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    I loved this book from start to finish It s not every day you find a romance starring an dropdead gorgeous alpha male who s also sensitive, loving, level headed and talented, in surgeryand in bed What a man Fareed was And what a lucky woman Gwen was, and how tormented by the need to keep her secrets This was one poignant, passionate and powerful romance Baby Ryan was also not one of those props in secret baby stories He was necessary, involved in the story development every step of the way, without giving it a too family feel and cooling down the romance That remained sizzling hot But it was very moving seeing Fareed s reaction to him, and the way his love for him developed Baby Ryan s reaction felt so real, too And I thought I knew what the twist was But just when I thought everything was out in the open, bringing about the black moment, it kept getting blacker and heart wrenching, THEN the real twist came out of nowhere I really didn t see it coming, which is saying a lot for me Very highly recommended.

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    If you like sheikh books, this is an absolute GEM But Fareed isn t only a sheikh, he s a surgeon, and he s absolutely gorgeous, inside and out And he s so wonderful to Gwen and to her baby, I had a lump in my throat all the time When he thinks he can t love Gwen, I was heartbroken at his devastation Gwen is also a great character, but this is certainly one book that you read to savor the hero, and live vicariously and blissfully through the heroine A keeper, and a re read for me already

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    There are quite a few themes in A SECRET BIRTHRIGHT, and emotional intensity is at the heart of each one From hidden secrets to family issues to sexual tension, Olivia Gates gives the romance reader everything they crave in this rewarding Harlequin Desire story When the youngest brother of Prince Fareed Aal Zaafer wanted to wed an American woman and their father refused to give his permission, his sibling left their country and went into hiding Fareed tried to locate his brother, and he did finally receive a call right before the man died from an accident, telling him to take care of his child and its mother Although he puts much effort into finding the missing woman and child for whom his brother gave up his birthright, none of those who come to him are the correct ones.Right before Fareed believes his plan is never going be successful, one woman comes to talk with him However, she does not appear to be the person for whom he has so diligently searched, and he is thankful as he very much desires her Gwen McNeal has come to appeal for his professional help as a renowned doctor, but there are facts that she must keep secret or the baby s future and her own may be in jeopardy, regardless of how passionately Fareed affects her.If Olivia Gates writes a book about sheikhs, then the reader knows every aspect will be mesmerizing The hero in A SECRET BIRTHRIGHT is a man whose convictions make him not only admirable when it comes to his career, but also a truly incredible person in his personal life as well Fareed does not let his wealthy status or having the title as a prince keep him from helping others in a generous manner, and in fact uses these attributes to aid his causes As for his private life, he is an exceedingly passionate male who certainly knows how to pleasure his lucky partner Ms Gates has always been able to create fantasy heroes with her tempting sheikhs, and I think Fareed is at the top of my list When you consider his compassion for anyone and then see how protective he is for an individual under his care, then I find him to be doubly likable As for the heroine, Gwen is a very determined woman, one whose devotion to a child is put above all else while her own wishes are left unfulfilled When watching Fareed and Gwen interact with each other, there is never a time when a scene is not packed with genuinely intense emotions, as they both feel so deeply about the other The profound awareness between them is conveyed with such honesty, whether they are actually touching or just yearning for some type of contact, and Ms Gates makes each of these moments so powerfully realistic The sexual intimacy in the story is often explosive as pent up longing turns into enthusiastic encounters, and these scenes are definitely steamy There is a mystery as to what is really going on in Gwen s life for much of the book, and each new revelation is cleverly surprising A SECRET BIRTHRIGHT is engaging throughout with unforgettable characters and a compelling plot.

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    Olivia GatesI want my own Fareed Fareed, whose name means Unique btw, was certainly that Hot, tender, talented, powerful and gorgeous and a dozen other delightful things And instead of being too much, he felt so real, a complex, luscious man who was also so benevolent and honorable it made me tingle That combined with being too sexy AND loving had me in hero heaven all through the book Poor Gwen didn t stand a chance Neither did this poor reader And all through the twists and turns in the book, that neither I nor Fareed saw coming, when other heroes would have turned nasty in their heartache, Fareed remained the wonderful man he was And let me tell you, this made for FAR angsty reading A hero who turns cruel makes me mad, hardens my heart, and makes me want to kick his butt and makes me hate the heroine for not doing so But when his heart was crushed, Fareed only withheld his passion, because he thought he had to, but remained kind and supportive and understanding to Gwen without anything to gain and everything to lose And THAT had me sobbing my heart out Nothing could have hurt Gwen that to be treated with such consideration while knowing she d lost THAT much of a man All in all, A Secret Birthright has lyrical and emotional writing, fantastic setting, twisty plot, wonderful heroine, realistic baby and this incredible hero and it all made for a memorable read A keeper and a multiple reread for sure

