of Quabeca And Is To Be Forced Into A Marriage With Prince Basil Al Qadir But Saja Is Not Interested In Marriage, Even If Her Betrothed Is Extremely Attractive And Wealthy The Prince Has The Jawline Of A Greek God, Is Strikingly Tall And His Muscular Figure Would Intimidate Most, But Not Saja After Only Meeting The Man For Minutes She Already Hates Him He Is Controlling, Argumentative And Insufferably Arrogant Yet His Dark Broody Eyes Hold An Intensity That Saja Struggles To Pull Back From Prince Al Qadir Has Never Met A Woman Like Saja She Was Almost A Different Species She Wears Improper Clothing, Behaves Inappropriately, And Has No Traditional Values And She Did Not Fear Him In Fact, Her Temper Often Flared Around Him She Needed Taming Yet He Can T Help But Notice The Feeling That Surfaces In His Groin When She Was Around, And The Loneliness He Felt When She Wasn T Until He Has Tamed Her, He Refuses To Let Her Go But This May Be A Game He Loses, And The Prince Never Loses The Quabeca Sheiks Series Book The Sheik S Furious Prisoner Book The Sheik S Reluctant Hostage Book The Sheik S Virgin Bride

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    Meh.That was the only thought to filter through my head the entire time I was reading this story There s no substance to it It s rushed and lacking details I just wasn t a huge fan of it.I didn t buy their relationship At all One sentence they hated each other s guts and the next they were suddenly in love I know, there s a fine line between love and hate, yada, yada, yada but come on That s TOO fine of a line They had no chemistry, had nothing in common It didn t work.And I really just wanted to edit this book so badly I know grammar doesn t matter to some of you, and that s fine Me, it drives me crazy I ve read another story by this author, and they made the same mistakes So, why it surprised me this go around, not sure.On the redeeming side, the heroine had spunk I like my leading ladies with a strong mind and a bitching attitude Even when he was being an overbearing asshole, she held her ground Still, even that became kind of predictable over time.Overall, it was a meh read Not the worst I ve read, but it definitely wasn t one of my favorites To each their own.

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    Huh I m a bit surprised by the high rating, honestly There wasn t anything wrong with the idea of the story line, but the execution was a bit off The actual writing style seemed quite amateur ish There was a lot of short, choppy sentences that didn t really flow and that seemed to tell than show Certainly not what I d expect from a critically acclaimed author I mean, really And while I know the author was going for the trope of fighting arguing to show sexual tension, it came off to me like two people that couldn t get along nothing thrilling or sexy about it Saja, for example, never really indicated that she was into Basil throughout most of the book And the only indication from Basil was mentions of his dick getting hard a few times And then, bam, they re having sex and suddenly lovey dovey I don t know I ve seen this plot frame work in Sheikh Harlequin romances and it can work, but the difference there is that they re longer Perhaps if this book wasn t so short, some of the issues I had would have been worked out Saja, for example, would have had time to warm up to Basil before they had sex and married Things might not have been as abrupt Also, some things weren t really believable Saja is a doctor Went through med school and wants to be a Cardio thoracic surgeon I meanreally It just seemed like a throw away plot element to make her smart You don t need to be a DR to indicate your character is smart And if nothing comes of it in the story, why even use it There was also an error where the name Macee I think was in place instead of Saja Not sure if I ll continue the serieswe ll see.

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    I love Leslie North and every book she has written Her locations take you to beautiful locations described so vividly that you feel like you are there too This book is no different We have the story of Basil and Saja They don t get off to the easiest start but there is no denying their powerful chemistry The bickering between is like foreplay as they are both stubborn and strong willed people You put that together and you get incredible heat I loved how strong Saja is and how she wouldn t bow down to Basil who is a prince You go girl Basil is just plain sexy and yummy I enjoyed this book and the whole series is an awesome read Enjoy

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    More than a Prisoner A SlaveContains Spoilers, however the book itself is a spoiler.This is supposedly an interracial, multicultural romance involving Saja as an Englishwoman whose mother is black and father is an Arabic Sheikh Her mother was his mistress and once she became pregnant, she was sent back to London He never saw her or spoke with his daughter nor did he support her This came out in the short novella.For those who like interracial romance, don t get excited There s no plot or character development This book was insulting in that her father betrothed gave her to another powerful sheikh, Basil to try to cover for his loss of wealth and his eldest son s embezzlement She belonged to Basil and he could do with her as he pleased His word was law This was a throwback to slavery in the South in the United States Yes, Basil knew nothing about how her father neglected her and her mother and once he found how about her father s treachery, he punished him and his son for it There s no way an educated, self assured, strong black woman would then feel so much lust that she would give up her virginity to anyone who treated her as a slave for any length of time or for any reason.It s unbelievable that the author would have Saja treated as a belonging slave at any point Nothing erases that stain It is despicable that author would introduce that thought into this book because she had no plot, character development, intrigue , drama nor anything else to write Even if the cultural allows women to be treated as belongings, Saja was a westerner with no knowledge of that culture Interesting that the heroines in the other Sheikh s books were white Americans and never treated as slaves This book wasn t even a complete novella but part one of a short story Nothing encourages me to read the rest of the series or anything else by this author.I gave this two stars so that others will know what to expect It s taken longer to write this review than to read the story Now I m deleting this and all Sheikh romances written by this author from my Kindle If they were not free, I would have requested a refund.

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    this book has beautifully written locations, the author has a fab way of describing them so that they are so vivid in detail and makes you feel like your there A very powerful chemistry between the characters with fab dialogue, makes this a page turner of a book I just couldn t put it down till id finished it This book had many cute moments only adding to the fab story Highly recommendedI voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this bookhttps obsessedbookreviews.wordpresshttps www.facebook.com obsessedbook

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    I LUVD LUVD dis bk Leslie North bcuz of hw much I luvd dis bk, I m so hookd I feel like I can t stop reading her bks TOTALLY OBSESSED I really wish I can get a hold off the rest of the series.

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    I just finished reading this book from Leslie North and it was awesome I love her characters and the story was captivating It was great from beginning to end I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance story.

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    A free book I ve read multiple now by this author and this is the worst one yet Basically a sperm donor sends for his offspring a couple decades after his affair and then sells her to some guy to marry A girl plunged from modern day into the past Ugh.

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    Loved it I really like all these books There short reads with a lot of content I read four books in one weekend and loved loved them

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    Not my favorite, but it is ok for a quick read Not a munch romance at all in this book.