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Taken The Playboy Khalid Francois Du S Is A Man Who Isn T Afraid To Take What He Wants And What He Wants Is Olivia Bryant His Best Friend S Sister, She Was Supposed To Be Off Limits But Olivia Quickly Becomes A Fever In His Blood He Simply Can T Shake He Will Do Whatever It Takes To Have Her With Him And Underneath Him, Even If It Means KidnappingThe Independent Woman Olivia Bryant Vows To Never Marry, Instead Choosing To Focus On Her Career But A Clandestine Encounter With Khalid Threatens Her Resolve Though Her Mind Says No, Her Body Screams Yes Her Only Option Is To Reject The Arrogant Industrialist Who Believes A Woman S Place Is In His BedWhen Olivia Rejects Khalid S Advances, He Takes Matters In His Own Hands And Whisks Her Away To Placate His Obsession From The Tempestuous Passion Of Their First Encounter, Across Stormy Seas, To A Beautiful Oasis In Africa, Olivia Becomes His Prisoner And A Slave To Khalid S All Consuming Seduction

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    I reached that moment in a story, when you realize these people are so annoying and don t care what happens to them DNF

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    I didn t hate this book, but I definitely thought I would like it than I did Review to comeFull ReviewI want to start off by saying that the cover of Taken is one of my favorite covers of the year It is striking in the intensity of the model s stare and clearly it s not a cover that has launched a thousand previous books.This guy just seems to stare through you even though he s a bit heavy on the smudgy eyeliner and dares you to pass up on the opportunity to read his story inside With that cover and a fair idea of what the book was about, I was pretty certain I was in for a fantastic few hours of reading I mean, this had all of the makings of a book that I should have loved A story set in the early 1900s African American siblings who were not destitute, but educated and successful A heroine who s a nurse in 1908 and a foreign hero, arrogant and unwilling to take no for an answer Strong and plucky, our heroine is someone who would keep our hero on his toes and make him work for her affections Add in a journey to Africa and rich, descriptive writing well, just gimme a comfy spot, a glass of wine and don t interrupt me I m reading Sigh. Unfortunately, Taken didn t earn the five star rating that I would like to give it There were some parts that just didn t work for me These problems aren t so bad that I hated the book or that I wouldn t recommend it, but they were annoying, eye rolling and yeah right inducing nonetheless.An Idea of What It s AboutKhalid Francois Du s is a wealthy man who is in New York preparing to race in the Vanderbilt Cup He s been invited to the home of his former roommate from Yale, Dr Harry Bryant, whom he hasn t seen in years Khalid is a chauvinist but in all fairness his beliefs are than likely cultural, and again it is 1908 Unbeknownst to him, as he s spewing his views on women and the only purpose he believes they serve, Harry s sister Olivia overhears him The two have never met, but the comments flowing out of his mouth are enough to make her instantly dislike him Unfortunately, her body and hormones seem to be at odds with her brain and her reactions show that she likes him quite a bit In fact, she can barely think properly once she actually lays eyes on the man Khalid is also highly attracted to Olivia, almost mesmerized by her He instantly knows that he wants to get her in his bed, despite her being his friend s sister Unfortunately, he is rejected after sharing an intimate moment and making her an offer Ego trampled he decides to take matters into his own hands Despite his friendship with Harry, Khalid kidnaps Olivia so that he can have her until he s tired of her A test of wills ensues, but emotions and acceptance eventually change both of their outlooks But when doubt raises its ugly head decisions that greatly affect them both are made.The GoodThe book opens to Khalid playing a game of Russian roulette He is empty, devoid of hope and the will to live This is conveyed so eloquently that it immediately sucked me right in What had happened to put him in such a state What kind of seedy place was this What a great way to start off a book Later in the story, the author s description of the establishment where he is trying to end his life is vivid, as is the reactions of his two brothers Their disgust and horror over the place and Khalild s actions are just wonderful Khalid s downward spiral isn t something that he simply shook off either I would have loved a bit about his recovery, but I understand the size of the book only allowed so much of that Still, I m glad he wasn t a superman unfazed by the destructive path that he d taken.Another great feature of this story is the travel aspect and the obvious research that went into it I also really liked Harry and Khalid s friendship They bonded while in college where they were both outsiders in a predominately white, and I imagine prejudiced, university Although they hadn t kept in touch, the affection was there.The BadOkay, I didn t like Olivia s character Her behavior was contradictory and she just didn t seem believable to me To go into much detail would be to give too much away, but lets just say that Khalid must be working with some pretty powerful pheromones, cause Miss Olivia could barely control herself One dinner near this man and girlfriend was exploring herself and ready to let him do a little exploration too If you take into consideration that Olivia lived in 1908 then it really wasn t proper behavior read the book and you ll get where I m coming from here I get the author wanted Olivia to be a modern woman, but I felt her modern behavior should have been consistent with the time period She was too modern at times if that makes sense.Khalid and Olivia in love I guess I couldn t see it or understand how it happened They eventually start sexing it up, and you know from the start that they have some seriously lustful feelings towards one another, but it felt like she just sort of succumbs Once Olivia succumbs to his magnetism and both of their lust, he manages to miraculously shut off the chauvinism gene and he does a few considerate things This in turn leads to a case of Stockholm Syndrome Khalid on the other hand is just obsessed with her, yet it didn t come off as love Maybe if there had been some great adventure after the kidnapping that made them really see each other and eventually fall in love, but nope didn t happen that way.My Final Thoughts Despite my complaints Taken isn t a terrible book There are some very strong scenes that grab you and it is wonderfully researched Perhaps I just expected too much of Taken because it didn t meet my expectations or hopes for it I wish it felt historical and that there had been an honest romance and a grand adventure This won t be a problem for many, I m sure, but it was a problem for me Overall I didn t put the book down and I don t feel that it was a waste of my time Despite not meeting its potential, I do recommend reading it for the imagery alone and for a few hours of light escape Taken gets a 3 out of 5 rating from me.For reviews visit Romance Between the Covers

