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Saving the Sheikh (Legacy Collection, #4) Rachid Bin Amir Al Hantan Is Fighting For The Sovereignty Of His Small Country He Needs To Find Some Powerful Allies And Fast Attending The Wedding Of Dominic Corisi Is As Much About Reconnecting With Old Friends As It Is About Celebrating Nuptials The Last Thing He Needs Right Now Is The Distraction Of A WomanZhang Yajun Is A Self Made Billionaire Who Can T Believe She Accepted Her Friend S Dare To Kiss Sheikh Rachid Before The End Of The WeddingWhen Impulsive Words Lead To Even Impulsive Actions, These Two Will Discover That Sometimes The Last Thing You Were Looking For Is The One Thing That Can Save You

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    SummaryRachid bin Amir al Hantan is packed with big responsibilities to his country and his family He knows that he shouldn t have attended the wedding, but Dom is one of his oldest friends and despite what others may think, he is loyal to those he claims friendship with But what he never expects is to meet the woman who would change his destiny Zhang Yajun Zhang left her chinese village to have something different from what her family planned for her She wanted to do something for her life, and now she is one of the most influential and successful women of the world But there is one thing she doesn t have love of a good man She always thought that she had enough, until she met women that became her friends, that showed her the power of love, that it strengthens and brings joy into your life So when her friend Lily dares her to kiss the Sheikh Rachid, she decides to take control and do what she agreed do But with one kiss, comes another agreement one with a sexy sheikh and a fantasy that they fulfill together a fantasy that would lead to change but a change that would change her future forever The HeroRachid bin Amir al Hantan, was his fathers firstborn, but after his mother died, he was sent away and always felt rejected or not good enough for his father Never knowing that his father was making sure he was the man to lead their country the way it was meant to be led, with a mixture of old and new ideas We see how conflicted Rachid is, but what a sexy shikh this man is He is passionate, intelligent, and has a commanding presence He is a leader, and doesn t mind taking the role the was paved for him Rachid is a man of honor and loyalty and dedication As the hero of the story, he is one to admire And oh boy where can I find my own Rachid and the whole playing out the harem fantasy.Whew.,he could blow your mind.The Heroine Zhang Yajun, is a woman who is successful and strong in everything she does She has had to do whatever it took to get things done She is confident and sure of herself Ever since she was a girl, she wanted from her life, to help those in poverty and help those women understand their world and capabilities Zhang has had to sacrifice much to be the woman she dreamed to become Now she feels the loneliness and craves a man to share her life with, knowing it might never happen Zhang was such an impressionable heroine, and I have admired since we have seen her entry in the series from the first book Ever since we met her, my heart went out to her She is the heroine that needs love than anyone, becuase she has only known betrayal from the one man she loved I loved her tenacity, brilliance and inner strength.Plot and Story Line This is the fourth book in a brilliant contemporary series by Ruth Cardello Now I have to say that with each book that this author produces I become even and impressed She has a voice that is likeable and endearing and completely fresh There isn t an author like her, and if you have yet to read her, I highly recommend you try her out her first book is still free on and BN The story sets of with Dom and Abigail s wedding The scene when Zhang and Rachid first meet is intense, and wow did I feel like being completely sucked into the story You can see how drawn they are to each other, and then Zhang makes a reference to harems and sheikh and soft pillows and sweet seduction well Rachid isn t a man to back down from a dare like that, so they decide to have one night for each other, knowing they can never have a future together That first night they are together, is one that is sensual and HOT and whew.you will need a fire extinguisher to put the fire out They definitely need no help in that department But that one night has consequences, and they only have once choice Marriage Zhang is furious, and we see how formidable this pair is, especially when they don t agree Well Rachid displays alpha sheikh behavior, his way only Zhang doesn t like anyone especially a man telling her what to do But you see how the situation is complicated than it appears, and Zhang will have to choose over her pride or doing what is right There are so many qualities to this story I adored, but one that I loved the most, Even though their story happens in one week, I felt like their journey toward falling in love and facing the dangers from an enemy, was very realistic, and love can happen in one week, heck it can happen in one day But what I enjoyed was seeing these two work together, and make the best of the circumstances thrust onto them They both have strong personalities, and you see what a great team they make We also get to see all of the other side characters we have come to adore in the past books This is a story that is compelling, with intense characters, and a writing style that is hard to resist And after reading this you just might get addicted to sexy Sheikh s I know I want to find stories just like this one.The Cover There are two covers for this book, but I liked this one , because it portrays the story a bit better I love the shadow look of the couple, with the Arab background, and the yellow color is a nice touch.Overall View Saving The Sheikh is a story of passionate love, danger lurking from every corner, and a tale to keep you on your toes and give you some laughs and giggles in the process What could you ask for.

