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  • Paperback
  • 187 pages
  • The Sultan's Choice
  • Abby Green
  • English
  • 27 January 2018

10 thoughts on “The Sultan's Choice

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    I really like this author but I am so not in love with Sheikh s stories lately.The sheikh is always this hard, cold hearted guy and all that habib thing drives me up the wall And they all seem to be dealing with all the intrigues and politics in their small little kingdoms.wait a minute.not to forget that the stories of sheikh romances seem to have a little bit of European veneer I did however like the two characters in this story and the storyline as well Just wished that the heroine would have a bit backbone Give me a Greek or Italian hero anytime

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    I m not a great fan of Sheikh love stories, but I loved this one.Beautiful, emotional , alluring and daring What peeved me was the consumption of Alcohol, it didn t coincide with Sheikh at all Nonetheless great read

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    I don t typically love Abby Green s books as her heroes tend to be unlikable, but I really enjoyed this book Both Sadiq and Samia were likable characters with their own emotional scars and both afraid to love Sadiq arranges a marriage of convenience with a suitably unexciting, nondescript, meek and royal wife He wants a bland wife who will blend into the background and make no demands on his emotions so that his life will be ordered, smoothly calm, controlled and unemotional Little does he know that the apparently nondescript and mousy Samia will cause passion and turbulent emotions to rise in him the very opposite of what he so carefully planned through their seemingly business like arrangement Abby Green s writing is evocative and pulls us into the characters experience of being gripped by inexplicable and unwanted emotions and a sense of connection with one another, their utter confusion, frustration and anger in the process, their inner struggles and soul searching, wonderment and finally their ultimate surrender to love I really felt involved in each of the steps each character, and especially Sadiq, undergoes in this journey I liked how the characters each evolve, mature, heal and blossom while going through this discovery process Ms Green does a good job of showing Sadiq and Samia s soul deep connection beyond the mere physical, with the physical aspect of their relationship merely being a fumbled means to understand, express and ultimately admit their emotional connection where their fear and confusion precluded them from doing so otherwise Palpable emotions and connection with evocative writing make this an enjoyable and emotional read This book does not have the in your face over the top drama that you will find in some of the books in this line, but I found this book to be satisfying and enjoyable in its understated and complex and elegant tone, a bit like drinking velvet smooth oak aged whisky after a stream of tequila shots.

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    This one is on my keeper shelf This is an excellent example of how powerful a category romance can be in the hands of a talented author like Abby Green The chemistry that exists between Sadiq and Samia is exciting I was enchanted by how their relationship developed and how they fought to protect themselves against the growing need for one another I truly liked that Abby stepped out of her traditional mold with the Hero He was powerful and arrogant, but yet he was kind and tender He was brutally scarred from his parents tumultuous relationship and his own early experience with love, but it wasn t crippling or debilitating I absolutely loved how he would flank Samia to give her the courage she needed to be on public display I loved that Samia had spirit in spite of the traditional way she was raised and the abuse she was subjected to by her stepmother I loved the powerful and realistic big misunderstanding and how it was standing in the way of a happy ending A tremendous, fabulous read from Abby Greenwhat a talented writer.

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    I am not a big fan of the sheikhy lurve story but I do like AG This one was okay, both the H and h had their issues but there was minimal drama and angst, shy librarian h trying to fit in with manly Alpha H s world and getting some backbone while she is at it She wasn t too juvenile and he wasn t too jerky I do kinda wish that being introverted did not automatically make you a weak doormat in HPlandia but this book isn t too focused on the h feelings of incompetence and she does grow The H gets off his He man act fairly early on and you believe the relationship All in all not bad and I would have liked it better if I actually liked sheikh stories but at least I did not have to go have a cookie in consolation.

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    I don t actually like sheikh stories but I thought I d read this cause it s an Abby Green book and I think she is a very talented author So I knew I would love this and I did Even though it s kind of a slow burn it was engaging and the chemistry between Sadiq and Samia was explosive I especially liked the hero s final proclamation of love, it was so sweet, honest and deep I got goosebumps

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    I really enjoyed this story Sadiq and Samia are both afraid to love because of their respective childhood experiences Samia is the first to come to her senses and after keeping his emotions so well hidden, Sadiq finally does the same Sadiq is looking for a suitable bride, someone who has been schooled in their ways and has a royal heritage He believes Princess Samia is the perfect candidate She will do just fine She is meek and mild and will easily blend into the background of his life However, what he gets in Samia is surprise after surprise until he doesn t know which end is up any The final chapter when both H and h finally declare their love for each other is fantastic I couldn t wait for their happily ever after I really like both characters in this book.

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    3.75 starsIt was a nice book about two individuals coming to a mutual agreement to marry for the peace and betterment of their two neighbouring countries With both being damaged by their unhappy childhoods they were happy with a partnership kind of marriage and had no romantic expectations from their spouse The start was a bit slow with all the shopping and grooming of Samia in preparation to be queen and for the wedding Took me a little while to sink into the book, but it got intense with the wedding and honeymoon Then, things gets a bit angsty when both realize that they are seeking the other s attention and are doing stuff to please the other, especially at the honeymoon when Sadiq in his sudden desire to please Samia arranges a romantic setting in the desert and she, overwhelmed by his grand gestures and afraid he would notice she was falling him, questions him about his reason for seducing her causing him to feel exposed, after all he d only married her because he wanted a wife who wouldn t distract him He retreats and after few days when he sees she s unhappy, he offers her a divorce if she wanted to leave the marriage even though he didn t want her to leave It doesn t occur to him that she was unhappy because he d pulled away from her Nevertheless, a new development stems the end of the marriage and both are relieved and happy.Both Sadiq and Samia were very likeable and made a nice pair Overall, the book was a nice and pleasant read.

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    I enjoyed this latest book by Abby Green quite a bit.Both H h come from damaged backgrounds and experiences and I loved the buildup to their HEA.What started out as a MOC,beacame a wonderful story of two people who overcame their personal fears and doubts and learned to love each other.The h s brother s story looks intriguing and can not wait to read.

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    The Sultans Choice is the story of Sadiq and Samia, and has a plot of arranged marriage.Sadiq the ruler of his country chooses the shy and demure Samia as his wife, because she fits the role well and he wants alliance with her kingdom.Initially resisting, as Sadiq pursues her she gives in and they get married.Now I really loved the heroine she was timid yet she found her strength, and spoke up for her rights even when she was hurt and didn t have words My peeve actually was the hero I get the whole bad pasts bla blah I don t want the h to fall for me blah blah but he knew how sweet and kind she was and he deliberately set out to hurt her many at times Even when he didn t want to say those mean things, he did just because he was afraid of his feelings.Overall, loved the h and loved her spirit Was not a fan of the H.The ending was lackluster Not safe by definition view spoiler the couple has known each other for some time and the h has even seen the H kissing OW hide spoiler

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The Sultan's ChoiceChosen As The Sultan S Bride, Samia Has No Option But To Go Ahead With The Marriage And, As The New Husband Slowly Peels Away Her Bejewelled Wedding Finery, Despite Her Best Intentions She Finds Her Inhibitions Swept AwaySadiq Is Surprised By His New Bride S Passionate Nature He Chose Her As A Shy, Biddable Wife Who Will Not Make Any Demands On His Time Now He Finds Samia To Be Anything But Instead She S Determined, Demanding And Defiant