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Kidnapped By The Sheikh (The Desert Sheikh, #1) Book Of The Desert SheikhSheikh Akbar Needs A HostageSarah Greenwich Needs To EscapeBut Sometimes What You Need Is Not What You WantWhen A Powerful Sheikh Kidnaps Dr Sarah Greenwich, She Leads Him To Believe That She Is The Wife Of The British Ambassador, But How Long Will She Be Able To Keep Up The Deception And What Will Happen To Her When The Sheikh Finds Out That She Has Been Lying To Him Sarah Is About To Discover That The Desert Is An Exotic Wilderness, Where Anything Can Happen Kidnapped By The Sheikh Is The First Novella , Words In The Desert Sheikh Series It Is Followed By Married To The Sheikh And Then The Sheikh S Son Each Book Stands On Its Own, But If You Prefer To Read In Order, You Should Start With This Book First Alternatively, You Can Buy The Entire Series In Just One Book, The Desert Sheikh, For Only

About the Author: Katheryn Lane

I m a wife, teacher, author and mother of two boisterous boys, so most of my days are taken up with finding lost school shoes, getting stuck in traffic and wondering why I always join the queue that doesn t move in the supermarket However, I try to forget these daily problems and the fact that I burnt the toast again this morning by losing myself in a good book and writing novels that give read

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    It was good.

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    KIDNAPPED BY THE SHEIKHKidnapped by the Sheikh is the first book in THE DESERT SHEIKH series This skilfully written story unfolds delightfully, involving beautifully crafted characters, with whom the reader develops great empathy Sarah, the feisty main character, is kidnapped for ransom by Sheikh Akbar, who mistakes her for the wife of the Ambassador Sheikh Akbar comes from the remote parts of the Arabian Peninsula and rules over a local Bedouin tribe The locality is described so well that the reader is deftly transported to the Middle East and is drawn along as the relationship between Sarah and the Sheikh is developed adroitly by the author, Katheryn Lane The dialogue between the two main characters is both amusing and thought provoking, particularly given the setting of the story If you enjoy romance with unusual twists and turns, then this book is a must for you and is highly recommended.

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    Kidnapped by the Sheikh was a truly beautiful romance Sarah a doctor is kidnapped by Sheikh Akbar and his men mistakenly They believe she is the Ambassadors wife and want to hold her ransom This is an age old kidnapping purely for financial gain and not intended to end in blood shed Sarah plays along and for sometime and pretends to be who they want her to be until she is found out.Along the way Sarah falls in love with the handsome Sheikh and her feelings are reciprocated This is such a delightful romance and one that I was completely lost in and did not want to end I could feel all the passion, desire and longing between the two main characters.Katheryn Lane weaves a beautiful love story with very well developed characters Believe me you won t be able to put this fabulous story down as it grips hold of your emotions refusing to let you go

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    This is a really delightful short romantic read Dr Sara Greenwich is kidnapped by Sheikh Akbar who intends to hold her for ransom Unfortunately, he s under the impression she s the wife of the British Ambassador Stuck in the sheikh s desert encampment, Sara has to conceal her identify while keeping her growing attraction to him under wraps When she realizes the feeling is mutual, and the sheikh discovers her true identity, things heat up This is pure escapist fun Very romantic and a pleasure to read.

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    A story about a woman who is kidnapped by a desert sheikh, they fall in love get married, it s a simple romance set in a exotic location.I found that of the culture of the sheikh and his people was written in detail than the main characters of the book, and even through this book is a trilogy in one I found it a fast read.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes light hearted romances or someone just starting to read romance books ie a younger reader.

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    Good writingI love the writing in this book I hate how you have to buy the next version to see how the characters story ends It used to be the next story spins off the current book which was realistic Now you have to buy the next book to get the next installment of the storyline It makes me tend to stay away from those talented authors books which is a shame.

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    Can I review my own book

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    Is a great book to read

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