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    It s official Amjad is the most fun hero I ve ever read He s so thoroughly and delightfully snarky, every word out of his mouth had me giggling And he found his match in Maram Their verbal duels as the author called them were the best I ve ever read And when it came to the sex scenes, oh my Those were some of the hottest, most emotional smut I ve enjoyed The bargaining they did across the bed before he finally succumbed and devoured her, was one for the records I loved the two previous books in the Zohayd trilogy, but the highlights in those for me were when Amjad made an appearance Have I mentioned the guy is FUN Damaged and cynical as hell and off limits and pure unadulterated fun with it all As Maram said, the ultimate yum Oh, I so wished he was the hero of a continuing series, so I d have of his snarky yumminess All I can hope now is that I get glimpses of him again in the coming trilogy of his half brothers.Amjad and Maram and the rest of To Touch a Sheikh are a blast I ve re read him twice already, and will do so again and again I m sure.

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    Perfect Conclusion to a Captivating SeriesFrom the moment Prince Amjad was met in previous books of the Pride of Zohayd series, his story was one I highly anticipated His past is exceedingly heartrending, and I wanted him to find someone who could break through the impenetrable wall he has erected around his emotions The woman whom Olivia Gates brings into his life is someone who is just as stubborn as he when it comes to giving up on a goal, and their scenes are frequently packed with quick witted comebacks to delight the reader time and again.The treachery of someone very close to Prince Amjad Aal Shalaan caused him to become extremely distrustful of others, and he keeps those around him at bay with curt words to avoid prospective emotional entanglements, especially when it comes to women While he has become a master at evading others, there is one female who is determined to not only get closer to him but also make him realize his true potential Princess Maram Aal Waaked lives nearby and although her father was invited to a special event in his country, she goes instead and hopes to achieve her objective during the visit What she does not know is Amjad believes her father is behind the loss of his family s prized jewels, and he already had a plan to retrieve them While her arrival will change his strategy, he still thinks there is a way to regain possession of the stolen item if he involves her When a sudden sandstorm makes them seek shelter together, Amjad and Maram discover there are many hidden truths to be learned while their unspoken passions continue to mount Olivia Gates makes the feelings of her characters seem genuinely realistic in TO TOUCH A SHEIKH There are moments of amusement when Amjad and Maram exchange sharply clever comments, and seeing who would deliver the last taunt was always enjoyable Then there are the times when either or even both of them are pouring out their innermost feelings to the other, and these scenes are particularly affecting because of the sincerity fueling their fervent responses Ms Gates skillfully lets the reader experience every sentiment felt by her romantic couple, as doubts are all too real and passionate touches heat their skin This author has always written her stories in such a way as to let me know exactly how her characters are feeling during each second they are featured, and she expertly reveals their every thought during any scene in the book Whether it is the main couple or a secondary character, the reader will repeatedly get a sense of what is going on in their minds plus hearts The moments when Amjad and Maram express their desire for the other is not only beautifully conveyed but proves just how much they care, even if they do not say the actual words The ongoing unknowns in the Pride of Zohayd series add an element of mystery to the story, and several disclosures near the end are definitely unexpected Since this is the final book in a constantly compelling series, I hope Ms Gates creates future Sheikh stories to enthrall readers I certainly found her colorful descriptions of the desert locale to be fascinating, and I want to revisit this enchanting setting TO TOUCH A SHEIKH is an imaginative tale of seduction, passion and revelations.

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    In To Touch a Sheikh we finally get Amjad s story, the man everyone calls the Mad Prince ever since his wife tried to kill him and almost succeeded Amjad doesn t trust anyone, is snarky and disbelieving and has been working on who stole the jewels of Zohayd.Maram is the daughter of the man involved in the conspiracy and a pain in Amjad s butt She is the only one who doesn t seem scared of him, and instead delights in verbally sparring with him and tempts Amjad Maram is someone who sees the best in people, despite having a mother who used to tell her she was a mistake and a father who used her as a political tool She sees through Amjad and adores him She knows how to get through to him and when they are stranded together in a sandstorm she gets the perfect opportunity.Amjad is keeping Maram captive unknown to her, not that he plans to harm her, he just wants to force her father s hand and during the days they spend together she drives him crazy He doesn t want to believe her when she tells him the truth about her parents, the men in her life but he does and then he finally gives in.Olivia Gates does awesome love scenes, tension and drama and this book is no less.Amjad falls for her and then Maram gets to know the truth If someone should learn how to grovel they should read Gates books and I love how strong the heroine s become after loving the hero unconditionally, they make them pay For Amjad seeing Maram s goodness of seeing the world removed was painful, and a reminder that he may have lost her.I loved the banter between these two, the way the put a spin on royal titles and life was fun A very good end to the series.Courtesy netgalley

