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    What an incredible read If you only read one HP this year, pick this book You will not be disappointed I rarely give a 5 star rating to an HP Realistically it s hard to get the depth of characters and plot with only 150 some pages But surprisingly, this book does.I don t want to give too much away and the many reviews tell you that Isabella, the wife of Sheikh Adan was assumed dead for two years after disappearing in the desert The sheik is now ready to be king and is in the process of remarriage to a lifelong friend Isabella, is found alive in Maui singing at a nightclub The book focuses mostly on how do they pick up the pieces and where do they go from here The author does an excellent job in tackling some very difficult subjectswhy the selective amnesia Was the marriage solid Did they love each other Why did she abandon her child etc.It s one heck of a ride, so buckle your seat.

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    I really liked it even though it frustrated me deeply I was surprised how this book gave me so many emotions and for that I must applaud the author I got sad, I cry I got mad Full of emotion, passion and high drama I liked how the emotional struggles were portrayed and despite the heartache there was a beautiful HEA The hero was an amazing strong man dedicated to his son and he broke my heart especially towards the end I would have given it 5 stars but I found the heroine too wishy washy and bitchy at some points Other than that it s a great book to lose yourself in

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    Wow this was really good Angst and drama A second chance and amnesia story The soon to be king of a desert kingdom hero thought the heroine was dead for two years she wandered into the desert a month after their baby was born and was never seen again When the story opens, the heroine is singing in Hawaii and has no memory of the hero or ever giving birth.Hero is angry and cruel Heroine is shocked to find she has a child and wants to see him Hero wants a quick divorce and for the heroine to never see their child happy sigh The hero has to bring the heroine back to his kingdom in order to divorce her and she has to agree Plus there is the mystery of just what happened to her view spoiler She had severe postpartum depression and wandered off into the desert Some tourists found her Her father shipped her off to the States because he thought the prince would have her committed and would have divorced her for insanity He never told his daughter the truth because he wanted the prestige of being connected to the royal family hide spoiler

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    The hero Adan is about to be crowned king, and also about to get married However when one of his aides informs him that his first wife, whom is presumed dead after she walked into the desert and never found, has been spotted in Hawaii Adan doesn t believe it but travels to Hawaii to check it out for himself As it turns out his wife Isabella, the heroine, is alive but does not recognise Adan or have any memory of ever being married Her father took her to live with her mother after an accident that she has no memory of Adan is not sure if he believes her, but plans to find out the truth and get a divorce so he can go ahead with his upcoming marriage and coronation He takes Isabella back to his country in order to do this, but once there he gets to know the real Isabella and old passions return But he still doesn t know the truth about what happened to Isabella and neither does she Once again Lynn Raye Harris has written an intense and compelling romance that draws you in from the very first page and keeps you guessing until the very last The plot is rather unusual, but really well executed, I really love the fact that this is different than expected In my opinion Lynn has a real talent for thinking up original and interesting storylines There are many parts of this book where the author could so easily have drifted into clich land but wisely stayed away, hooray eg the other woman fianc e could have been the bitchy woman scorned type, or Isabella s father could have been the devious schemer type.As for the reason why Isabella disappeared, it certainly keeps you guessing Some of my many theories include Isabella is lying and did fake her own death she was kidnapped and brain washed her father cooked it up to get some sort of upper hand Isabella is a twin and didn t actually marry Adan The actual reason is much less dramatic but very heartbreaking and beautifully written This book has two very well crafted characters and and original and exciting plot In short, this is fantastic book.RecommendedOriginally posted at

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    4.5 Stars Oh, my What a fantastic read This was so much than I expected.It was time for Sheikh Adan to settle down and get married It was arranged and he met his bride one week before the wedding ceremony two years ago He most definitely didn t have any feelings for her She was his broodmare to bare his heirs and that was about it She had been raised by her father who drilled into her how to act as a woman from Jahfar submissive, meet their every need etc The sheikh was a very poor husband He spent no time with her, totally ignoring her wants, needs, pregnancy, and health He didn t even attend the doctor s appointments that she asked him to attend nor was he present at the birth Everything was on her She was unliked and used by her family She had no other relatives or close friends and there was no one who bothered to look after her Not a single person offered to take her to the hospital to deliver her child Even when she brought their baby home she was expected to do everything on her own This A of a husband left her to her own devices Next thing you know she has disappeared into the desert She was pronounced dead although there was no body.Our illustrious Sheikh who was becoming King and he had to have a wife before the coronation so he asked one of his best friends to marry him and bare his children He had less than zero romantic feelings towards her Two weeks before the wedding he received a call to say his wife had shown up in Hawaii He took off to find her and get a quick divorce so he could marry a perfect woman for himone who would require nothing from him and be a great mother for his son.The A hat is just that He treats her horribly convinced she left him and her baby son out of choice She now has amnesia of that horrible time when she drifted into the desert and was found before death claimed her in some type of bad accident But he doesn t care and blames everything on her Apparently, she had some kind of melt down related to a severe case of postpartum depression She is not even aware she has a son and didn t recognize her husband.She was expected to do her parents bidding, her husbands and everyone elses but NO ONE cared about her or looked after her and her newborn She was so exhausted from givinggivinggiving and never receiving anything in return Her emotional bank account was overdrawn All she wanted was for one person in her life to love her and she got zipnadanothing She is in her twenties and her parents have never said a kind word to her and made her feel she was never good enough That is an awful feeling and the damage doesn t go away.Her adoring husband NOT went to her room every night for the first month of their marriage and once pregnant he never went backalmost a year and nothing, not a single touch She feels so abandoned and not knowing anyone around was tough So was the severe morning sickness Had he cared one iota he would have detected the after birth deep depression but he didn t.Her own parents hid the fact that she had been married and given birth, keeping that from her She thought she was alone in the world Be prepared to get angry She was the innocent party, used and never cared for with no memory of her life, husband or that she bore a child yet, as per her husband everything was all her fault Real good story