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    3.5 Stolen Stars Copy Provided by Author for Honest ReviewI m not really sure how I feel about Taken I guess I thought I would like it than I did Khalid really is a man stuck in his ways One look at Olivia and he has to have her, even with the obvious scorn and sexual tension she shoots his way I did appreciate the slow buildup into a relationship, I just wish both these characters weren t so thickheaded and knew how to communicate better A strong willed American woman and a privileged foreigner always spells trouble In this case trouble doesn t come close Khalid whisks Olivia away from everything she knows including her brother closest friend and her beloved job as a nurse Obviously she is unhappy about the turn of events especially when she learns of her captors identity Olivia wants nothing than to escape Khalid and his island paradise in Africa and return back home It s up to Khalid to win her over, but as a man who does not woo but rather gets what he wants from a woman and moves on has a lot to learn about Olivia Again I hated how thickheaded these characters were One minute you think everything is going well until the lingering doubts presented by another turns life upside down I admired Olivia s personal voice since even though she was hard pressed to admit her attraction to Khalid himself she never once tried to lie to herself about her true feelings, which basically consisted of her wanting to rip off his tunic with her teeth I also felt that Khalid was not as strong and determined as I once thought After everything he goes through and his perseverance to obtain Olivia, I was disappointed in his decision and the forthcoming downfall he takes Overall this was a common story with an interesting twist We ve all read the common capture story mixed with Stockholm Syndrome but I didn t get that feeling here Khalid and Olivia have chemistry from the first moment their eyes meet Though Khalid literally kidnaps Olivia she s not mistreated in any dark ways The setting made for some interesting details and the change of scenery made the book stand out Even though I periodically disliked the characters I read the book in one sitting and was pleased in the end If the blurb catches your attention, I highly suggest you take a chance to be Taken.

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    Olivia Bryant s an independant young lady just graduating from college with a plan She doesn t see a marriage and family in her immedate future She looking to accomplished some goals first Working along side her brother Harry she set out to do just that Only Olivia s plans halted by the one thing she vowed she didn t want and has avoided.With one look at pair of green eyes have not only locked down her body,but Olivia s brain is no longer functioning correctly Powerless to an unknown need forming in her bones, it s set to take over her soul Leaving her completely breathless and running.Khalid Francois Duis is a wealthy self confidant, insensitive man with very healthy lusty appetite for the opposite sex, with a long list of escapades One look at Oliva he thinks he s ready to add to that beded list Foreign minded to american women ways, he s shocked and excited by Olivia s bite Determined to have her at any cost Khalid set s out to do the unthinkable, not realizing that what comes around goes around It s also a long way down for Khalid, when he steps into the unknownLove.Taken by Koko Brown is my indroduction to her writing The first three chapters didn t grab me and left me thinking WTH, but I kept right on In the end I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of substance.To me Taken is definatley worth the read I was given a free copy for my Honest Review