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    I love this book.Fareed takes controll and Gwen will do anything to save her child , Ms, Gates speaks to your heart I love her work , I read maybe 3 books a week at one time not to long ago I was burned out I also take care of my grandchildren and the books are my excape , it had been weeks and I thought if I loose that, well I wanted to read I picked up different authors nothing until I found one of Ms Gates books I started and read one that afternoon I was on Harqulin gettin any back titles I could find Her words touch your heart and they make you fell and isn t that why we read to feel something out of our everyday lifes She never lets you down Get this book you will not be disappointed

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    Incredibly moving romance and twisty plot Now I know Olivia Gates s books always have a twist that I never see coming, or at least predict right, I was all ready for the one in this book Or so I thought Just when the twist came and I realized it was building all the time and I didn t see it coming, again, and I thought this was it, Gates through us another curve, then another It was exhilarating reading the escalating tension and surprises As for the romance itself, now that was HOT Emotionally as well as physically Fareed is a unique hero, as per his name I loved him with Gwen and her baby, Ryan I also loved how Gates packed so much in this short book, not only the relationship and the plot, but the detailing of the incredible setting of Jizaan, and the secondary romance of Emad and Rose, not to mention the subplot with his father, the king I can t wait for Gates s next sheikhs I hear we re going to have the half brothers of the Aal Shalaan brothers from Pride of Zohayd trilogy I can t wait

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    A Secret Birthright is a wonderful story full of twists and secrets and high stakes Fareed is a hero who is such a incredible male and human being who would do anything for duty, honor and love His being a sheikh AND a surgeon marries the entitled part of him to the dutiful, talented and human in such a unique blend That s what his name means, after all, and I was very glad Olivia Gates continues her trend of naming her heroes names that SO describes them Gwen is such a sympathetic heroine with her heart being torn apart by a secret she d sacrifice anything for, starting with her own happiness Jizaan is such a richly detailed exotic land that comes to life under the masterful pen of Olivia Gates A memorable love story and a totally satisfying read Brava

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    Another winner from Olivia Gates, and another hero to keep me wishing men like this really existed Why can t they But that s why I read her romances, so I can live the intense wonder of those magnificent males with her heroines, and travel to the exotic lands she sweeps us to, making us feel we ve been there feeling and hearing and smelling and touching everything she describes The emotion is at fever pitch and the passion is blazing, and the tender moments are heartbreaking, and you feel you re there inside the hero and heroine with their every breath, as usual The twists other reviews mentioned are wonderful, both the secrets, and the unexpected behavior and choices of the characters So I got what I expected, a top notch read, in a totally unexpected war What could be better

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    This book had everything I hope to find in a love story A hero I can drool and swoon over, a heroine in turmoil, a conflict that seems unresolvable, a wonderfully exotic setting, secrets that keep unraveling, and developments I don t see coming and keep me at the edge of my seat Added to all this that Fareed isn t only a sheikh but a surgeon adding a very interesting and enlightening medical side to the book, the scorching sex scenes between him and Gwen, the adorable baby Ryan, the secondary romance between Rose and Emad, and the unexpected development of the king s character and you got one book I know I ll reread many, many times.A SECRET BIRTHRIGHT is another fantastic book by Olivia Gates that lives up to the highest standards she s set with her previous books, especially her sheikh trilogies Throne of Judar and Pride Of Zohayd

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    If you want to read a book about how a real man loves, look no further Sheikh and surgeon Fareed Aal Zaafer redefines the concepts of being alpha, of passion and tenderness The way he loved both Gwen and her baby Ryan had me with a lump in my throat all through the book Then the twists came, and kept coming Just when I thought, this was it, he s going to devolve into a regular angry, rash, suspicious alpha he kept surprising me by showing yet another depth of strength and self control and generosity Amazing man and an amazing love story One reviewer said she wants her own Fareed, and sister, don t we all

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A Secret Birthright Prince Fareed Aal Zaafer Is Driven By One Purpose To Find His Late Brother S Family But When Gwen McNeal Arrives, Needing His Help, Fareed Is Relieved She Is Not The Woman He Seeks, For He Must Claim Her For His OwnFareed Is Gwen S Last And Most Dangerous Hope For He Doesn T Just Overwhelm Her Senses, He Sweeps Her And Her Baby Away To His Kingdom The Last Place She Should Ever Go Now She Must Hide The Truth, And Deny The Desire Between Them At Any Cost For If She Fails, The Result Will Be Unthinkable