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22 Britannia Road Hodgkinson S Portrait Of The Primal Bond Between Mother And Child Leaves An Indelible Impression The New York Times Book Review Debuting Its First Week On The New York Times Bestseller List And Earning Comparisons To Sophie S Choice And Sarah S Key, Britannia Road Is An Astonishing First Novel That Powerfully Chronicles One Family S Struggle To Create A Home In The Aftermath Of WarWith World War II Finally Over, Silvana And Her Seven Year Old Son, Aurek, Board The Ship That Will Take Them To England, Where Silvana S Husband, Janusz Determined To Forget His Ghosts Has Rented A Little House At Britannia Road But After Years Spent Hiding In The Forests Of Poland, Aurek Is Wild, Almost Feral And For Silvana, Who Cannot Escape The Painful Memory Of A Shattering Wartime Act, Forgetting Is Not A Possibility

  • Paperback
  • 302 pages
  • 22 Britannia Road
  • Amanda Hodgkinson
  • English
  • 15 April 2019
  • 9781905490707

About the Author: Amanda Hodgkinson

Amanda Hodgkinson is an award winning British novelist Her debut novel 22 Britannia Road was an international bestseller, an .com book of the year 2011, a Goodreads Choice Award Best Historical Fiction nominee and was published in over sixteen languages Spilt Milk is her critically acclaimed second novel published in 2014 Spilt Milk is a refracted version of real life, that impossible me

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    She is made of the thinnest eggshell, her toughness a veneer That is the way Janusz describes his wife Silvana as he embraces her the scene is about two thirds through the book and seems to be the first insightful thing he thinks about her I chose this book from the Vine program because it sounded like a wonderful, moving premise for a novel, but I was disappointed I expected it to be sad, but I also expected to feel for and empathize with characters who have been through so much I found I just couldn t care about Janusz and Silvana as a couple there didn t seem to be a real bond there When they first meet as teenagers, they are just a couple of horny kids, feeling an instant physical attraction and apparently not much else Silvana comes from a miserable, dysfunctional peasant family and seems motivated only by the desire to escape Janusz seems to ask her to marry him out of duty, suggesting perhaps he s gotten her pregnant Either way, I didn t feel like I knew the characters what were their likes, dislikes, dreams, motivations, what made them laugh They seemed very young and unformed, which they were, but the love they shared did not feel strong enough to sustain them through six years of war and deprivation And apparently, it s not Janusz seems quite amenable to camping out wherever he lands and sitting out the war whether it s the old goose woman s cottage or Helene s parents farm, he seems quite weak and easily lead and just goes along Granted, his life has been totally turned upside down, but I don t get the impression he s burning to fight for his country, or to see his wife and child again, or to do much of anything, except have an affair with Helene Silvana has a much rougher time women in war often do , but she seems very shallow and unformed as well, basically a hollow shell doing whatever she s told by Hanka, or Gregor, or Janusz, or Tony, or Doris She and Aurek endure a much harsher deprivation in the forests of Poland, but something about that didn t ring true for me It went on way too long and became boring, and it seemed uneven they stay for months with one farmer, then the Germans are coming and they must move on then they wander a day and Gregor finds them and brings them into his dubious fold next time they re abandoned they wander for days and days and see no sign of life but then a farmer finds them near death A while later, Gregor comes back into the picture and I thought, how come they didn t find Gregor or this farmer while they were wandering lost in apparently the same vicinity Are these the densest, deepest, most desolate woods ever or the forest from Midsummer Night s Dream , with characters constantly wandering on and off stage It just seemed inconsistent First Silvana is tough and independent, hunting and skinning animals with Gregor, and he tells her she d be perfect for the Resistance but when she and Aurek are alone again, they re eating whatever they find but almost starving She forgot how to trap and hunt Again, it just seemed inconsistent I felt like I never got to know Janusz or Silvana, and I don t think they knew each other And they were so secretive with each other granted, if you re guilty of infidelity in wartime, you re not going to rush up to your beloved and spill your guts right away But I couldn t help thinking real lovers partners would eventually share and talk about what they d endured, seen, learned about themselves not all at once, of course, but in dribs and drabs Janusz and Silvana live in the same house but seem to rarely speak with or to each other Silvana s obviously suffering from what we d call PTSD not even a recognizable condition back then , but you d think they d still slowly share and talk But no, there seems to be no REAL talking until the last five pages I frankly didn t care by that point I felt like the author used the Big Misunderstanding device to push the characters and action along fine for a fluffy romance novel, but really annoying here It just reinforced for me the feeling that here were two people who didn t have much in common to begin with I couldn t help feeling sorry for Janusz for missing out on his chance with Helene If I didn t have to write a review for the Vine program, I doubt if I would ve finished the novel I would ve just jumped to the end to see if Janusz and Silvana stayed together I m sure some fans of historical fiction will find this a satisfying story of survival and primal maternal love as the back cover says I just couldn t care much about the characters, so it didn t work for me.

