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The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride Kidnapped By Rebels, Belle Winters Discoversher Rescuer Is Rafiq Al Akhtar, SovereignPrince Of The Desert Kingdom Of Q RoumWhisked Away To His Exotic Palace, Rafiqexpects Her To Show Her Gratitude Bymarrying Him Rafiq Demands Belle Perform All Her Royalduties Both In Public And In Private Soonshe Succumbs To The Sultry Heat Of The Desertand To Rafiq S Seduction Belle Is No Longer Anunwilling Wife, Now She Is The Sheikh S Verywilling Lover

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride
  • Annie West
  • 21 November 2019
  • 9780373126491

About the Author: Annie West

See this thread for information. Hello I love writing passionate, intense love stories about sexy alpha men and the women who are their perfect match Look out for my books with Harlequin Presents or Mills Boon Modern Sexy and for my indie stories, full of passion and intense emotion with a touch of glamour My latest stories are my Hot Italian Nights series including Bound to the Italian Boss June 17, The Italian s Bold Reckoning July 17, At the Italian s Bidding August 17 and Falling for the Brooding Italian September 17.Yes, I do like a dark, handsome hero You can catch up with my news at

10 thoughts on “The Sheikh's Ransomed Bride

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    This was a pleasant read I liked the first half better than the second half because in the second half the heroine was a bit of a ninny In the first half I particularly enjoyed that she managed to hide her thoughts when she was sitting there thinking how hot he was He perceived her reactions as if she was upset about how she had been treated during her kidnapping and stressful reactions now that it was over The hero was a super nice guy and was never at all mean to her He basically knew he wanted her and went after her but not right out, kind of surreptitiously in order not to scare her off.Nice read even in a sub genre that I sometimes find hard to swallow view spoiler In the second half of the book after she marries him, she refuses to sleep with him Come on, it s the 21st century, way after the sexual revolution They re married and they both know they re attracted Hell get out of the way, I ll sleep with him hide spoiler

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    This book had a really good adventure story line, passion, and two likable characters You wanted them to find happiness together This is a book that reminds a long term romance reader who feels that she is getting burned out, why she should keep reading romance If you like Sheikh books, you should read this book.

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    I don t usually enjoy Sheikh books, but the hero, Rafiq, in Annie West s The Sheikh s Ransomed Bride was a dream This one starts out wonderfully with an action packed beginning as the hero saves the heroine from being held captive.After rescuing Belle from the hostage situation, he marries her only to save political face, or so she thinks.There s a terrorist on the loose to add to the drama, but he s only in the background The real plot is based on Belle s apprehension about sleeping with her husband, which to me was a bit confounding Rafiq s a modern ruler of his secular nation, with a very western mindset She s sexually experienced, he obviously desires her, and she wants himwhat s the dithering all about Belle s worried about getting intimate because he married her out of duty Then open your mouth and tell him how you feel But then the book would be over in 100 pages and not the requisite 185 , so on with the doubts.The big conflict that prevents them from having sex on their honeymoon is silly view spoiler she gets her period Not that I wanted to see him parting the red sea or anything, it just seemed like that was put there to keep them apart for several chapters hide spoiler

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    This was just okay The beginning was really strong and I immediately got hooked into the story, unfortunately the rest of the book went downhill from there.The heroine, a marine archaeologist, is rescued by the Hero She has been kidnapped by insurgents They spend a harrowing night together during the rescue, but all goes well and she finds out that her rescuer is the sheikh.The Hero had to pay as ransom, a national treasure that is only given to wives of the sheikh, so now the people expect him to present her as his bride He convinces her to marry him.After that it just gets annoying.the whole rest of the book is She he s only marrying me for convenience He She s hot so I wont mind at all She but it was only an arrangement He ..it s completely legal and binding She ..but you only married me to please the people He ..it is a real marriage. And so on and so forth.

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    3.75 starsI haven t read a Harlequin book in probably years, but had a huge craving for a sweet Sheikh romance and this quenched the thirst nicely.It was exactly what I find typical of a Harlequin romance, sweet, easy to read and almost always leaves me with the nice fuzzy feeling and hopefully good dreams.I loved this story and it has reignited my love of all things Sheikh I really have to get me one of those.

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    3.5 starsI really enjoyed the beginning of this book and thought it had loads of potential I only wished the second half was a fast paced and interesting as the first half Despite this still a decent read

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    Loved this book, love Annie West A great readwhere the Hero and heroine are wonderful.

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    Rating 1 star.If only the heroine was the type I liked MEH.

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    3.5 stars, I adore this one I miss the classic sheikh themed romance and this one is not as drastic as the others The Hero is gentle and treating the heroine nicely, which is amazing for me So yeah, overall a wonderful read before bed Will read

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    Caretaking instead of overbearing alpha Heroine who will theoretically keep her career Marriage of convenience Good times

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