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    Again a wonderful addition to the series.Billie is a strong pilot instructor who kicks men s asses, and when she is asked to train the royal guards and prince of Bahania, she meets Jefri.I love their combustible chemistry, and adored muffin vs the cats.Also enjoyed how Tahira and Doyle find one another.The king who was detestable in the earlier books is now turning out to be one of my favorite characters.Safe read4 5

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    We never heard much about Jefri in the other books, only passing scenes where he s called the funny and carefree guy of the family I believe people say this because he s the youngest and has no chance of assuming the crown, but his also the expert of flaying in the family He s very passionate about planes and the desert, which made him the perfect person to be responsible for the new Air Force that has been the talk for the last few books.Billie is actually the perfect girl for him, because she s carefree and her job is to teach pilots the offensive maneuvers in the sky She spent her life flying and loves everything connected planes, but she s very girlie and also loves shopping.I liked this couple and how Jefri accepted his love and had to fight to be together with Billie She s just a normal regular girl and he had ordered a marriage of convenience and now had to deal with a fianc and the love of his life.The best part to me was discovering that the king was behind these love stories, it made me remember another romance series that I love written by Nora Roberts, Macgregor s.

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    Prince Jefri of Bahania had just been bestedby a woman And not just any female, but Billie Van Horn, his gorgeous, take no prisoners flight instructor who was than a match for this ultra masculine male.Well, she might be an ace in the air, but when it came to romance Billie was determined to keep both feet on the ground So why did the sexy sheik make her feel as if she were soaring high above the clouds She knew that when royal honor called, her high born lover would fly from her side foreverunless Jefri defied his destiny and chose love.Loved all the characters of this 13 book series some than others This was a very quick read Held my interest up to the very end 5 stars.

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    There are many aspects of this romance that illustrate why I like Susan Mallery s books She develops strong, female characters they are often in roles that are traditionally male dominated as with Billie teaching fighter pilots and they are aren t afraid to stand up for themselves or others In this story, that compassion for others helps make Billie s position with Prince Jefri even difficult, but she stands her ground to do what is right even if it means personal pain or sacrifice And it doesn t matter if the person they re standing up to is a prince as in this Shiek series But it s not just the females that draw me in Prince Jefri is as you might expect a strong, slightly arrogant, man who is used to getting his own way Because he is royalty, things generally come easily to him But from the very start, nothing about Billie is easy for him But again, Mallery shows a depth of character and a level of growth as he realizes the old adage be careful what you wish for is true and that love is very real and very possible.

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    This book was okay Charming in some ways but also pretty much predictable as well I did like that Billie was a woman quite different than the usual heroine Her skills as a pilot was an interesting twist.I did get almost as irritated as she did with her brother Doyle, who was over the top protective Sure, there were some reasons but she had grown past those and he needed to step back Something she finally calls him on.Prince Jefri was pretty much what you would expect from a rich prince although he also had some good qualities The details of the palace and how exquisite it was, were well done, so it added detail.I did like the fact that the royal family wasn t exactly what you would expect There was warmth between them and also I liked how the King and Billie interacted.No real surprises in this one for me, so it was just okay A light, entertaining story to fill a few hours.

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    My favorite of this series as I work on a re read Billie is the most realistic heroine yet smart, funny, and realistic, she gets that s living a fairy tale and handles it with grace when the fairy tale goes a bit too far into the realm of the unbelievable and an 18 year convent raised girl shows up to marry her prince Jefri also seems the best of the trio of brothers he never seeks to trap Billie but earns her love by accepting who she is and her past experiences This is a tale from this series I can get behind Also, did she ever write the book on Tahira and Doyle because I want to know how that story ends too.

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    I like when Billie beats Prince Jefri but dislike how he handled his fiancee He could have save everyone from their misery if only he and his fiancee told the truth Lie only complicate the situation especially when it is unnecessary.

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    It felt incomplete I wanted before HEA.

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    Well i love how the king is one naughty schemer lol He s the best

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    Billie Van Horn is usually treated as one of the guys because 1 she s a kick ass fighter pilot instructor and 2 she works with her overprotective dad and brothers If a man isn t turned off by the first, he tends to get scared off by the second Prince Jefri of Bahania meets Billie during his work establishing a joint air force with El Bahar and the City of Thieves His royal pride is stung by repeated defeats at the hands of the beautiful Billie, but he is also intrigued and attracted Meanwhile, King Hassan has decided that it s time for Jefri to marry again his first marriage having been a disaster The youngest prince of Bahania hasn t met anyone particularly compelling up until this point and is interested in the air force project than a bride search, so he agrees to an arranged marriage and pretty much forgets about the whole thing In Billie he finds not only a gorgeous woman, but someone strong and independent who shares his passion for flight When Jefri s fiancee arrives unexpectedly, things appear impossibly complicated, and heartbreak all around seems inevitable I loved Billie, and while Jefri had some bad moments, he easily overcame them The plot was plausible you know, for a world where you re dealing with sheikhs and the characters were relatable We don t get inside Doyle s head, but we get depth from him than the other non perspective characters It seems like a waste to have past primary players in the book without leveraging their actual histories and personalities, but it s a short book I m happy with the resolutions all around Note Wasn t Jefri supposed to be about 16 during The Sheikh s Secret Bride King Hassan makes a comment to Liana about his youngest son just starting to appreciate the gentler sex There s a 4 year gap in the publication dates, but Jefri is 29 in this book, so I m going to chalk that up to a consistency error.

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The Sheik & the Princess Bride (Desert Rogues, #8) (Silhouette Special Edition, #1647) Prince Jefri Of Bahania Had Just Been Bested By A Woman And Not Just Any Female, But Billie Van Horn, His Gorgeous, Take No Prisoners Flight Instructor Who Was Than A Match For This Ultramasculine Male Well, She Might Be An Ace In The Air, But When It Came To Romance Billie Was Determined To Keep Both Feet On The GroundSo Why Did The Sexy Sheik Make Her Feel As If She Were Soaring High Above The Clouds She Knew That When Royal Honor Called, Her High Born Lover Would Fly From Her Side Forever Unless Jefri Defied His Destiny And Chose Love