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The Sheikhs Redemption (Desert Nights #1) For Prince Haidar Aal Shalaan, Taking The Reins Of A Kingdom In Chaos Is A Matter Of Honour And Then There Is Roxanne Gleeson, The Lover Who Once Rejected Him Now She Pretends A Cold Disdain For Their Desperate Passion But He Will Not Be Denied Either The Throne Of His Motherland Or Roxanne Back In His Bed Together They Are His Redemption

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    4 5 starsA start to another great series from Ms Gates It is very closely linked to the Pride of Zohayd series and although it is not essential that you read that series first, I do strongly recommend that you do as it will help the characters and story fall into place.Haidar returns to his homeland as one of the three candidates to become king Roxanne, the woman who walked away from him eight years ago, is the political economic analyst who has been assigned to help the country recover from the devastation under the previous rule.I liked both Haidar and Roxanne Haidar is a typical Harlequin sheikh in which Ms Gates is the master of writing about who outwardly comes across as a strong alpha male who is pretty arrogant but underneath is a tortured, emotional man with very strong feelings Roxanne is a witty, outgoing and strong business woman who is determined not to be a doormat for any man, but like anyone else she is pretty emotional when her heart is involved.I am looking forward to reading about the other two candidates Jalal, who is Haidar s twin brother, but I am most looking forward their cousin Rashid s story, who despite growing up with and being friends with Haidar is now angry and hostile and avowing revenge and Haidar has no idea why Ms Gates has become an auto read for me and I eagerly await her new releases and this one definitely did not disappoint I would happily recommend to anyone who loves reading about Harlequin Sheikhs Copy provided by Harlequin via Netgalley

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    Olivia Gates s latest masterpiece And yes, it s nothing short of that The Sheikh s Redemption has unique characters, so real you think you know them, and so detailed inside and out, you think you can see everything they do, and feel everything they feel It s amazing how Ms Gates writes, to transport you right into the characters minds and hearts Haidar is yet another of her to die for sheikhs, but he s also different from them all He has thisvulnerability, this humanity to him that I found made him of a drool worthy alpha male And his WIT This man had me laughing out loud many times during the book And Roxanne is, as always with Ms Gates s heroines, his perfect equal and the one woman who deserves him When you turn the last page in Ms Gates s book, you re always left with a huge smile and a flutter in your stomach not to mention being a puddle from all that passion and with the belief that those people you ve just read about deserve their happily ever after, and that it will come to pass Another perfect book from the most passionate, emotional and insightful writer I ve ever read

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    Just when I think Olivia Gates can t give us a luscious alpha male, she goes and creates another distinctive, unforgettable one who shares everything with all her heroes, yet stands out as a totally different man I don t know how she does it I loved Haidar and his uncanny mix of irresistibility and vulnerability, not to mention that he s smokin hot And Roxanne was as usual, a strong, independent, witty heroine who stood as his equal, yet wasn t beyond groveling when she realized how much she d wronged him, in a twist I didn t see coming I love that first installment in DESERT KNIGHTS trilogy, and I can t wait for Jalal s and Rashid s stories I am very, very curious about the latter, though Rashid is so dark and damaged he thrills and chills in every moment he appears in I wonder what kind of heroine will be able to approach this scarred lion December can t come quickly enough when I ll find out As usual, THE SHEIKH S REDEMPTION is a masterpiece I can t recommend highly enough.

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    OMG How HOT is Haidar And how s that for alliteration But yeah, Haidar is so hot, and powerful and fun and accessible, you just want to drag him out of the pages and eat him up And the continuing stories of those luscious Aal Shalaan brothers in this book had me involved and not knowing what will come next The heat level was off the charts, the interaction between Haidar and Roxanne and him and RASHID was so emotional and mesmerizing, and OMG so WITTY I found myself memorizong what they say and how they say it to use in confrontations I loved Haidar as much as I loved his brothers from Pride of Zohayd trilogy, and I m already in love with Jalal the next book s hero but I think I ll DIE for Rashid the last book s hero Desert Knight trilogy starts with a real bang, and I think, like Olivia Gates always does in her trilogies, will end on a FAR bigger one I really can t recommend THE SHEIKH S REDEMPTION and anything Olivia Gates writes highly enough

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    The Sheikh s Redemption by Olivia GatesFrom an early age Prince Haidar Aal Shalaan s mother had drilled into his head that he should and would be King But circumstances at birth made it impossible Nobody imagined how far his mother would go to make that happen Now with the cloud of his mother s actions hanging over him, Haidar has to prove that he was merely a pawn in her deceit, not a willing participant who had no knowledge of his plot Through his arrogance he lost the one woman he loved, Roxanne Gleeson, because of his mother s whispers Now 8 years later he has a chance for redemption Olivia Gates created another wonderful read with this book The characters didn t censor their feeling The dialogue was heated and passionate Over the course of the next three books in the Desert Knights trilogy by Olivia Gates we will get to see Haidar repairing the relationship with his twin brother, Jalal and his cousin, Rashid I for one can t wait.