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    Really enjoyed the humour in this book However, there is a MAJOR ERROR compared to earlier books Stephan Andrade s father was Victor Andrade in Book 2 while Antonio was Maddy s father, ie Stephan s uncle but he became the father The other MAJOR issue I have with this book is the lack of knowledge of cultures, especially names For a typical chinese name, surname last name always comes first, hence Zhang Yajun means Zhang is the surname and Yajun would be her given name Her mother s name would be Zhang Xiaoli, addressed as Mrs Zhang I have always personally found it offensive for one does not attempt to address another by their proper name I find it offensive that an established author like Ruth didn t learn the chinese culture properly before writing this book.The other cultural aspect of chinese marriages she could have attempted to understand is the main tea ceremony of a Chinese marriage Most Chinese marriage ceremonies can be elaborate depending on wealth but the tea ceremony is never skipped and it is the most important aspect of a marriage, so than a signed certificate.I like her previous books and the story theme in this book However, as a Chinese, I was rather annoyed by the lack of cultural truth I do not understand enough of the Middle East Arabic culture to comment.For all these above reasons, I have only rated this book 3 stars, not 4.

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    Thank you Ruth for another fabulous book in The Legacy Collection Saving the Sheikh had everything you could want in a Contemporary Romance Tall, dark and handsome Heros beautiful and dynamic Heroines and sizzling love scenes to keep you completely absorbed.But, Saving the Sheikh had than that It had a brand of humour that is uniquely Ruth Cardello s sassy and witty dialogue that was both ingenious and believable and characters that cause you to fall in love with them, with each book you read.Both European educated Rachid, the next King of Najriad, and Zhang, the extraordinary Chinese entrepreneur, had than their share of challenges to overcome if their initial explosive encounter was any indication of what their futures could entail In and out of the bedroom Would their cultures be too different or would their combined passion for tradition mixed with progressive be in their favor Both were strong willed, passionate and loyal people Yet, in some ways, this had led them to be equally isolated and solitary.Saving the Sheikh could just as equally be called Saving the Formidable, but of course, that wouldn t set your heart racing and entice fantasies of being swept away to desert castles by a devilishly handsome Sheikh now would it It s a book that will keep your mind occupied, your blood pumping and your imagination satisfied Enjoy

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    Stopped half way through The story line is just ridiculous Two adult independent business owners spend a night together, get caught and then they are forced to get married because if not their countries would go to war And he locks her on a room and still she wants to marry him No kidnapping charges No go to hell world I m my own woman Oh please

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    Really great book , if your a fan this is one you have to read

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    This is definitely my favorite book in the series Two strong characters from different cultures backgrounds who end up falling in love with each other I must say Zhang is definitely my hero I have to say I enjoyed the book cover to cover The story line was full of twist and turns and made it a great fun book to read I must admit that I find it hard to mentally picture an Arab man marrying a Chinese lady I just cannot picture it in my head I just have to think that both characters have received enough foreign influence and they are strong enough to make this union work All in all a fun book to read.

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    I ve read and loved each of Ruth s books, and this one was no exception I thought Lil and Jake s story Bedding the Billionaire was my favourite, until I read this one.Rachid and Zhang s story is both hotter, and complex than the others have been They have to overcome the differences in their cultures to find their way together, and the journey is both heart warming, and tinged with humour Definitely on my favourites list.

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    I really liked this book Something about a sheik, and desert palaces Lots of pillows, being held against your will by a prince only to be forced to become a princess and eventually inherit the throne and become Queen Yeah Definitely luved the fantasy of it

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    The romance was lacking here but the idea of blending two cultures was cool, and I wish it was explored .

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    I enjoyed this book because I love anything with a sexy sheik I looked forward to reading Zhang s story because she seemed like a strong willed women and who better to pair her with than a Sheik I am glad I read this but it seemed a little rushed and I didn t really feel connected to the characters It was just like one night together and bam their in love, I just wanted In I mean dialogue, connection and hot sheik in control love scenes I will defineately buy Jeremy s story which I think is next in the series I just hope it s a little long with a little depth.

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