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Daughter of Hassan She Would Not Be Told To Marry Anyone Much As She Loved And Respected Her Arab Stepfather And Wanted To Please Him, Danielle Was Horrified To Learn He Was Arranging A Marriage For Her, Arab Fashion, To His Nephew, JourdanDanielle Refused Outright And Meeting Jourdan Only Confirmed Her DecisionHe Was Dashing And Bold And Handsome, And She Soon Fell In Love With Him, But He Was A Man Of The East, Brought Up To Think Of A Woman S Place As Within Palace Walls Marriage To Such A Man Could Only Eventually Destroy Her

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    I couldn t decide between 2 and 3 stars The story kept me reading, but there were some problems We don t meet the hero in the flesh for the first few chapters we just hear about him and there is a drugged forced seduction The heroine is the English step daughter of a rich sheikh He has planned an arranged marriage to his nephew since his nephew saw her picture when she was 14 The heroine refuses to even meet him because she heard rumors from a French diplomat s son OM about what a womanizer he was Her stepfather asks her to at least go to his made up home country as a diplomatic act of good will view spoiler That is the set up for the forced marriage where the heroine is dressed up and drugged before the wedding ceremony She enjoyed her wedding night, but thinks it s the drugs talking, not her real self There are other desert story cliches the scented baths, the obligatory ride of a horse across the desert and a rescue seduction at the oasis by the hero.The black moment comes when the French diplomat s son OM and his sister OW arrive to break up the marriage The sister flirts with the H and the brother takes the h in the desert When their jeep breaks down, he leaves her there to die Hero finds her Declarations of love HEA hide spoiler

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    Not very PC but it s a good old school story with lots of drama and action I liked it Guy was macho the girl was innocent They married by force but it worked somehow.

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    I think this must have been written by a melodramatic 13 year old and PJ just let her publish under her name It lept around from unbelievable situation to unbelievable situation First of all the hero and heroine didn t meet until page 63 which is totally unacceptable in a 189 page romance novel Even in 1982 that must have been obvious The heroine was an absolute ignorant ninny The hero was a mustache twirling insane man child The first time he meets her in his uncle the sheikh s house, he unbuttons this 20 year old stranger s dress and gropes and kisses her breasts WTF These two deserved each other I guess She decided on hearsay that he was the worst kind of playboy and when she meets him, insults him and then when he gropes her she trembles too much to fight back Then there is the drugging and forced marriage and wedding night rape that she turns out to enjoy I know, it sounds like an interesting trainwreck but trust me it is so poorly written and so poorly plotted and the characterizations are so poorly realized that you can t even enjoy the rubbernecking.

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    Hmmm..One star or four It could go either way I sort of feel like the sorting hat in Harry Potter.The resolution was too fast and there was a total lack of grovelling I don t get why she fell so quickly in love with her attackererrrr.husband.Still lots of angst and drama that a classic HP provides.

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    I love a good MOC story and as always PJ delivers I liked the angst, the evil exes who tried to ruin the protagonists fragile marriage and the final revelation that hero had been in love with heroine since forever 3.5 stars.

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    My feelings about this book are complicated liked the first part and then it all seemingly went downhill with the appearance of the OW and the wannabe OM coz the h was never actually interested in him only to pick up again towards the end The writing itself was interesting and very much reflected the perceptions and preconceived notions of the west about people from the east it may even qualify as slightly racist by today s standards But still, not a bad read although there were some things that I would have preferred to have resolved like what exactly was the nature of the H s relationship with the OW and was he just hanging out with her to make the h jealous Would I recommend it Probably 3 of 5 stars.

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    If you re easily offended by arranged marriages and cultural norms exaggeratedly twisted for the sake of drama, I d suggest to skip this I read all the reviews and went into it eyes wide open so enjoyed it for the unintentionally hilarious WTF ride that it was First, be forewarned that there are drawn out details of Hassan, the heroine s stepfather in the beginning the politics, the magnificent things he did for his country, what a wonderful husband, stepfather blah blah blah Seriously, I couldn t give a rat s ass Hassan looked at his stepdaughter inappropriately when she asserts that she is a grown woman Yes, he checked her out Twice He looked at her lovely lady lumps to the point that she blushed Dude, I don t care how much you ve done for your mythical land, it doesn t make up for being a dirty old perv.Thankfully perv Hassan only makes his appearance for the first few pages while dropping the bombshell that he wants his stepdaughter to marry his nephew whom she s never met She is flabbergasted and shoots down all his attempts to extol the virtues of the Hero as she values her own independence which unfortunately includes being a bit of a judgemental twat She s heard a few stories about H s reputation and decides she has an intense dislike for him Her mother, who obviously slept through the feminist movement, chastises her daughter for hurting her stepfather s feelings with her rebellion and convinces her to fly out to meet perv Hassan s family and sooth ruffled feathers Because in romance land that s what all good mamas do send your one and only daughter out to a strange land, all by herself, to plead her case on why she doesn t want an arranged marriage to a stranger There is another long, drawn out description of the tradition and customs which would make the acquainted roll their eyes For me, it just added on to the anticipation of meeting the H and he did not disappoint with his first appearance Honestly, I could not decide if I wanted to fuck him or kill him.Heroine is partially drugged and is unable to protest when she is forced into a marriage ceremony Appalling obviously, but what floored me was that it was clearly intimated that her mother and perv Hassan gave the family blessings to go ahead with this drugged arrangement After their first night together when she explodes in uncontrollable passion, she angrily assumes that he must have drugged her again He didn t and she has to deal with the fact that she enjoyed having sex with someone she despises.Then comes the face palm moment After all the posturing about her independence and hatred for H, she does an about turn and decides he is the love of her life and she can t live without him Obviously, the G spot talking She tries to escape, he finds her steamy oasis sex later, she flounces and pines for him wondering how they could make it work In the background, stirring the pot, were a French brother sister OM OW tag team who played too easily on their insecurities and almost made idiots out of the H and h.I prefer to judge books by their publication date and one could argue this was written for its time though for me, it wasn t in the same class as Falcon s Prey But I did see glimpses of the Penny J magic that would make her an excellent writer in the future so I enjoyed that Read only if you have a craving for vintage OTT absurdity and madness.

