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The Desert Lord's Baby There Was Nowhere Carmen Could Hide From This Prince Of Judar No Stone He Wouldn T Turn To Find Her, No Wall He Couldn T Tear Down Nothing Would Stop Farooq Aal Masood From Claiming The Mother Of His BabyShe Had Betrayed Him And She Would Pay In His Bed As His Wifeuntil He Tired Of Her And Though Carmen Professed To Love Him, That It Was All A Misunderstanding, WellFarooq Would Never Fall For Her Lies Again

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    This was so intense It played like a movie in my head and the passion of the hero and heroine was off the charts And then there are the incredible, exotic details of Judar, the culture, marriage customs, royal intrigue and that henna night Not to mention the wedding itself THEN the wedding night Amazing It got me hooked on Olivia Gates s books, and now I wait for each book of hers to get a dose of that larger than life passion and drama Can t recommend highly enough

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    The Desert Lord s Baby is the first book in the Throne of Judar series, although it s the second book I read This book is one that sucks you right in The writing is so vivid and poignant The characters are never lukewarm in their emotions In fact the book seethes with violently intense emotions Carmen and Farooq are a couple that never should have been parted from each other, but misunderstandings and fears crop up and come between them I feel that if they had just made a commitment to each other early on instead of having what they called a three month affair, then there wouldn t have been that insecurity in their relationship, but what do I know After the rejection she faced with her parents and her first husband, Carmen doesn t have much reason to believe that she could be loved for her self Yet paradoxically, she gives herself unselfishly and completely This is clear from page one Farooq is used to having his way and cannot believe that a woman would choose to leave him, not to mention a woman he was so deeply attracted to and in love with He doesn t think to read between the lines when Carmen ends their affair with what has to be a pretty blatant lie if a person really thought about she said, knowing Carmen But something causes him to track her down, and he finds out she s had his child He falls instantly in love with their baby, and the scenes of the little cutie make it easy to accept this Mennah is described as a miracle baby and she is in ways than one She brings this couple back together and gives them both peace that they were needing desperately Again I was captivated by the incredible emotional intensity of the storytelling, teamed with an exotic setting that I am a sucker for Ms Gates seems to have a definite appreciation for Arabic culture, and with her writing skills, the reader cannot help but be equally attracted to it The love scenes are very steamy for a category romance but they belong in a story with such a fiery, intense relationship between two people This one is a another recommended read for sheikh romance lovers.

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    Seriously Olivia Gates has just reinvented the Silhouette Desire line All my friends are talking about this new author and we re actually buying BUYING her books instead of sharing This means a personal library keeper for future re reading.The Desert Lord s Baby is still reverberating in my mind a week after reading Talk about sizzling hot I m into the first chapter of The Desert Lord s Bride and cannot wait to devour the rest With all due respect, whatever Harlequin Silhouette is paying Olivia Gates she should make them double triple it or get rid of them altogether and go out on her own because she will not need them Her fans will be salivating at her door waiting for her next offering In shock with delight

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    The Desert Lord s BabyFarooq Carmen s StoryFarooq Aal Massood Carmen McArthurThis is the first book in the Throne of Judar Trilogy This book sets the scene for the other two books Farooq is the eldest brother and along with his two brothers are not just passionate men but Crown Princes of Judar.In the first book Farooq and Carmen are two intense individuals Farooq is a man that knows what he wants and takes no matter what the consequences Carmen a very passionate woman struggles with her emotions As much as she loves Farooq she knows that he will never trust her if she stays with him He is a man that demands trust Carmen knows that the news of her pregnancy will kill any feelings he has for her She knows that she has to escape She leaves him and returns to California Farooq is like a man possessed when he learns why Carmen left him He travels to find her and regain what she took from him Once Farooq finds Carmen he finds the passion for her is still there, but he will be the one in control as he forces her to return to Judar with him He will make her pay the price for deceiving him Once there these two passionate people find that what they have and share will sustain them through any crisis.This is a story of love and forgiveness The compassion between these two strong individuals will make you cheer them to the winners circle.This story is a five star read A MUST read.

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    I love this book Olivia Gates used her characteristically flawless style of deep emotions, intelligent layers, and vivid descriptions to write one dynamite book that I read in a single sitting The chemistry between the two characters jumped off each page, then to boost it into the stratosphere, she added a baby A baby The description of her cherubic face alone caused me to ovulate on the spot Throw in a 6 4 alpha male whose guarded heart has turned to jelly at the first glance of her two toothed, drooly grin, and your heart will melt, too Theirs is the most amazingly real, deeply emotional, poignant father daughter first encounter I ve ever read Gates had me smiling through my tears One of my favorite scenes of all times is where we meet Farooq s brothers, the heroes from the other two books of the trilogy Seeing the three gorgeous alpha males passing around the newest little addition to their family, and witnessing as she melts their hearts, took my breath away It was this scene, too where Carmen first began to win over her future brothers in law with her wit, talent for languages, and refusal to be intimidated But, it isn t all baby cuddles and giggles There s a question of legitimacy and oh, yeah keeping the crown in the family All that, and Olivia still manages to bring us plenty of the hottest, most passionate love in all of romance Once again, Gates keeps us thoroughly enthralled in a world of such rich and vibrant description, that you ll have to ask yourself later if you read the book or watched a movie.

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    one of the few reguler romance i likeso much love and joy but at the same time mistrust it was the best

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    It was a good read enjoyableand I CAN T WAIT FOR THE OTHER BROTHERS they sound yummy.From the first page you were drawn to the characters also this was my first book from this author.

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    This is the first book I sat down to read in months I read it in one night Olivia sure knows how to draw the emotions out of you I had tear wiping moments.

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    This is a reread for me and it was still just as intense as if I d read it for the first time Love sheikhs, love this book

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    I picked this book up because of its cover But I sort of thought the cover would actually work against the book, since nothing inside it would live up to its sumptuousness How delighted was I when I discovered the opposite was true The inside of the book is far lush and exotic and magical Every word was like a gem strung together with other gems to form this treasure of a story No wonder it won a best book award It certainly deserves it and then some It transports you into the world the author paints, this incredible kingdom of Judar, and into the tempestuously passionate love story of Farooq and Carmen Other things that puts it heads and shoulders above other books is the baby Mennah s portrayal, and that of Farooq s response and relationship with her And then comes theh hero s portrayal No other author can take me inside the hero s head and heart and soul like Olivia Gates does I ve gone on to read everything she s ever written, and I m happy to say her standard remains the highest always This book was the beginning of a love affair with her writing She s my number one author now