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For the Sheikh's Pleasure Rosalie Winters Is A Challenge Beautiful Andaloof, She Doesn T Play The Games Of Flirtation Andseduction That Sheikh Arik Kareem Ben Hassanexpects From Women She Intrigues Him With Herlack Of Sophistication And GuileArik Realizes He Must Move Slowly To Gain Hertrust Rosalie Is Quiet, Even Withdrawn, As Thoughsomething Has Changed Her But Arik Also Knowsthat Once She S At His Command Rosalie Willwelcome The Loving That Only He Can Give Her

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    This is a quintessential soft core romance novel in terms guilty pleasure and distance from any sense of reality.Handsome, hunky sheikh purposely sets out to seduce a sweet young thang until his desire is fulfilled, but along the way her sweetness dissolves those nefarious plans That is pretty much what happens The sheikh sees his prey, and he lays his cliched but effectively beautifully seductive trap in the form of his horses, his tent on the beach, and his time showing the h the beauty and culture of his country.The h who has had a tragic past in regard to men succumbs to her passion, and leaves immediately after they consummate the affair which enrages and piques the H He s the driver on this affair, not the heroine.He tries to track her down only to find her in the last place he would ever want to find her His cousin, the other sheikh s palace She lays some truth on him that he only wanted her for sex which does the job and jiggles that pesky guilty conscience heroes so badly need at times HEA with Arabian horses and a cute plot moppet.

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    I put off reading this book for a while, because I didn t like the idea of the hero cold bloodedly setting out to seduce the heroine because he was bored with his inactivity and seclusion while his broken leg was healing, and he needed a distraction I started it once, because it s about the sister of the heroine from The Sheikh s Ransomed Bride Surrender to the Sheikh , a book I loved But I put it down because I wasn t in the mood for that kind of hero As I embarked on my Weekend Harlequin Presents Marathon, a tradition I have that I truly enjoy, I picked it up and started reading it again I am glad I finally did read this book How could I have doubted you, Annie West You know how to write a great, intense romance The process of showing the courtship and the seduction of Arik by Rosalie note I didn t say the opposite was so beautifully executed by you Arik thought he knew all the moves, had women figured out, and knew how to get his pleasure out of a woman and move on He saw Rosalie and wanted her body But when he spent time with her, saw the mix of vulnerability and beauty that was her, not just her body, he wanted from her I have trouble with playboy heroes that think all women are the same, just warm bodies for pleasure So I was predisposed to dislike Arik He had to work very hard for me to like him But he succeeded He succeeded by showing he was a sensitive man The way he gave Rosalie time, and let her come to him, made allowances for her skittishness, and didn t force the issue, that really helped me to like him Also how he became obsessed with her, completely drawn in, so that by the time they were actually lovers, it was than just that For the short time period that this happened in, I have to give Ms West some credit I ve read books where the couples have a love affair that spans much longer time periods, and the love aspect, the connection was missing Not with this book Like the other books that I ve read by Annie West, the intensity that turns a HP from an enjoyable read to a real pleasure and a favorite, was there in spades with this book I liked how the struggle within Rosalie to claim back her life, to open her heart to love and a physical relationship with man after she was raped was shown Even though Arik didn t know she was raped until near the end, he was very caring and considerate to her, and that helped Rosalie get past her fears and her issues And Arik went from being kind of shallow, a rich playboy even if he did have a heart for his people and worked hard, his attitude towards women was very shallow to a deep, caring, loving man who fell truly in love, completely captivated by a woman before my eyes I think this was done so well.This was a great book I m a big fan of sheikh romances, but I liked that this was one was intimate There were hints about Arik s wealthy and powerful identity, but that was in the background The focus was on the relationship between Rosalie and Arik How a wary heart found a once shallow man and turned him into a man who was so lovestruck, he wanted nothing than the one woman he had initially decided to seduce out of boredom That s the most awesome kind of book that takes a story you re kind of meh about, and completely draws you in.Overall rating 4.5 5.0 stars.

