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Hajars Hidden Legacy (Beasts of the Desert, #1) Beauty Princess Katharine Has Always Been Destined For A Political Marriage Her Heart Heavy, She Prepares To Meet Her Future Husband The Man Whisperers In His Royal Kingdom Call The Beast Of Hajar And The Scarred Sheikh Concealing His Disfigurement From Public Scrutiny, Sheikh Zahir Rules His Country From Within The Castle Walls, Allowing No One In Until Duty Demands He Carry On The Hajar Family Dynasty And Allow His New Bride To Cross The ThresholdZahir Expects Katharine To Flee At First Sight Yet Her Unflinching Gaze Fires Zahir S Blood, And Their Attraction Burns Hotter Than The Scorching Desert Sands

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    Hajar s Hidden Legacy is a book for fans of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale It plays out a lot like that much loved story, although that is not to say there is no innovation or unique touch here Maisey Yates careful touch with writing romance and the manner in which she builds a layered, emotional story is evident here Her characters are real life, both struggling with emotional wounds from their past Zahir is a tough nut to crack He doesn t want to be married to Katharine, and he definitely doesn t want to love her He s afraid to let her in, and he is unable to let go of his guilt about surviving the attacks against his family He hates himself, and that is very evident He also fears his life is over He exists because he must protect his country But he is in a world of pain At first, I wondered why if he thought his scars were so hideous, he didn t get plastic surgery I came to realize that his disgust with his appearance was about his disgust about how he survived when his parents and brother didn t He felt like he was the unworthy one who lived His truly believes he is unable to heal emotionally He is like a lion with a thorn in his paw, and that requires some real nurturing and persistence from Katharine Katharine was just the heroine to soothe his savage breast.While Zahir has the bulk of torment, I liked that Katharine had her own angst to deal with She was dismissed, sidelined, and marginalized by her father He truly does not value her, and he shows it But she craves his approval and moves mountains to get it I loved how Zahir stood up for Katharine to her father I also loved how Zahir helps to validate Katharine and build up her self esteem, despite his own struggles Yates carefully builds the tension, both romantic and sensual The love scenes are quite steamy, but it s very natural to the story You can see that the connection between Zahir and Katharine has entwined itself between them on many levels Before they both know it, their match is very much one of love and devotion, as well as a marriage of state Their mutual fears of not being enough are assuaged by the fact that they are just what each other needs Hajar s Hidden Legacy is very much a novel about the healing of emotional wounds and the development of love between two hurting people It lacks the drama of some book in this category series Instead, it s of an introspective novel about the development of a relationship that turns into a deep love between two people who weren t even looking for love, but needed it the whole time.

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    All I can say is WOW Maisey Yates packs quite the emotional punch in this book in her version of beauty and the beast.She writes of an intense ,broken shell of a warrior sheikh who was injured in a bomb blast that killed his entire family.He became lame,disfigured ,scarred ,and blinded in one eye as a result.In addition he suffers from PTSD and has become a recluse to his people.He is viewed as a Beast.The heroine was engaged to his deceased brother in an arranged marriage.The H h meeet after six years when she comes to his desert country to seal the marriage contract with the H replacing his deceased brother.After much arguement he conceedes to the marriage.I loved the entire dynamics of this book.The heroine ,Princess Katherine ,was Sheikh Zahir s ,the H s ,solid foundation through this story.I loved how Zahir fought his emotions untill he broke down and admitted his feelings.The love scenes were beautifully done and you felt for these two characters.This was an excellent read.

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    I liked this book but it needed a lot conflict to score stars There was not a lot of melodrama here He was kind of grumpy and had PTSD and she was the poor little rich girl always trying to get Daddy to love her But she was spunky and brought the sheikh out of his trauma There didn t seem to be any people in the palace at all, to the point that you wondered who cooked and dusted and did the laundry The name of the European country was pretty lame And you never had the slightest idea where it was I spent 3 minutes on an internet fantasy name generator site and came up with dozens of better, believable country names Hmmm.

