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    The H h married when they were still teenagers Besides the cultural differences, they were both virgins and the heroine never felt comfortable with sex The hero was gone a lot and the heroine was kept a virtual prisoner in the palace because the hero s father disapproved of her The story opens five years later The heroine is a top model and the hero has taken over the kingdom after his father s death The hero kidnaps the still virgin heroine and they finally have sex Heroine has had extensive therapy and can now enjoy sex They go their separate ways until the heroine turns up pregnant and the hero insists on re marrying.Both the H h had horrible backstories and the reasons for their break up were understandable Why only two stars The backstories were a little too tragic and seemed to overshadow the romance plus this was the middle book in a series and the heroine was still on the outs with her sister at the end The tone was so sad grim most of the story.

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    The 2nd book in Lynne Graham s A Bride for a Billionaire Series is about how 4 sisters find their HEA.A story of first love, second chances and reunited lovers, who have experienced so much pain and darkness and who both have a journey to make before finding each other again Zahir, against his family wishes, fell in love and married 18 year old Sapphire He takes her to his home, where she s kept hidden away from his family and subjects Both virgins, they are unable to consummate their marriage she has intimacy problems and he feels insecure and doesn t know how to deal with her Zahir divorces her Sapphire leaves him to start a career as a model believing that he had never loved her.but the reality is that he loves her too much to see her hurt, so he sacrifices himself for her Five years later and kismet reunites them again in his homeland I adored Zahir from the very beginning His horrifying childhood and the monstrosities inflicted to him by his monster of a father were so painful to read about His undying love for Sapphire How much he cared.I wasn t crazy about Sapphire in the beginning.Not that Sapphire doesn t come with damaged baggage She s guild ridden by something that happened to her twin when they were children and her childhood has been just as cruel and abusive as his I could feel her pain and angst but I could not understand how she could be so cruel and harsh to Zahir.But as their dark secrets start unraveling, I felt such empathy for them that soon all I wanted as for both of them to be together and find happiness in their lives They were so vulnerable and their bond was intense and the deep love they felt for each other, radiated with light.The backdrop settings in the desert were absolutely STUNNING These two were meant to find each other again and I was over the moon that they found their HEA Loved, loved the epilogue view spoiler Amazing to see Sapphire happy and how she s dealing with her new role as Zahir s country s First Lady and I loved the bit we saw of their son Karim hide spoiler

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    This book was good I am sad that this lovely couple were separated prematurely, because they truly loved each other There were many forces working against them The good news is that five years later, they were both emotionally healthy and had gotten some of their intrinsic issues fixed They both have some serious dysfunction in their families and people tend to take that into every relationshp they have, regardless of who much they love their partners or spouses.I really felt so jealous for Sapphire, quite frankly It s not her fault or Zahir, but I hated that she had to face evidence of the fact that he had given something of himself to another person s that she couldn t receive from him because of what was going on when they were first married I loved the ending of this book, but that was a regret I did have about this story Zahir was an absolute peach I loved him He is a man of incredible honor and composure and he carries himself like a king in every way He s a very sexy man, and the five years really honed into a mature man who could be the husband that Sapphire wanted and needed.I get kind of irritated at lovers reunited books for a lot of reasons, but I loved this book despite the factors that usually turn me off that sort of read I think that this book is evidence that Lynne Graham still has it as a writer and she will always be one of my favorites from the Harlequin Presents line.

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    I had no idea this book was about Kat s sister from A Rich Man s Whim I was glad to see Kat make an appearance here since she is one of the heroines I adored This book is about her sister Sapphire Zahir and Sapphire got married when Sapphire was only 18 years old Their marriage was never consummated since the heroine had problems with intimacy and the hero was also a virgin and insecure so he wasn t quite sure how to approach his young bride When Zahir divorces her the heroine flees the kingdom and starts a new life as a model She is convinced Zahir never cared for her but she has no idea that in reality his love was so unconditional he sacrificed himself for her I adored both characters Both had dark secrets, both were vulnerable and they loved each other deeply and forever The hero is a tortured one His childhood was horrible, and his father was a real monster Sapphire was truly damaged, almost completely beyond repair She undergoes a huge emotional journey throughout the book and Zahir has a journey of his own to make They suffered so much abuse both physically and emotionally, I was so happy these two got their happiness and HEA which they both deserved so much This is a wonderful, touching story with mesmerizing emotion and intense passion This book made me cry and laugh Definitely a favorite, and one I ll be rereading