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    Wowthis one will stay with me I confess that I had a hard time forgiving hero It s a bummer to think about men who take women for granted and can sleep with a wife without really caring anything about her as a person Her situation drove home the powerlessness of the woman, especially in their culture There was so much truth to the way the heroine was treated and what she experienced I did love his devotion to his son, but in the end, I think she was too good for him But I felt her story keenly view spoiler Adan and Isabella marry shortly after meeting, it is an arranged marriage of convenience Isabella suppresses her personality to please him as she has been taught her father is leading businessman in Adan s country and she was raised there, as her Western mother left her after divorce He finds her boring and although enjoys their intimacy, her confessions of love makes him uncomfortableshe is just a possession to him and a boring one at that Once she becomes pregnant in the first month of marriage, her illness causes him to withdraw from their bed and spend as little time as possible with her, without explanation Which makes sense since he has no interest in spending time with her, she is just a bland possession that bores him and his only use for her is sexual All that dismissal just because she is agreeable and submissive He isn t there for the birth and it sounds like he withdrew all attention and affection when he left her bed When she has post partum depression after the birth, her father believes that Adan will have her committed as he doesn t care about her at all, so after a possible suicide attempt or maybe it was an accident, she can t remember resulting in amnesia, her father protects her by not telling her about the baby and marriage This all rings true She could have been committed as insane and hero might not have bothered to learn about post partum, although he was mildly fond of her, so maybe Anyway Adan finds her singing in a lounge he never new she sang and comes to know her after bringing her home and planning for a divorce I loved the story but ultimately, hero was a bit of a zero to me Very unappreciative and ungrateful to his wife hide spoiler

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    Wonderful Intense Emotional read,this one is a keeper for me,i really cried when Isabella remembered her marriage and pregnancy and the pain and loneliness was the reason she blocked out her marriage and her child.Adan he started out as a jerk but later on as story progressed its clear he had good intentions for Rafiq their child,whatever he did was for his happiness.Adan was a very good father but a very bad husband but later as days pass by he also realizes his mistakes and regrets it,even acknowledges he never loved Isabella,she was just a possession but now he loves her.The story was very good,it had me gripped from start till end,also liked the fact both Isabella and Adan put their child first and thought of his happiness first,both make efforts to make amends for Rafiq,Adan redeems himself.I wanted Hassan to pay for his actions,though he says what he did was to protect Isabella but as it is pointed out he was protecting himself.Really wanted him punished for it but it did not happen,that is the only disappointing thing for me.Overall a very good readRecommend it.

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    This was in a book with three stories My opinion stays the same My problem was I couldn t get past the description on page 2 Isabella was beautiful but unremarkable in every other way.a bland queen It s not her fault..she was raised a Jafaran woman Well apparently as an Arab woman she has no redeeming qualities Then she spends 2 amnesia filled years in America, and VOILA instant personality I also felt there was absolutely no love between her and hero I felt he just took her back because she was his wife There was absolutely no chemistry between this couple It s a pity as I read the sequal about the hero s brother first and absolutely loved it.

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    It missed the 5 stars because the hero was an ass He even admitted that he never cared for her even if they had a child together and when a man does the same thing loses out on their child first years he is righteous in his demand that his child call him dad and f the consequences to that child Holy shit did I not like that at all Also his best friend situation was never resolved or talked about other then to say he loved her and respects her Wtf Where was her love and respect he could not even be there for the birth of said son Come on his high grown is quicksand Ended to fast with no real closure except that her had 3 other kids So what I wanted resolution

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    The plot had so many holes, it could have been used as a sieve It was enjoyable nonetheless

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Strangers in the Desert The Desert King S Lost Wife Isabella, The Wife Sheikh Adan Thought Was Dead, Has Just Walked Back Into His Life On The Eve Of His Wedding To Another Woman Now Adan Is To Be Crowned King, Isabella Must Be His Queen Sharing His Desert Throne And The Royal Bed But Gone Is The Dutiful, Pure Girl He Once Knew In Her Place Is A Defiant, Sultry Woman Who Makes Adan S Blood Run Hot A Woman Who Has No Memory Of Being His Wife