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    Mary Sue Goes to the DesertSee Mary Sue plead to the hero for time for her brother to pay back his moneySee Mary Sue bravely raise her chin when hero tells her she is his prisoner guest until the money is repaidSee Mary Sue abseil out of her room using the cords from the curtainsSee Mary Sue surrounded by banditsSee Mary Sue rescued by the heroSee Mary Sue calm the hero s nephew after he has a nightmareSee Mary Sue rescue the nephew from under the hero s stallion s rampaging hoovesSee Mary Sue calm the stallionSee Mary Sue accept the hero s marriage proposal so that her brother s debts will be clearedSee Mary Sue try to explain she is a virgin to the skeptical heroSee Mary Sue become a sexual triathlete in one nightSee Mary Sue jealous of the hero s sister in lawSee Mary Sue drag the hero out of a meeting to ask for a divorce because she isn t getting anySee Mary Sue loving all things desertSee Mary Sue telling her brother she won t leave the heroSee Mary Sue riding the stallion to rescue the nephew from the caves.See Mary Sue changing the hero s cold, hard heart with declarations of I love yous.Desert hero checklist Hero is despot ruler, with a Cambridge undergrad degree and an MBA from HarvardHero has a dead brother sick fatherHero has a femme fatale sister in law hanging around the palaceHero has a neglected nephewHero has a stallion no one can controlHero cares deeply for his peopleHero has useless servants who are afraid of everything Hero pilots his own helicopterHero drinks wineDesert Setting ChecklistOrnate PalaceScary townEmpty sand filled landscapeOasisDangerous cavesSandstormOh, you want a review The hero didn t believe anything until the bitter end, the heroine was ridiculously perfect An angst free, no brainer diversion.

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    How funny that I read Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast in a couple of days of each other I consider this a Beauty and the Beast style romance because the sweet, innocent heroine Beauty takes the place of her relative and beards the beast in his den In this case, the beast is a gorgeous, but cold hearted Prince Zakour goes by Zak who wants to make her brother pay for embezzling millions of dollars He refuses to let Emily go and is determined to believe she s mercenary and scheming, that her act of innocence is feigned He can t believe anyone can be that sweet and honest When she bonds with his lonely nephew, abandoned by his mother, he is skeptical, but is than willing to utilize her skills at managing a five year old to his advantage And before he knows it, he s demanding marriage.I liked this book I felt that Emily was a sweet heart I did do a bit of eye rolling at how she constantly seemed to swoon over Zak s good looks Now I feel like a hypocrite If I was in the presence of Benedict Cumberbatch for days on end, I d probably be doing the same But anyway, it seems a bit over the top how it was described.Overall, the chemistry between Emily and Zak was well done I think that the tension of not knowing each other s feelings was believable When Emily s brother shows up, I liked how that was handled He acquits his sister with an impassioned plea, and makes Zak feel like the heel he was And I liked Zak s love declaration He says that he will keep her imprisoned for ever and give her the many babies she always wanted Yeah, this isn t a romance for cynics I m not one, so it worked for me.A good escapist Harlequin Presents is just what the doctor ordered when a reader needs a boost Take this book and get a good night s rest, and you ll be good as new.

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    4 1 2 stars For some reason, this Harlequin Presents hit all the right spots for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it There were plenty of the typical Harlequin esqe plot devices but instead of thinking not again I was thinking heck yeah bring them on.Zak plus names is the cynical ruler of some fictional Middle Eastern country Some of his people were swindled out of money by an English crook The sister of the Englishman comes to his country to ask for a few extra months for her brother to pay him back Emily is a kindergarden teacher who volunteered to go to this foreign country to help out her brother and maybe see a bit of the world She is shocked when Zak accuses her brother of stealing money and informs her that he is keeping her as collateral until her brother shows up himself Zak is very cynical about women so he thinks Emily is there to barter herself for her brother despite the way she tries to act innocent.Of course Emily really is innocent and a virgin because she was waiting to find the right man to marry and have children Zak thinks it s all an act because he has been fooled by too many women Will Emily be able to thaw his heart after he demands they marry Will Emily be able to resist the unrelenting sexual attraction of the dashing Zak How come Zak never heard of a personal investigator to check up on Emily and see if she was telling the truth I enjoyed this book despite the cynical man believes innocent virgin is really a liar and a bad person despite evidence otherwise storyline It was a fun book to read and Zak wasn t too bad despite what he said sometimes because his actions showed otherwise He treated Emily very well despite his disbelief in love and his attempts to convince himself that she couldn t be a nice person I like how Emily stuck to her guns and stayed true to herself, she fought for what she wanted from Zak, which was his love and affection and her happily ever after ending.This was a good Harlequin that had a sweet ending It pulled me into the story and made me care about the characters.

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    bursting from happiness and emotion I JUST LOVE SARAH MORGAN SO MU UUU UCH Now this is the Sarah Morgan we all adore and love This book s heroine was the epitome of adorable spitfire perfection She was so innocent, sweet, fiery and JUST SO PERFECT One of my most favourite heroines OF ALL TIME And the way the h was attracted to the H, and the very bold move when she view spoiler she licks his hand hide spoiler

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    Sometimes I don t care about the hero s assholeness levels and I just read for the heroine This is an example I was in need of a Mary Sue story and I got it StMargarets detailed the whole book except for one tiny detail, she forgot to add the sandstorm , you can t have a desert story without one.

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    An enchanting love story Recommended.

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    Ruthless Sheikh meets sweet innocent teacher who visits his desert kingdom to repay her brother s debts to him He is cynical, she is warm, romantic and very forgiving and melts his cold black heart

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    The hero is mean, arrogant and dominant in every possible way a person can be In the opposite site, the heroine is too naive to fight and every time she forgives the hero without a blink of an eye.

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    loved it but I wanted an epilogue with babies.I found my bookshelves empty why wtf %

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    Meh This was Sarah Morgan s first sheik romance and it showed All aspects of the story seemed underdeveloped the subplot, setting, characterization, and romance Zakour was cynical to the extreme because one woman he cared for betrayed him , and Emily was naive and stupid she traveled to a foreign country to represent her brother and to negotiate on his behalf without gathering all the facts before she arrived Consequently, it took me a long time to warm up to them But heating up the sheets was not a problem for Zakour amd Emily Much of the story focused on their hot attraction to each other They either kissed or were in bed with each other constantly, and not much else happened until the embezzlement subplot concluded I could believe they were in lust, but I apparently missed the part where they fell in love.Sounds like I hated the book but I didn t There were good points like Sarah Morgan s writing style, the sexual chemistry, and it had a sheik hero.

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In The Sheikh's Marriage Bed She Ll Pay The Sheikh S Pricein The Marriage Bed Crown Prince Zakour Al Farisi Is Ruler Of All He Surveys, And The Moment Emily Kingston Steps Into His Golden Palace, She Too Must Do Exactly As He Commands Zakour Believes Emily Has Been Sent To Seduce Him And Decides To Turn The Tables His Terms Emily Will Repay Her Brother S Debt In Full As His Wife But What Will He Do When He Discovers That His Beautiful Bride To Be Is A Virgin

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • In The Sheikh's Marriage Bed
  • Sarah Morgan
  • English
  • 15 October 2019
  • 9780373124534