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    This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.com.Princess Katharine of Austrich has always known that she was destined to have an arranged, political marriage Having been seen as nothing than a commodity by her cold father, she s always striven for her every action to matter attending parties brings rich tourists to her country, agreeing to a political marriage cements trade agreements and gives protection to her people, and remaining a virgin to appease the traditional rulers of other countries ensures that she always has a bargaining chip if the original agreement falls through Cold blooded, true, but Katharine knows that since a female can never rule her country, she must do whatever is necessary to make sure that she can contribute in any way to the well being of her people.When her intended husband and his family are killed by insurgents of his country, leaving only the younger son Zahir to rule, Katharine is saddened by the loss but not heartbroken after all, while she certainly liked Malik, theirs was by no means a love match.Now several years later, with her father quickly approaching his deathbed and her younger brother too young to ascend the throne, Katharine must approach Malik s younger brother and convince him to enter into a political marriage with her, or else her beloved country would be placed under the rule of a power hungry man who would surely destroy everything her family has worked for.Sheikh Zahir of Hajar is as reclusive as a monarch could ever be choosing to address his people via radio from the security of his palace walls, and delegating whenever possible Horribly scarred, both physically and emotionally, by the attack that took the lives of his entire family, Zahir has well earned his reputation as The Beast of Hajar.When the lovely Katharine first approaches him with the idea of their marriage, Zahir expects her to flee in terror when faced with both his scars and his temper, but the beauty surprises him with both her tenacity and her pleas for him to think of the good of both their countries.Reluctantly agreeing to a temporary marriage to protect Austrich until Katharine s brother reaches the age at which he can legally rule, Zahir waits for Katharine to turn from him, but the infuriating woman not only refuses to be intimidated, but insists on trying to break him out of his self imposed isolation.Having agreed that their marriage will be a temporary one, both Zahir and Katharine soon discover a blistering attraction that has the power to leave them both burned Anyone who knows me already realizes that I am a Maisey Yates fangirl, so I pretty much fell over with joy when this arrived in the mail, and I was so happy to discover that it than lived up to the hype.Ms Yates has such a talent for writing heroes who can be ruthless jerks and yet we readers cheerfully forgive them for their behavior because they re so beautifully damaged Zahir was absolutely delicious, even with his physical imperfections, and Katharine proved that even a perfect outer appearance doesn t always protect one from internal scars.Perfect for fans of tortured and scarred heroes, arranged marriages, and of finding that sometimes protecting those you care about just means loving them with all your heart.A beautiful 4.5 5 Stars.

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    Decent opening with a good dynamic, but fizzled into repetitive conversations re emoz no conflict aka NO PLOT Ending was super cheesy, a heaping platter of ultra modern Twu Wuv speeches on both sides Yawn.

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    An okay read by Maisey Yates..This was well written with a wonderfully strong heroine and a very likable hero It also had one of my all time favorite plotsBeauty and the Beast But for some reason, I just couldn t find the intensity that grips me and keeps me turning the pages I actually found that I put it down halfway through the book to start something else.Did anyone find this to be the case for them Though, I couldn t fault anything in the writing, it just didn t engage me.

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    If Maisey Yates was put on this earth just to supply me with exactly the kind of romance read I like then I am incredibly grateful to the powers that be.This is a story that has at it s heart the traditional Beauty and the Beast dynamic A beautiful Princess in need of a husband A wounded Sheikh who has lost so much he is afraid to care Scarred inside and out this is a hero with difference The tragedy that killed his family left Zahir with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder This is not a man to mess with.Katherine has no choice The contract requires a groom and after the chosen Malik s death, it is his brother who must step up to the plate Whether he wants to or not Katherine is determined to make it happen Not that she wants to be married, but she must for the sake of her country.The dynamic between these two is wonderful from the start This is something Maisey Yates does particularly well The clever repartee, the underlying sizzle You know it s going to be a wild ride but it will be worth it It s going to take quite a lot to get Zahir to open up and become vulnerable to the lovely Katherine Katherine didn t expect a bed of roses, but she didn t expect anything like she got from Zahir.I loved this book and loved the characters Do I feel a little guilty that Maisey Yates is busily torturing unsuspecting male heroes for my reading enjoyment Maybe a little But that surely adds to the angst Something I love and this book deals out in spades.

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    Beautiful romance.

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    Catherine the stoic and Zahir the hermit.Can you be a hermit and a Shiekh Apparently in Hajar you can Since he was horribly wounded in the bombing that took the lives of his older brother and father, Zahir has hidden himself from life He suffers PTSD that he apparently never sought professional help for Catherine was supposed to marry his older brother, and now the marriage contract stipulates that Zahir must marry her instead She is the princess of a kingdom sounds like it s supposed to be in the Alps somewhere that is in need of an interim leader until her young brother comes of age In this country women are only good for one thing The story is the progression of their relationship At first they are strangers and there really isn t even any attraction between them Over time they get to know each other from appreciation to love But I have to say I was convinced of her love than his He waffles between treating her like sh t to defending her when she needs it view spoiler the thing that ruined it for me was that she was the one to go to him in the end After the crap way he treated her, it pissed me off that he couldn t be bothered to pull his head out of his arse when he needed to In the end, she is the one wearing the pants in this relationship hide spoiler

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    My Blog HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsBeauty and the Beast with a Maisey Yates Spin, and boy is she ever good at spinning us a wonderfully engaging romance Sheikh Zahir once a playboy is now a shell of his former self having dodged death following a bomb blast that killed his family and left him badly disfigured He suffers for PTSD and relates to himself as being a beast of Hajar Enter Princess Katherine a strong woman bound by duty and protocol she approaches Zahir with an offer of an arranged marriage to protect her brother s right to succession.Tormented Zahir and resolute Katherine are perfect for each other, what starts out as a political match up turns in to so much for both of them Katherine challenges Zahir at every turn she helps him face his demons and believe in himself again.Hajar s Hidden Legacy had all the hallmarks of Maisey Yates writing that we have come to love and expect great characters, vivid storytelling and a deeply emotional and compelling romance With a scarred Hero and loyal heroine this story reminds us to Look not with the eyes but with the heart A recommended read.

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