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    I m a bit torn on this one The basic plot was solid, but there were times where this historical romance felt very much like a contemporary story The dialogue, references to a cold shower, and editing hiccups all kept giving me little jolts that would take me out of the referenced time period I have a hard time believing that a woman of Olivia s stature in the early 1900 s would have allowed Khalid the access to her body that he had on the very first night of them meeting Olivia is a young, freshly educated, middle class black woman living under the protection and care of her older brother and it was hard for me to swallow that initial scene Maybe if she had been married before and had sexual experience before meeting Khalid it would have been a bit believable I have no problem with lust at first sight and instant attraction, especially in a contemporary romance However, immediate physical contact is a bit harder to accept in a historical romance, especially when it goes as far as this scene did Yes, I realize that this is fiction therefore pure fantasy, but it just didn t feel right to me The characters of Olivia and Khalid were well developed and played well off of each other, but there was always the feeling of the story not fitting in with the era in which it was set I can t quite articulate what was so off for me, there were several little things that added up to the overall disconnect If this had been set now, or even in the 1950 s the story would probably have felt better for me This was not a complete miss for me it just wasn t a home run either Koko Brown is undoubtedly a talented writer and I will be reading from her down the line You can find from me at Monlatable Book Reviewshttp www.monlatablereviews.com

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    I am not going to lie here when I started this book I was apprehensive I was also uneasy about it Especially when the kidnapping and imprisonment occurs That just rubbed me wrong and got my hackles up I was close to putting the book down and calling it a day because of how uneasy I was about that concept I mean this supposed gorgeous man kidnaps his best friends sister so she can be his plaything because he can t get her out of his mind and when he hears she is going to visit a man after she turns him down he snaps and does that That had me on guard But I didn t I said put your big girl panties on girl and power through it and I am glad I did That s not to say there weren t still parts that were unsettling because there were but the story and the tale that was weaved within these aspects was wonderful to see.Olivia was a strong willed stubborn woman who had a mind of her own She fought Khalid each step and garnered his respect as well She went from hating to loathing to loving and this was disturbing to her because he was holding her captive She loved when he showed her respect and was thoughtful with his gifts When he saw her as than someone to be in his bed but a individual But she was afraid he didn t love her His cousin Malik helped with this thought Malik who was trying to get revenge for what happened to his love in the war Malik who took away Khalid s reason and had him go down into the abyss that his family never thought they could get him out of and it was a abyss of darkness The opiate dens and not caring was the worst.Khalid started wanting Olivia the moment he saw her and when she turned him down it made him want her What sealed her fate was the mentioning of Nathaniel This had Khalid snap and suddenly she was in Africa Trying everything he knew that worked in the past to seduce a woman left him wanton for she rejected him at every pass Suddenly Khalid decided to listen and become something Olivia didn t expect He began to see her as a person and not a object As this occurred he garnered respect and love for her Khalid got to where he didn t want to live without her There were some disturbing moments like the condom that was like Olivia said unsanitary but I guess in that area of the world that was the best you could buy The moments where they objectified themselves were not to great for me as well but the romantic moments and quiet tender interludes were wonderful.When Olivia left with Malik s help she crushed Khalid and when I first began this book I would have cheered this on but when it came to that area and we saw a change in Khalid I felt horrible for him He lost a part of himself that day and went into a downward spiral His family had to help him pick up the pieces when he hit rock bottom As he clawed back to being human again his love for Olivia never died.He saw her again and secrets were revealed But than that their love outshone everything and everyone.A story of love that grows from hatred Of learning to respect woman and not objectify them and of unconditional love that you will be amazed at how far these two come and how far you will grow from hating Khalid to rooting for him.

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    Merde.is the only French word people seemed to know in this book Since it is my favorite French word, I ll give Ms Koko a pass This story is pretty much full of jerks and none of the characters are truly likable, but they aren t awful either Kahlid is a sexy jerk and Olivia is strong yet wishy washy The constant back and forth started working my nerves and I lost interest But there is something to the story, and I love alternative universe historical romance I d say read with caution and know there s a modern twist If that s not your thing then stay away.

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    Genre Erotic historical I guess Setting NYC and Sahara desert, early 1900sAbout a 2.5, okay but nothing special and I got bored halfway thru Probably the 7100th

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    I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review I will first off say that I love abduction stories, add a sheikh bedouin and I m already there salivating Can I just say that this book starts off with a punch that I wasn t expecting I mean can you say, Deer Hunter I immediately felt the sparks from this couple from the moment they laid eyes on each other, even when Olivia doth protest too much And yes, I liked Khalid than Olivia He was arrogant, stubborn, and s pig headed chauvinist.But that s what makes him sexy His character comes full circle and its funny to see how he gets turned on every time Olivia talks medical And yet he s very human at the same time which we see from his downfall after he loses her.Ms Brown does a great job of world building Of course, not too surprised she captivated with her 1930s post prohibition setting in Jezebel Here she captures the exotic locales with equal affect From NYC to the coast of Africa and even an opium den in Paris where underground Russian Roulette games were held in secrecy I felt swept away.Yes, this was very much an erotic novel but there was a good story interlaced in there to keep me riding along Taken is a ride with some twists I wasn t expecting All in all a great read with a touch of bodice ripper thrown in but none of that consensual rape stuff.