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    Audiobook narrated by Robin SachsAt the end of World War II, Silvana and her seven year old son Aurek board a ship that will take them to England, where her husband, Janusz, waits for them As the war escalated, he had joined the Polish Army, leaving his wife and infant son behind Then Warsaw was bombed and Silvana fled to the forest with Aurek Now he has settled in England He wants nothing than for them to become a proper English family, with a normal life in the small house at 22 Britannia Road Hodgkinson s debut novel is beautifully told The war has affected all of them, and they each bear secrets that lead to misunderstandings and feelings of distrust How these damaged people struggle to become a family once again forms the central theme of the book I was engaged and interested in the story from beginning to end Hodgkinson divides her chapters by location time and by character, telling parallel stories Poland during the war, England after the war I liked how she used this technique to slowly reveal to the reader what Silvana and Janusz endured during their years apart The choices they made carry consequences they dare not share with one another And yet, they must find the love they once shared and nurture it, for themselves as individuals, for their child, and for their family Aurek fascinated me When he and Silvana arrive in England he is understandably clingy Janusz knows they lived in the forest for a time, but he s not prepared for a son who hoards food, and doesn t know how to tie his shoes or even how to sleep in a bed Silvana tells Aurek again and again that they are safe, that Janusz is his father and loves him But Aurek learned to be suspicious of men during their time in the forest, and he thinks of Janusz as the enemy Robin Sachs does an excellent job narrating the audiobook He has good pacing and clearly differentiated the characters I was never confused about who was speaking or what time frame I was in.

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    22 Britannia Road was most definitely a pleasant surprise for me There are so many books out there relating to WWII and sometimes I think there can possibly be any to contemplate regarding WWII, but, again, this book has proven me wrong The scope of people affected by WWII is hard to grasp, but definitely a reality.In this story, a newlywed couple and there infant son are separated when Poland is invaded by German forces and must go to war to keep their country Janusz, the father, is required to enlist in the army and leaves his new wife, Silvana, and son, Aurek, behind in Warsaw Almost as soon as they couple are separated, they are affected by the war Janusz s train suffers some sort of attack on the way out of the city and miraculously survives Silvana s apartment is inhabited by a German soldier who rapes her and offers protection if she gets rid of her child and stays on as his maid.Silvana manages to get out of the city and survives for several years in the forest, sometimes with groups of people and at other times it is just her and Aurek During the same period Janusz lives alone for some time is a small cabin, until two other soldiers who have defected come across his cabin and warn him that enemy troops are near Then ensues a long process of getting out of Poland through several underground means.While Janusz and Silvana are doing there best to survive the war, they both suffer immensely and do things they would not have otherwise done This book to me was not just about survival and putting a family back together when you have made it to the other side, but also about finding yourself and coming to terms with the atrocities of war This book touches on some pretty tough topics, but it is most definitely a worthy read.

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    Ex AS perating Could have been so much .The writing was actually decent enough that I could have given it three stars, but by the time I got to the end I was tearing my hair out in frustration at what she chose to include and what she chose to leave out of the story I was left with a feeling of pointlessness 2.5 stars

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    Silvana and seven year old Aurek are reunited with Janusz, her husband, after World War II He has settled in England after the war, and his family was found in a refugee camp Silvana and Janusz have been through separate terrible wartime experiences when Poland was invaded by both German and Russian soldiers Janusz traveled to safe houses to finally get to England Silvana and Aurek lived in the forests of Poland, and Aurek has only known a wild existence Their adjustment is difficult, and the secrets of those wartime years are slowly revealed as the story unfolds.I enjoyed the beginning and the end of the book the most, with the middle losing a bit of momentum The book makes the reader understand that in wartime people may be forced by circumstances to make quick imperfect decisions.

