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    The story was amazing, the H superb, loved the h, loved the secondary characters but I don t like when either H or h had been in love before, like really in love Like in love with deserving people I can do it if the other person was awful and the H or h realize they actually weren t in love before But I can t do it when they ve been in love before and that love was cut short because of death.I just can t I feel like there was a previous book where the H and the deceased wife had their HEA and an epilogue with their cute baby and boom the author felt like cheating me so she killed that h and recycled the H for a new story with a new h It s like feeling all the other books I ve read didn t really have their HEA but HUhD Happy Until heroine Dies.So why did I pick it up in the first place Because so far I haven t found a heroine named Layla that I ve managed not to love And this brave h didn t disappoint, she was perfect.More info about what went on with KC and Brenda

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    A marriage of convenience for palace politics story In this case, it s the heroine choosing the lesser of two evils after her awful father s death Hero, who is still mourning his first wife, is reluctant to marry again, but agrees.The H h have great sexual chemistry but there is a mutual mistrust that they have to work to overcome The heroine had a terribly abusive childhood along with her sister her fear of dogs is understandable but that has made her a strong, empathetic person I liked her and I liked the hero.My only quibble the party with the breezy character from one SM s other stories really didn t fit the tone of the book Everything was life and death and then they re dishing about who is hot and what to wear Thankfully, SM went back to the action and intrigue for the last part of the story and the hero s declaration.

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    Wow, this was a fantastic story I adored the setting, the characters, the plot, everything Layla is my ideal heroine Her father was a tyrant but she is pure goodness and light When he dies she escapes the palace with her little sister because she can t stand the prospect of her arranged marriage to a creepy evil sixty year old man Desperation drives her to find Sheikh Raz Al Zahki her family s greatest enemy and propose him a marriage of convenience Even though Layla has lead a very sheltered life she is a brave, classy and a mature young woman She is insecure when it comes to love but she knows Raz is a wonderful man and she is not afraid to trust him Her love for her sister, her loyalty is deeply touching and I could relate to her 100% Raz is not exactly an alpha hero He is a widower, a father and an amazing man He sees right through Layla, he is protecting and caring and honorable After the death of his wife he is closed off emotionally and is very afraid of loving again But he realizes that Layla is not the spoiled princess he thought she was He helps her get over her traumas of the past and she shows him how to open his heart to how he feels They have scorching chemistry and passion These two are really a match made in heaven True soulmates 4.5 stars All this book needed was an epilogue.

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    Too many problems for me to rate this higher It was like the people said one thing and did the exact opposite The hero didn t want to marry her because he would always love his dead wife But a week later, or it might have been 2 days later or 2 weeks later because time was all wonky in this thing, he is telling her they have something special and he had only turned out the light because he knew she was shy not because he couldn t bear to see that he was making love to the heroine and not his old wife It was all too much too soon and then to have her tell him We all know I have no rights Where the h did that come from He has treated her well the entire time they ve been together and given in to her every wish I mean telling her that she wasn t to assume she was his daughter s mother after only a week was not cruel it was the truth I didn t believe in their relationship love at all and these are just some of the things I m not buying into I could go practically line by line.I might have bought this story if it had played out over 6 months or so but in the 2 week time frame it was just ludicrous..Sorry can t recommend it at all

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    You would think I d have learned by now Rule No One is never start a Sarah Morgan book after midnight Do not take a quick peak at the first pagedo not even read the blurb because you will be sucked into the vortex of passion and romance contained in her books.You probably have figured out by now I m sitting here writing the review with bleary eyes after staying up until 2.30am to finish Lost to the Desert Warrior.The story of Layla and Raz certainly dragged me in right from the start Layla is the ultimate innocent, a young woman whose whole aim in life is to protect her younger sister from her usurper father s evil henchman Now the evil henchman Hassan is ready to seize power after the sudden death of Layla s father His method will be to marry Layla and send her sister far away to America.Bookish, logical Layla, in the first impulsive thing she has probably ever done, decides to throw herself on the mercy of the rightful heir to the throne And all this is in the first chapterRaz lost his father and beloved wife to the machinations of Hassan making Layla the enemy The choice to marry to save the kingdom is the logical one though repulsive at first to Raz Layla, with her copy of a text that will assist her to learn about sex has no idea how such a marriage will work Because it must be consummated under the law of the land or it can be put aside.Both are caught unawares on their wedding night and react in different ways to the sizzling connection From there it is an intriguing ride to the end as these two strangers get to know each other and gradually reveal their secrets.I have to say I loved this book No one will be surprised of course because there is a naive virgin heroine with smarts, a hot as sin Sheikh who isn t at all slutty swoons so what could I want The story kept me gripped right to the end with a touch of suspense from the evil Hassan providing tension and a well developed love story in spite of the brevity of the story line.