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    A wonderful end to the Pride of Zohayd trilogy tells the story of Amjad, the oldest of the Aaal Shalaan brothers and arguably the most interesting A wicked betrayal has left Amjad deeply wounded and unable or perhaps unwilling to feel His heart is so frozen in ice it seems no longer to exist and it would take someone very special and tenacious to attempt melting this dangerous, ruthless man Maram, princess of a neighbouring emirate, has been in love with Amjad for years and decides she is the one to make this man feel again, so she decided to attend a race in her father s stead and puts her plan into action An ongoing intrigue concerning the royal jewels of Zohayd means that Amjad kidnaps Maram and takes her to his retreat in the desert where he has to face his greatest fear that of learning to feel again Betrayal, longing, desire, sacrifice some deeply sensual romance and most important, the redemptive power of love are just some of the themes running through this wonderful novel There are scenes between Amjad and Maram which are truly funny when he realises that there is someone in the world who does not fear him and gives as good as she gets There are also sensual, beautiful love scenes which scorch off the page as well as times when the reader will cry at the depth of emotions laid bare by actions taken by the protagonists and others around them If you love a story where you feel everything along with the hero and heroine then you will love this novel as much as I did I was almost afraid when I started to read this that it would not live up to my expectations but it surpassed them Please, please read this.

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    Olivia Gates, author of the Pride of Zohayd series for Harlequin Desire certainly outdid herself in this the third installment Her three Princes of the desert are hotter than the sands they live on Amjad, the oldest and by rights, Crowned Mad , Prince of Zohayd has a very personal reason to swear off the female species Admonishing his two younger brothers, calling them idiots for falling into the spider s web, Amjad soon finds himself entangled in a web of desire all his own with no hope to be saved Charged with the task of recovering the property most coveted, Amjad must modify his current plan when Mother Nature steps in, but he is up to the challenge or so he thinks Princess Maram has a reputation and plan of her own the target is within her grasp, finds she could not have wished it any better if she planned it herself An intellectual and sensual battle of equals of which each is determined to win, rages on along with the storm surrounding them Amjad and Maram, through truth and deception as vulnerabilities come crashing down, can the ultimate goal each of these two determined individuals are fighting for be obtained Moreover, at what cost to themselves will it be A definite must read

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    I loved this, the final part of the Zohayd trilogy It was full of banter, angst, love, fighting, heartache and eventually the HEA.

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    again Olivia Gates rocks u are oustanding as always u keep me hooked to the last word. u never disappoint me.thank u..

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    You know, usually I m not a sheikh type of girl I tend to lean toward the fangs and fur persuasion Yet, there is a definite hotness factor to this book that I found fascinating It also helps that one of my favorite random plot devices next to amnesiac vampires is when two people get caught in a snowstorm Now, being that this book takes place in the desert, there wasn t a snowstorm to be seen However, deserts make their own magic in the form of SANDSTORMS Now Amjad knows how to bring the heat If you know what I mean Once he breaks down his barriers he s all lusty and energizer bunny like Rumor has it that the boy can go all night nods Maram has some sass Some serious, serious sass The girl can sling verbal zingers with the best of them I like that It s always fun when you get a female character that doesn t fold when the guys get snarky And Amjad is snarky.No, this isn t my usual type of book At all But I liked it It was fast paced, sexy and the main characters had enough fire to keep one another warm in the coldest snowstorm I have no idea how I can translate that thought into a sandstorm metaphor so I m just going to leave that one to your imagination Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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    Maram Aal Waaked is in the middle of the deseret to watch a horse race put on by Amjad Aal Shalaan Her father Prince Aal Waaked was invited but because of health reasons could not come Also Maram has been trying to get his attention for four years since she first met him.Amjad does not trust women his first wife came to him not a virgin and he forgave her since he was not one either Then he forgave her that she was pregnant by someone else but he would not forgive her for putting arsnic in everything to kill him.Amjad found out that Maram father was behind the theft of the royal jewels of Zohayd With out the jewels to show his people on the annual ceremony His family will loose the thrown and tear his people into apart.Amjad had planned to kidnap Prince Aal Waaked till he gave the jewels back Decided to just take Maram instead.Maram had no idea she was kidnapped at all Maram thought that They were got in sand storm and hid out at his place Too busy falling in love with Amjad.Their is a lot of flirting and calling each other names Amjad is opening up to her.I liked it skipped a few love scenes I was given this ebook in exchange for review.

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    I loved Amjad the moment I read his first line If you like verbal sparring, as well as physical passion, you love this couple This book is fabulous

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To Touch a Sheikh The Sheikh S SurrenderNo One Gets Past Prince Amjad Aal Shalaan S Defenses No One But When Princess Maram Shows Up At Amjad S Gala In Her Father S Place, Destroying Amjad S Plans To Reclaim What Was Stolen From His Family, Amjad Sees Redand Uses A Freak Sandstorm To Make Her His Prisoner Of PassionSwept To Safety By The Man She S Always Loved From Afar, Maram Knows She Has One Chance To Make Amjad See Her As A Woman His Woman But When The Impossible Prince And The Unstoppable Princess Take Shelter From The Storm, Neither Is Prepared For The Aftermath Of Their Desire

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • To Touch a Sheikh
  • Olivia Gates
  • English
  • 05 August 2017
  • 9780373731169

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