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    Reviewed at Novel EscapesThe portrayal of World War II in 22 Britannia Road doesn t hold back, which I really appreciated, but unfortunately I found it came across as emotionally stilted which maybe was the point These were characters hardened by war and had lived through torturous years apart when the war separated the recently married couple But I still couldn t help wanting I wanted to empathize and root for these characters and their relationship, but didn t seem to be able to Unfortunately the idea of this novel was fabulous, but the follow through I ultimately found disappointing.The one thing this novel opened my eyes too was just how many couples were displaced during and after the war and how easy it was to pick up and find a new life, completely abandoning the old one I can see the appeal based on circumstance and how difficult it must have been to go back to normalcy after everything had changed and how much each person would have changed It made me yearn for a romantic story to come out of this novel, and this one was slow growing and didn t fulfil what I had anticipated.I wanted of a spark to Janusz and Silvana s relationship from the beginning, which might have made the rest of the novel believable A sense of duty brought them back together, but there wasn t anything there to hold onto and I found it difficult to root for their relationship Janusz had spark with Helene and their relationship seemed much believable while Silvana was cold and emotionless most of the time.None of Silvana s interpersonal relationships carried any depth nor did they seem real to me and I found her character to be contradictory She s a survivor and is like a big momma bear with her son, but then she lets Janusz tell her how to get on with things and what to do I expected she would have stood up for herself a bit I do realize the time they were living in, but after her experiences, I thought she would have spark when the war ended but maybe she was just happy to let someone else lead The is especially evident where her son is concerned, but she pretty much lets Janusz do whatever he pleased, which surprised me after the lengths she went to keep her son safe.I really wanted shown of the boy and his feral ways How he was suddenly shipped off to school after three months back to normal , in a different country, in a different language when he would never have been to school before surprised me I wanted to see from his perspective rather than him simply running away from school I wanted to see his integration, as well as of Silvana s and had hoped for here.There were a few tender scenes that I did appreciate, but they came so late that I couldn t really grow excited about them Ultimately this novel fell short for me and I was disappointed that what could have been a fantastic plot was dragged down by wooden, unrelatable characters.

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    1.99 on I thought this was a powerful debut by Hodgkinson I enjoyed reading about the struggles of Polish refugees during and after WWII It moved at a good pace and kept me interested.

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    The 22 Britannia Road of the title is the destination for a young family destroyed by WWII Silvana and Janusz Nowak and their 8 year old son Aurek are Polish refugees When the novel begins it s 1946 and they are all about to start a new, picket fence life in England They have been separated since 1939 when Janusz left his wife and son to fight for Poland against the Germans Each of these spouses then spent the next seven years struggling with the choices that would keep them alive Once the war began the lives of all three of the Nowaks became equal parts horrific and terrifying but so far peace has not brought them a happy ending Their efforts to reunite as a family are stymied by years worth of suffering and guilty secrets After reading 22 Britannia Road it s difficult to believe that it is author Amanda Hodgkinson s first novel She confidently travels well trodden territory with a fresh eye in this book The characters lives go from storybook to nightmare to somewhere in the middle of each of those extremes in 300 pages Through each of those stages Hodgkinson details not only the events of the story but the emotional circumference of her characters Janusz, Silvana and Aurek are well defined, charismatic characters who are lucky enough to come out the other side of war but may or may not be able to win their peace Amanda Hodgkinson brings a sensitive but authoritative voice to what could have been soap opera historical fiction.

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    First sentence The boy was everything to her.I swore no World War II books for a long while This book just kept crossing my path here and there so I finally requested it from the library It s a bit different than many of the other stories focusing on the war In this story the war is over and the husband, wife and small son are together again after being apart for six years Their experiences during the war are horrible yet it s told in such a manner that I understood each of their behaviors This is a good book and I am glad a relaxed by no World War II book rule.

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    This is such a wonderfully written first novel I just read it a second time cover to cover , before hosting a dinner with the author and some Bay area booksellers It s less of a WWII story than a story of what happens after the war If you enjoy books like Sarah s Key, Book Thief, and even the new YA novel, Between Shades of Gray, you ll like this one This one s gaining fans and buzz among independent booksellers across the country

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