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    Firstly, thank you Jenny for recommending this book to me You were right I loved it Writing and plotline 5 starsMy own feelings about the book 4.5 starsOh Dear God I absolutely, positively loved loved loved this book It was amazing I loved the plotline, I loved the characters, I loved the flow and I loved the marriage of convenience trope I also loved how the author did not mention religion I respect her for that Respect and appreciate her.First, I ll talk about the writing She is an amazing writer The entire book was really well written, the structure and plot well thought out and beautifully executed and the dialogues were superbly penned It was really smooth, I can t think of a single thing not properly done.Now I ll move onto the story and my feelings about it.I ll say this again I loved it so very much I loved everything about it, especially the desert Arab theme I never thought I d like a book with that theme, but Sarah Morgan proved me wrong Now I want a kind and gentle desert warrior of my own Layla was an extremely likeable heroine I liked how very practical she was, I loved her honesty and most of all, I loved how understanding she was You don t find many heroines nowadays that try to put themselves in others shoes when they themselves are in awful situations She was so brave and courageous too The way she tried to overcome her fears was very admirable She was a real sweetheart And the Kama Sutra scene was hilarious The hero, Raz, was also very likeable Not so in the beginning, I found myself taking Layla side the entire time, but as I ve said before, I love asshole heroes But he wasn t an asshole He was just a beta hero trying to hide beneath an alpha s robes He didn t want to get hurt again He was solid and dependable I loved how he was so considerate about Layla, and I loved his rapport with his daughter Another thing I loved was the horses theme OH MY GOD, I LOVE HORSES And I loved Raz s horse s name too, Raja 3 I wish I knew how to ride properly Now let s move onto the sexual chemistry between the two characters Two words hot and sizzling Day um, this book gave me exactly what I ask for, and in less than 200 pages The author perfectly balanced the ahem , the character development, the plotlines and the romance I now have another favourite author It was a wonderful read.

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    Like watching a classic Hollywood film but with sex.The epic tone quickly sucked me in Danger and suspense laced the beginning, followed later by good old fashioned romance view spoiler Even though she had never ridden a horse before, Layla escaped at night on horseback to the desert with her younger sister, Yasmin, to find safety with her father s enemy, Raz She proposed marriage to Raz to help him secure his rightful claim to the throne They married within hours of meeting hide spoiler

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    4.5 starsOnce again Sarah Morgan proves that she is an amazing author This book is beautifully written, the storyline compelling, the characters well developed, rich with emotions and complex feelings Layla is a sweet heroine She lived a very sheltered life, her knowledge of the world has only been gained from books She may appear quiet and shy but she is also practical and brave After the death of her tyrant father, she is the one that went looking for Raz, the legitimate ruler of her country, and suggested a marriage of convenience To save her country, and herself, from another tyrant ruler It s the only way for Raz to have his throne back But can he marry the daughter of the man who had destroyed his family and killed his beloved wife Raz is a hero with dark depths At first he seems cold, distant and uncaring But with her patience and understanding, Layla wins his heart I hope the story of Yasmin and Salem is next A dark moody hero and a heroine who can t seem to stop talking Sounds like an interesting couple

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    Not quite 3 stars, but not quite 2.5 stars either This one just wasn t believable to me If he loved his first wife so much, how is it possible to fall in love with the heroine less than two years after his wife died and within a matter of only weeks of meeting the heroine I think if this is the premise, we needed a much evolved plot to make the love believable, which unfortunately cannot be accommodated within the limits of a Harlequin Presents Too much of the limited space used up by gratuitous sex and pointless discussions about horses left no room for development of the relationship and made this one hard to buy or connect with.

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    Just as sweet the second time around Anyone know if her sister and his brother will get their HEA

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Lost to the Desert Warrior Walking Into The Lion S Den Unprotected, Princess For Layla, Princess Of Tazkhan, Her Arranged Marriage Means One Thing A Lifetime Of Cruelty And Captivity Such An Unendurable Prospect Drives Her To Throw Herself At The Mercy Of Sheikh Raz Al Zahki Her Family S Greatest Enemy Raz Demands One Thing In Return For The Safe Haven Layla Is Seeking This Brooding Desert King Wants To Make Her His Queen Her Freedom Might Be Secured, But Now Her Heart Is At Risk, For Soon She S Lost To The Scorching Heat Of Their Marriage Bed However, It Will Take Than Fire To Thaw Her Guarded Husband