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    This was quite probably, the most angsty book in the series So angsty and so heart wrenching reading about what they both went through especially Zahir Their love leaped off the pages, this book has a very different feel to the other books, maybe because of the fact that it was a second chance or the fact that I know deep down that they are still deeply in love with each other, and all they need is to re connect, to heal, to come together, and to be whole again And when that happened, I was genuinely happy for both of them and glad they got their much deserved happy go after.Overall, The Sheikh s Prize was such a great read and a heartfelt story about second chance at love

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    Rating 3.5 starsThis was a bit different for a HP Hero was 25 and a virgin when he married the heroine, she was 18 Their marriage was a disaster because of the heroine s hang up with sex and the hero s tyrant of a father The hero kept secrets for her own good and she young and immature acted badly A year later they divorced and now it s been five years, the hero is experienced and bitter about the heroine because she has become a super model and from all accounts enjoys men, so when she is in his kingdom he kidnaps her.I liked the heroine, she was spunky but she could be cruel with her verbal jabs It took her therapy and time to get over her hang ups and she had no compunctions using him for sex She didn t want to remain a virgin and she hadn t found the right man yet She gets pregnant and they get married I liked how the hero was open to a second chance and willing to talk while she was still hung up on teenage hurts Overall enjoyable if not the LG I loved.

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    3,5 stars

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    Saffy and Zahir didn t communicate while married which led to an unhappy marriage and subsequent divorce Complicating matters were their interfering relatives who tried to keep the two apart So it s a bittersweet reunion as we discover that Zahir and Saffy never stopped loving each other Supporting this fact was how insanely jealous they were of the other s respective boyfriends and girlfriends view spoiler Saffy wouldn t let Zahir consummate their marriage because of childhood sex abuse not rape which she later underwent therapy for, and Zahir was secretly tortured by his abusive father who wanted to persuade him to divorce Saffy Zahir capitulated rather than risk Saffy s life His father had murdered his older brother and threatened to do the same to Saffy as well After his father died Zahir reached out to Saffy a year or two after their divorce, but her older sister Kat persuaded him to leave her alone arguing that Saffy was moving on I wasn t too happy with that revelation and neither was Saffy Saffy admitted she would have come back if she had known he d approached Kat about her.Saffy remained a virgin until they reunited, while Zahir lost his after their divorce His lack of celibacy seemed realistic to me because of how bitter he felt Plus they were divorced and had never been lovers too, so that helped to minimize the distastefulness I felt at him having other lovers hide spoiler

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    I like this book very much In A rich man s whim , Sapphire was described as this supermodel who didn t care enough her sisters or that s my impression I read the spanish version In this one I read it in it s original version , it s fully demonstrated that she is than a pretty face and body She is strong, still virgin because some issues in her past and now that she had therapy, she didn t thinks twice when she uses Zahir to lose her virginity.Sapphy and Zahir had a story, they were married 5 years ago, and then were reunited because Zahir thinks her heart was a made of cash very predictable in LG s books as the arrogant, possesive alpha male that Zahir is and thinks she owed him the wedding night they didn t have He also has is past issues because of his death father he was soooo mean What I don t like much was the word he uses to describe his feelings about the divorce in the last chapter Too much information In conclusion, a story that works so well thanks to the combinations of this two characters and their chemistry.

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The Sheikh's Prize The Flaw In His JewelWhen Sheikh Zahir Ra If Quarishi Took A Western Woman As His Wife, It Caused Outrage Among His People And Marrying Sapphire Marshall Turned Out To Be The Biggest Mistake Of Zahir S LifeAs Cold And Untouchable As Her Jeweled Namesake, Sapphire Fled The Kingdom Before Sharing The Marriage Bed, Leaving Zahir To Face The Shame Alone And His Bank Account Five Million Dollars LighterNow His Ex Wife Has Been Spotted In His Desert And Before She Can Run Again, Zahir Plans To Banish Her From His Mind Once And For All, Beginning With Reclaiming His Wedding Night