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    This novel was wrong on so many levels Especially morally I disagree with a lot of things stated in the novel and I also felt sick to my stomach at other points Regardless of if the hero and heroine love each other in the end, what the hero did was drug and rape the heroine He also wed her without consent and forced her into a place of unhappiness I wanted to smack him senseless.

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    Have to rate it 5 stars ONLY because it is a classic Harlequin that brings back good memories.

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    So, it s 1982 and this early offering from Penny Jordan is, quite frankly, pretty dire The premise is as follows Danielle is the spoiled stepdaughter of Hassan of Qu hari a fictional tiny oil rich country wedged in between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia Hassan owns most of the oil in the country but after his death the company will go back to his conflicted Qu hari relations This may well lead to civil unrest in the country as other powerful countries attempt to move in on the smaller country s oil holdings whilst the family is in turmoil With this in view, Hassan decides to marry his step daughter off to Jourdain his nephew who is described as being pretty astute business wise Obviously, Danielle who has an English background and mother is pretty upset about this as she wants to choose a husband for herself However, she agrees to go and visit the family whilst her mum and step dad go off to visit America on a coast to coast tour However, as soon as Danielle is in the country, she is pretty much held captive by Jourdain s family before being forced to marry him against her will Now here s where it gets a bit sketchy Danielle, despite being extremely voluble in not wanting to marry Jourdain who, although very physically attractive, really is horrible to her somehow just goes with the flow in the wedding ceremony It s as if she doesn t want to offend anyone s feelings I ve noticed this before about Jordan s heroines that they quite often just go along with things because they daren t speak up in case they upset someone how very British of them However, there may be another aspect to this In many of Jordan s books and other MB writers novels the heroine knows what she wants from the very outset and manipulates events in order to achieve this In Danielle s case, she wants Jourdain and so she sets out to win him over by first appearing as a reluctant virgin and then appearing unattainable basically by hiding in her bedroom after the wedding night is over When she does decide she s in need of some attention, she gets it on her own terms by accidentally wandering into Jourdain s private quarters in order to get his attention something which she justifies to herself by the flimsiest of excuses I just wanted to see the view from your room yeah, right There are also supporting characters in the text who make the point that women can win the day, even in a country where they are apparently repressed, so there is an undertone of a feminist message here about how women can outsmart the hero of the text.This isn t a great book however for sizzling romantic chemistry Jourdain is just horrible and it s very difficult to see just why Danielle decides she is in love with him by page 100 By page 158, he s only spoken to her a dozen times on that very page, she acknowledges that a speech of two paragraphs is the most he has ever said to her Not a great foundation for a lasting relationship The plot thickens when Catherine and her horrible brother Phillipe turn up in the middle of the desert and try to split them up for their own financial gain Jourdain who clearly isn t as astute as he reckons on being falls into this plot all too easily whilst Danielle becomes increasingly miserable Eventually she tries to flee from him now at this point, the hero would ordinarily realise he can t live without the heroine and confess his undying love but Jourdain refuses to stick to type and instead insults her It s only the very last pages that we learn that Jourdain himself has organised the marriage between Danielle and himself with her step father as he fell in love with her when she was a child with all the troubling and very unromantic implications that involves He s loved her all along though so that s okay, isn t it In reality, there s nothing very much okay about this early offering from Jordan except perhaps the hint of future greatness to come in the subtle messages which are just discernible in this novel Later on in her career, Jordan will go on to develop heroines who can fully manipulate any situation to their own advantage Danielle is just the prototype for these future heroines With this in view, this novel is interesting to read to get a taste of things to come The other aspect of this novel which might strike readers researchers as interesting is the setting and the reference to the potential conflict to come over oil reserves in this, Jordan was obviously very prescient I can t remember when the Gulf war was but problems probably started around this point and we re still living with a legacy of conflict in the Middle East, which Jordan according to critic Amira Jarmakhani attempted to solve by romancing her way out of the world s problems Interesting stuff.

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