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The Sheiks Accidental Pregnancy (The Botros Brothers #1) Sara Hates Her New Boss, Sheik Tariq He Is Rude, Arrogant, Headstrong And Argumentative So, Why Can T She Stop Thinking About Him When She Started Work In The Middle East For The Botros Oil Company, Sara Expected Her Boss To Be An Elderly Arab But Instead Her Boss Is Tall, Handsome, Gloriously Masculine With Stunning Eyes And A Muscular Physique Tariq Has Never Met Anyone Like Her She Has No Respect For Tradition, She S Clumsy, Stubborn, Unladylike And Talks Far Too Much And She Isn T Scared Of Him, In Fact She Openly Challenges Him He Finds Himself Getting Frustrated Just Talking To Her So, Why Does He Feel So Attracted To Her One Night They Re Both Working Late And Inevitably Get Into Another Heated Argument Before Sara Knows What Is Happening, She Is Kissing Tariq, And He Is Lifting Her Onto The Conference Room Table After An Unforgettable Night Of Passion They Both Agree To Never Let It Happen Again But When They Discover The Result Of Their Unprotected Encounter, They Must Both Come To Terms With Their Feelings Can This Explosive Couple Finally Reveal Their Caring Sides Or Will It All End In Disaster The Botros Brothers Series Book The Sheik S Accidental Pregnancy Book The Sheik S Unwilling Girlfriend

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    This wasquite unenjoyable The story could have been great However, I never once connected to any of the characters I couldn t even picture them because there weren t descriptions I never believed that there was a connection between Sarah and Tariq She was indifferent to him, nervous because he was the owner of the company he worked for, but I never got the impression that she was even remotely attracted to him As for Tariq, he flatly hated Sarah From the first moment he met her, he hated her Again, I never felt like he was actually attracted to her The first time they had sex, I had to go back to read it because I thought I missed something and couldn t figure out how him being rude to her led to them having sex My other issue was that throughout the whole book, I was being told what happened I never once felt like I was immersed in the story.

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    This book had the potential to be incredibly brilliant With some high ratings I was excited to read it, however for me it failed to hit the mark.From the first moment I was confused as to whose mind I was in Was it Sara, was it Amir, was it Tariq or one of the other characters It was sometimes written as if you were in a characters mind and then it switched the next sentence to the third person.Not only that the story was so fast paced it gave me whiplash It went from Sara starting a new job, to meeting Tariq, to Sara loosing her virginity to him and not caring about it , to Sara being pregnant, to her moving in with him and him suddenly caring.There was no substance to any of the characters When I read the synopsis I imagined a fiery heroine and hero who battle it out in a test of wills however both the hero and heroine fell flat Sara wasn t even the least bit feisty when it came to her interactions with Tariq There was even a line where she thought she would be as cold to him as he is to her, yet that never happened.

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    It was a short story and nothing else.

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    The Sheikh s Accidental Pregnancy The Botros Brothers by Leslie North Simply perfect Leslie North is full of surprises Her stories never get old and her characters are always freshly bold The Sheikh s Accidental Pregnancy is romance plain and simple Relationships are forever evolving Sara and Tariq s is no exception There s drama and heat and heart scattered throughout Ms North supplied the words that Ms Stevens brought to life.

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    Not recommended There was no depth to the story, no emotional development between the characters.

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    Great I LOVED this story of a man that didn t believe in love and a woman he couldn t stand but was attraction to her This was hot and funny as well romantic to me, great ending and will recommend this book to all romance readers.

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    Well Ms North did you get too close to the deadline for this book In the beginning the story started well and was indeed interesting Then about halfway in the book the story started skipping time spans of weeks and months and before I could blink the story was done What also made me frown was how fast Tariq went from hating to loving Sara It sad to see another story that had a good plot idea got hacked short.

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    Funny, easy read I loved that Sara was so confident and held her ground, it made for some great banter Liked that the characters didn t sudden change who they were when they got together, they stayed true to themselves Great ending.

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    Enjoyed2 thumbs up for the first book in the Botros Brothers series can t wait to read the second book I truly enjoyed Sara and Tarik s little love story a lot of passion in a short read HAPPY READING

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    Good bookthis was a good book wish it was a little longer I like book that have a happy ending and I would tell others to read it

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