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    Triggers Discussion of rape.The title sounds like a condom commercial And the opening feels as skeevy as the title The hero has broken his leg and is sitting around watching the heroine on the beach from his telescope He is lusting after her and planning his seduction.The heroine is on the beach every morning trying to get her painting mojo back She was roofied and raped at a student party three years before when she was 19 and has a 2 year old daughter She has no idea who the father is So the contrast of the hero s thoughts and the heroine s thoughts are startling, to say the least I had a hard time warming up to the hero who is clearly smitten but his full court press felt stalkerish at times, not because he did anything outrageous, but because the heroine was so uncomfortable This felt very realistic and I think it would be triggering to certain readers.The heroine is sister in law to the king of this made up country and doesn t tell the hero who she is The hero is the king s cousin and a sheikh in his own right This creates a few problems in the second half of the story The hero does take a good hard look at himself and he does change in his attitude toward the heroine throughout the story it s a nice progression The heroine s sudden love of sex was abrupt and less convincing.

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    It was sweet, sensual, exciting with a good romance Loved the main characters Recommended.

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    Annie West is fast becoming one of my all time favorite HP authors She writes such wonderful love stories with Hero s that are all alpha..but yet wonderful, and beautiful heroines with guts and courage This is the story of Rosalie.the sister of Belle from The Sheik s Ransomed Bride This is an incredible story dealing with the tough issues surrounding rape and the aftermath of putting your life back together and finding love Even though this is a sequel, you don t need to read them in sequence But I would highly suggest reading both You will not be disappointed.

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    Ella no quiere acercarse a los hombres porque hace un par de a os era una universitaria que fue a una fiesta, tom algo y se despert violada por qui n sabe cu ntos hombres Como resultado de esa terrible experiencia tuvo una hija.No es de los argumentos que me gustan ni me atraen este fue otro momento fallido en el canje de libros Lo compr porque era de Annie West, period pero mi elecci n no fue la m s acertada.Adem s de que el h roe s lo quiere fucke rsela all nite long, la historia no tuvo demasiado sustento Frases tristes como besaba como virgen, miraba como virgen, com a como virgen me parecieron innecesarias porque hac a todo como una virgen pero, mir vos, no lo era y encima por causas muy horribles _.Lo que m s me molest de la novela fue la liviandad con la que esta autora trata el tema Est bien, es un HP, pero como habla de una violaci n en masa y ella tiene una hija, enseguida pens enfermedades Y el sida, y las ven reas No podr a haber aclarado qu hizo luego de semejante shock No dice nada.

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    Annie West is an author you can depend on giving good stories Arik and Rosalie are a good couple and the conflict and story is solid No loose ends and they seem on track to a HEA It s a easy three star book.So why do I ask myself am I not satisfied Well to be honest its kinda like having Chinese food You eat it and its consistently satisfying but an hour later you wouldn t have known you ate it I wish she d go outta her comfort zone and surprise me every once and awhile.I guess I m saying Annie don t play safe and throw me a curve ball and be prepared for me not to like everything you write Those are memorable books good or bad JustMy take

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    Player sheikh falls for injured innocent single mom This is a very Sandra Marton ish story, so I m really not sure why I didn t like it It just seemed thin somehow, like all the right elements went into the pot but it never quite became stew Though the seduction scene is nicely written and very sensual.

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    Not a bad book, but not my one I d call a favourite since it was sooo slowww paced It took me 3 days to read this book and I read other books in between reading this.At 50% mark, nothing had happed It s just pages and pages of her inner musings on how the Hero excites her and she is tempted but scared We also get pages of his thoughts on how he can proceed slowly so he can give in to the incredible lust he has for her3 stars because its a hot read, but I suppose one has to be in the mood for the pacing.

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    rosalie is stupid we have nothing to talk about nothing nothing , he wants me only for sex despite he says it s not just sex and so onplease, woman, chill out.

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