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The Sheikh's Bartered Bride After A Whirlwind Courtship, Sheikh Hakim Bin Omar Al Kadar Proposes Marriage Shy, Innocent Catherine Benning Has Already Fallen Head Over Heels In Love And She AcceptsAfter Their Wedding Day And Night When The Sheikh Claims His Virgin Wife, Catherine And Hakim Travel To His Desert Kingdom There Catherine Discovers That This Is No Love Match For Hakim He S Bought Her

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    Sweet romance I loved Catherine and Hakim

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    LOVED this book Beautiful romance between an arrogant Sheikh and a romantic librarian In my opinion, LM never fails to deliver a touching, sexy romance Hero s arrogance was so funny and endearing He respects and protects the heroine and his old fashioned courtship made me swoon He is an alpha male with heart, very much in love with Catherine He doesn t express his feelings with words but his actions show a devoted honorable husband Catherine was so sweet, shy and naive originally but I liked how she decided to stay and fight for her marriage even when she thought Hakim had married her out of duty I felt her vulnerability and desperate need to belong and I felt the warmth and the lust from Hakim when he was around Catherine Sweet and heart warming romance

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    3.5 stars.

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    I really enjoyed this book, than I thought I would Although Catherine was insecure, it was very believable why she had her insecurities And although Karim did marry her without telling her it was an arranged marriage, he had good reasons I was glad that although Catherine did spend a short time being angry with him, she did try to put that behind her and make the most of her marriage because she did see that he had best intentions to be a good husband to her.

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    Synopsis Catherine Benning is a 24 year old virgin librarian During her formative years, she felt like an outcast among her peers and her family due to an early growth spurt and disfiguring acne After her ugly duckling days were behind her, she never gained confidence in her own appeal This was only compounded when her parents tried to set her up with men who she thought were interested in a connection to her wealthy father than in her personally She s unaware that the sexy sheikh sweeping her off her feet is her father s latest attempt to marry her off When she learns that her marriage to Hakim is part of a business arrangement between his uncle and her father, and that they deliberately kept her in the dark, she is hurt and unsure whether she can stay in this marriage, let alone trust her husband again.Hakim bin Omar al Kadar was ten when he and his sister escaped the assassination attempt that claimed his parents Since that day, his duties to his family and country have left him isolated Arranged marriages and dowries are common in his world, but he will protect Catherine s feelings if the reasons bringing them together will cause her pain He finally has a woman to build a life and family with, and as with his family and people, he will do whatever he must to take care of and protect what is his When Catherine learns the details of her father s arrangement and acknowledges that Hakim never actually claimed to love her, she wants to end their marriage Her sheikh will not allow that, even if he has to kidnap her himself.Review Finally finished Lucy Monroe s Royal Brides series Yeah, this one was supposed to go first, but while these characters popped up a few times, none of the other stories depended on this plot There were a few points when I wanted to give up on this story, because Catherine was really getting on my nerves I m glad I held onto my past experiences with Monroe One thing I appreciate about her HP books she often challenges her characters to a higher standard of living out the love they profess The heroines don t get a free pass to sulk, just because they have declared love but are feeling hurt.Hakim isn t perfect, but he is usually trying to act in everyone s best interests There are no real villains here, just misunderstandings and questionable debatable choices He keeps his promises, and he has promised Catherine fidelity, honesty, and to consider her interests above those of others While he s still learning to get Catherine s input in what might be her best interests, he s usually patient and considerate with her He rightfully calls her out about claiming to love him and threatening to divorce him so shortly afterward What ultimately keeps these two apart for so long is their individual insecurities and ignorance of those belonging to the other.The love scenes were generally awkward, especially the first make out session, but maybe that was just me The last scene of the book also felt sort of disjointed and inconsistent, but the HEA glow kind of dulled that Catherine annoyed me for the vast majority of the book, although she did eventually grow and get better Monroe effectively bought back some sympathy for her by restricting us to her perspective during the time she sorts through her reactions to finding out about the arrangement It was fun, but I don t think I would read this again.

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    Le do el 23 09 2010

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    4 Stars Sheikh Hakim bin Omar al Kadar set out to woe Catherine Benning and he succeeded in sweeping her off her feet Catherine was very much in love when she accepted his marriage proposal and she thought Hakim felt the same way After their fairy tale wedding in Seattle, they flew to Jawhar to meet his family and have another ceremony prepared by his grandfather At their first dinner in Jawhar, Catherine learns that her marriage had been arranged by the King and her father her father s company received lucrative mining contracts and the royal family of Jawhar earned family status for emergency visas to the US because Catherine was an American citizen There is civil unrest, and the King feared there may be a time those visas would be necessary to protect the family Catherine is devastated to learn that Hakim married her out of duty Hakim has to convince her that whatever the reason the marriage began, that it was how they lived from then on that really mattered.Another wonderful story by Ms Monroe Hakim is a honourable man very much rooted to his country and thoroughly enchanted with Catherine Theirs is a perfect match

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    Just okay She was pretty wimpy and he didn t come out of it smelling like a rose I guess it just wasn t romantic enough for me The first part where he was fake romancing her was too long for my tastes and the end was just so so

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    The Sheikhs Bartered Bride is the story of Hakim and Catherine.Catherine, the shy librarian is swept away by the Arab Sheikh Hakim into a whirlwind courtship and marriage.However what she though originated from love actually turns out to be a agreement between Hakim s uncle and her father What I liked about this story was the h stood up for herself the H wasn t a manwhore A persistent hero who fought to keep the marriage going and as the book progresses you actually see him starting to care for the h Sizzling chemistry and love making cute endingI only wished it had an epilogue Overall, it was one of the better sheikh books and totally enjoyed it.Safe3.5 5

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    Library ebook

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