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    Just when I think Olivia Gates can t get any better, she does The Sheikh s Redemption has to be her most mature relationship novel yet The way Haidar and Roxanne grew up, resolved their personal issues and grew closer was one of the books And Haidar has to be the most human and fun alpha male I ve yet had the pleasure to read That role playing trick he played on Roxanne in front of her neighbors still has me chuckling As I ve come to expect from the incomparable Gates, this book is chock full of wit, intelligence, passion, erotic and emotional, and unique, complex and real characters and totally unexpected plot twists Brava

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    Hello, Olivia Gates Hello, Harlequin Presents series Desire I have a great many friends that read these books but the truck load Always, I have been curious as to what draws them to the quick reads of Harlequin that seem to cookie cutter and perfect So, I took a chance and requested for review a few books Let me just say, that with Olivia Gates, I was not disappointed The Sheikh s Redemption is the story about one hell of a sexy Alpha male well three that we see actually Gates is so kind as to introduce us to three in this first installment All I can say is yum and let me count the ways this story sexed me up and made me cry I was moved, I cried, I laughed, I fell to my knees and nearly begged for Haider to tie up Foxy Roxy For a woman that has sworn off men and all the intimate details the woman is a boiling over pot of smexy I loved her as heroine She was a strong, yet vulnerable female, without being annoyingly vulnerable Did they need to just talk it out sometimes yes But don t all the H h relationships in romance books Not only was this read well written, but it gave me a satisfying storyline that had me hunting down the next installment, which wasn t written at the time, to the Desert Nights Series I would love to read by Olivia She gives me the hot Alphas I want, in a vanilla relationship, but it is so totally satisfying

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    I love Olivia Gates stories High sensuality and larger than life heroes who fall in mad, desperate love This one was no exception Loved that Haidar and Roxanne talked themselves out of misunderstandings before they happened.

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    The Desert Knights miniseries is off to a captivating start with a story overflowing with profoundly affecting emotions between its engaging couple Olivia Gates is a master when it comes to portraying feelings backed by genuine reactions, and THE SHEIKH S REDEMPTION adeptly showcases her gifted talent.When Roxanne Gleeson shockingly walked away from Price Haidar Aal Shalaan eight years ago, he vowed to never let anyone get close to him or believe in others When the Kingdom of Azmahar, the home country of his mother, needs a strong king to change its economic upheaval, Haidar is one of three candidates for the throne While he is a very successful businessman, becoming the ruler of a country is a great challenge but he believes it is something he can do well is given the chance.He arrives back in Azmahar ready to confront the woman in charge of organizing the political procedures that will ultimately pick the next king Since the woman is Roxanne, he is unsure as to how she will respond to him He quickly realizes there is still potent sexual awareness between them, but getting her to admit her feelings will take much careful planning, a task he will throw his whole heart into.When I read a Harlequin Desire book by Olivia Gates featuring a sheikh, I know the hero will be larger than life and his storyline will be totally fascinating In THE SHEIKH S REDEMPTION, the male lead is someone who knows what he wants and is an expert at making his wishes successful However, when it comes to personal connections, Haidar has failed time and again to keep anyone close if he actually cares about them Misconceptions about himself and those dear to him have caused him much anguish, and my own heart ached for the distress he has suffered since childhood Ms Gates puts the blame on several characters who have mistaken beliefs that has brought about much grief for than just one individual, and how they resolve these false impressions is extremely poignant with very powerful feelings being depicted in each instance Roxanne is a take charge woman in her professional life, and I was thrilled when she used this ability in very personal ways, resulting in scenes packed with sensuality When Ms Gates created any sexual encounter between Haidar and Roxanne, so much feeling is expressed between the two as their desire for the other is shown both intimately and with tender caring Their every touch was also experienced by me through detailed writing full of imagination The setting is another aspect of the story that visually comes alive, as I repeatedly got a clear picture of the locale plus any surroundings Haidar s brother gets to tell his personal story next, and I am very eager to see how everything progresses in his book THE SHEIKH S REDEMPTION is an enchanting tale of love with two tormented characters, where passionate desires are fulfilled and quick witted comebacks delight.

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    THE SHEIKH S REDEMPTION by USA Bestselling author Olivia Gates is a Harlequin Desire release for June 2012.Roxanne was back in Azmahar after eight years She had walked out of an intense relationship with Prince Haidar Aal Shalaan and had vowed never to come back The economic instability of Azmahar brought her back As a political and economic analyst, she was the best there was But it also brought her face to face with Haidar And she found out that the spark still flew between them Now the question was, who would she support to the throne Haidar, along with his twin Jalal and a cousin were contenders for the vacant throne He decides to visit Roxanne first when he visits Azmahar When she opened her door to him, he felt the jolt of electricity and desire which had been dormant Would he be able to bring the sensual woman he knew which lurked under the business exterior to the fore again THE SHEIKH S REDEMPTION is a romance story amid the political power play Filled with strong characters, snappy and witty dialogue, it also has tender sweet and exciting moments Haidar is an emotionally tortured hero, who believes no one would ever love him Roxanne is a sensual and strong heroine who knows what she wants and goes for it How she manages to make Haidar open up to her emotionally is tenderly written Olivia Gates made us visualize the story with her impeccable story telling The emotional and sensory details are exquisitely done and the sensuality in the love scene just sizzles.

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