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The Sheikh's Chosen Wife She Can Save Her Marriage By Getting Pregnant A Year Has Passed Since Leona Left Her Husband, Sheikh Hassan Ben Khalifa Al Qadim She Misses Him Very Much, But What Was The Point Of Staying When She D Failed To Deliver The One Thing Hassan Needed A Child And Heir When Hassan Tricks Her Into Returning To Him, Leona Is Furious And Puzzled Why Does He Want Her By His Side Again And Back In His Bed

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    There were some beautiful elements to the story, especially the love between the couple, which was palpable No other HP author writes love from a hero s POV the way Michelle Reid does It was nice to see a man unafraid to express his love publicly, and refreshing that his father accepted heroine the antidote to Gold Ring of Betrayal I love how Hassan, despite his jealousy, never questions Leona s fidelity There were some nice angsty moments where Hassan says something horrible and then felt Leona s pain and felt awful, and those are always my favorite HP moments What I didn t like and ruined the story s impact for me, were some of the plot miracles. view spoiler First, the miracle baby Five years without conceiving, then it happens the first night they are together Why not follow through with the story and go the IVF route Let s see hero tear up the contract for the second wife with heroine still infertile, not when heroine is already pregnant Second, the miracle recovery by the father on learning of the pregnancy Melodrama and brought me out of the story as scene was so unreal so was jarring to me Also, I don t read a lot of sheikh romance so have never had to read about a second wife plot It was interesting to me and I like a cruel hero but when they meet up and Hassan tells Leona he already took a second wife, that brief moment where he let her believe that was just horrific He loves her so much that her lack of trust angered him and yet he keeps her in the dark and doles out info to her so because of that her enemies have weapons to shock her with I was annoyed by the paternalistic attitude But liked the love hide spoiler

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    H h are reunited after a one year separation Seems the h hasn t conceived after five years of marriage and this is becoming a personal problem for her and a political problem for the H who is heir to a mythical Middle Eastern Kingdom The heroine is trying to be noble and let the H go rather than stand by and watch him take a second wife for the intent of having children.The H h are still very much in love and even though the H has to kidnap her to his yacht to get her back, they have lots of sex interspersed with lots of conversations There is a bit of palace intrigue, a cameo by the H h and their children from The Mistress Bride, and not one, but two, miracles at the end of the story.I usually love marriage in trouble stories, but this HEA didn t require any changes from the H h just one of the miracles the author supplied at the end All that angst seemed for naught rather than a growing learning intimate journey to a HEA.

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    I loved this book I know it s kinda old skool, but I loved it anyway The tragedy of Leona and Hassan s love Sob Leona can t have children Hassan must have an heir and he s being pressured to do something about it But Hassan wants Leona, and Leona wants Hassan to divorce her and put his country first They emote all over the page I was glued GLUED.

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    4 1 2 Stars Leona s scared witless when she and her father s business partner, Ethan are abducted And then she s furious to discover that it s Sheikh Hassan ben Khalifa Al Qadim, her estranged husband, who has kidnapped her Hassan had reluctantly given Leona this year away but now there is unrest in the sheikhdom, and Leona is at risk Releasing Ethan, Hassan keeps Leona on his yacht and makes her promise to return to him for the remaining months of his father s frail life Leona knows that once Khalifa dies, Hassan must divorce her She cannot give him the heir that he needs, and the other ruling families are eager for him to take a second wife Hassan will not divorce Leona, as she is his other half but will he bow to the pressure and take another wife as is his right, or will he give up his right to be Crown Prince.Another emotionally powerful love story by Ms Reid Hassan s love for Leona runs deep and he will not give her up Leona knows that he will lose everything if she stays and they do not have a child Both Hassan and Leona are incredibly passionate characters whose love for one another wars with duty and responsibility The secondary characters were richly developed as well It was a pleasure to meet again Raschid and Evie from the The Mistress Bride and to meet Rafiq and Ethan who will have their own stories Hassan and Leona s love story will remain with me for some time, and I m sure I will be reading this one again and again.

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    Hassan and Leona bickered too much throughout the book for me to find it romantic I also didn t understand Leona s hesitation in using any means necessary in achieving her dream view spoiler Modern science to help her and Hassan conceive hide spoiler

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    The Sheikh s Chosen Wife is the story of Leona and Hassan.An year ago, Leona Frayne heartbreakingly left her husband Sheikh Hassan ben Khalifa Al Qadim when she was unable to provide him with an heir, and he is pressurized to take a second wife by his council Now, as she designs houses with her best friend Ethan, Hassan comes back filled with jealousy. and kidnaps her A couple SUPER in love, remaining faithful and confessing their love devotion craving for one another is rare in HQN romance and Im so happy to read it here Also caring and understanding FIL and friends, as well as evil which was exposed quickly this was an entertaining read and would have been a 5 star if not for the drama in the end.Enjoyed it Safe4 5

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    A good story about a couple s struggle with infertility As Sheikh of his kingdom, Hassan went against his people s wishes by marrying Leona, a British red head Complicating matters, Leona learns that due to problems with her ovaries she may never be able to conceive This puts a strain on the marriage and causes Leona to leave her husband At the beginning of the book, they have been separated for a year Hassan realizes that he has to take matters into his own hands if their relationship is to ever be fixed I love how Hassan fought for his marriage There was never any doubt about these two loving each other It was the politics if the country that tore them apart I enjoyed this book and really likes the H h.

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    Rating 3.5 stars Turns out I ve already read this before XD Back in 2011 No wonder the plot sounded so familiar T__T

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    favorito recomendo Re read November 28, 2016 Read October 9, 2012

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    Very emotional love story, great chemistry and the writing was superb