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  • Paperback
  • 438 pages
  • Long Time, No See
  • Dermot Healy
  • English
  • 01 August 2019
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    Reviewed in December 2012Reading is like being a fisherman we sail out from terra firma with high hopes and we trawl the sea of words in search of a catch that will make the trip worthwhile When the catch contains a species we recognise, one that is associated in our memory with great experiences, so much the better If reading Dermot Healy s Long Time, No See had been a fishing trip, my net would have been very full and the variety of fish it contained would have been both exotic and comfortingly familiar The following is a selection of quotes from a number of sources which mirror that fishing trip for me They have been trawled from the work of the many Irish writers I was reminded of while reading Healy s work and whom I believe to have been the conscious or unconscious inspiration for his intrinsically Irish and intensely human approach to writing Together, the quotes give a little foretaste, and a sort of summary, of the bizarre and wonderful world of Long Time, No See view spoiler The authors, and the titles where applicable, are in a spoiler at the bottom hide spoiler

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    Long Time, No See captures all the spirit of Ireland without the political banter that many other fiction works set in Ireland seem to revel in Instead, this is very much a people driven story it has numerous events and heavy themes, and the plot is not exactly linear or easy to describe, but it s a great story, and one which ends up showing readers what really matters most in life While the book leaves some loose ends which may only be frustrating for many readers, it s also a very short, sweet and to the point kind of novel that can stand by itself without needing extensive details or background events.What drives Long Time, No See forth most of all is its characters, who are well developed but who also feel very much like real human beings, flawed but good people like the best of all of us At first I worried that it might be some kind of avant garde hipster novel in the beginning, but it wasn t at all It s a very down to earth book, simple yet deep at the same time, and one written for any kind of reader.

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    I love this book I love the people I love the way they treat each other The way they love each other Healy treats his characters so gently, takes such care with them, has such a delicate touch There are no throwaway characters, no unnecessary incidents, no pointless details This is the story of a community, the story of a season or two, of lives that are completely intertwined, with some magic and loss and hilarity I love everything about it It s a book I ll read again.

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    You re a good man, Mister Psyche. That s only one of Philip Feeney s names And he is a good man He is.Philip is the protagonist of this very different book It came recommended highly from friends, here in Goodreads and in real life And it is different, not in any experimental way, not post modern, not minimalist either I kept waiting for something to happen A rifle is introduced early, and we know what Chekhov said But maybe Dermot Healy never read Chekhov Hippies appear Angry dogs I felt foreboding that never metastasized No suicides, no homicides, no rapes, no child abuse Philip has a girlfriend, Anna They are not tested No jealousy He likes her parents she likes his There are deaths One, before the time of this book, still lingers, that of Philip s friend Mickey But it isn t a plot twist, nor a slowly revealed explanation The other deaths are because it s time.What happens though, is that we come to like Philip And Anna The old men And the silhouette people who slowly come to life, intersect with Philip, and recede I kept waiting for the asshole, the demon, the darkness to Philip s light It never came.So, you have to be satisfied that this is a book about a Good Man Sometimes that is plenty This book reminded me of It s All Right Now by Charles Chadwick, a book that teaches that it s never too late Last night I was nearing the end of this book I liked it all right But I kept waiting for that ah ha moment to arrive It hadn t to that point I found a new vodka Golia It was very nice with Castelvetrano olives I put on Keith Jarrett s 2005 Carnegie Hall Concert Healey s words started to illuminate You ll be drenched Take the auld umbrella with you.I will.And don t be worrying son.I won t.Good man Spell the word mystery.M y s t e r y.One night here you know what that man Gary said he said the whole thing was a mystery, and then he asked me what the word mystery sounds like, and I said I don t know, and he said it sounds like my story I took the auld black umbrella, and he stood behind the door, opened it a fraction and the rain beat in, then I dived out and hoisted the umbrella and the door crashed closed behind me.I had, as they say, a moment I couldn t find the particular music on youtube, but this is close ll have to find the vodka yourself.

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    someone on facebook had this on their feed, and I want to acknowledge but can t now find Anyway the feed led me to this review by none other than Annie Proulx m already a fan of his short stories Banished Misfortune Beautiful, and also enjoyed his novel Sudden Times.So, off to the library70 pages in, another Irish book but so different from the last one A Girl is a Half formed Thing Now finished The latter was intense, anguished, difficult, with community second to individual needs and hypocrisy everywhere This book is laid back, a community that is always helpful to its inhabitants and to passing strangers, where religion is lightly applied, and death although grieved over is accepted A truly beautiful book, full of odd characters Joejoe the grumpy old man who may or may not have shot a hole in his window, his companion Bird who sees ghost hens The narrator is a 16 year old boy, also a companion to Joejoe and birdie getting them their fags, doing errands, to the point of smearing cream over the naked Joejoe to help with his eczema His family are pretty everyday, his dad a builder, his mum a nurse But even they do strange things like drive into town and wander about not acknowledging each other However they are perfect citizens when it comes to helping others, giving passing Polish hitchhikers a room for the night or feeding Bird s dog through the letterbox when he goes to hospital and won t let them have the key It s all framed by the sea and the mountains of west coast Ireland It is a book to love, in which not a lot happens, except life and death.

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    Have you ever read a book all the way through and felt that you missed something really big You get that unsettling feeling that perhaps the whole thing is one big allegory that you failed to get Or maybe you were daydreaming through the crucial paragraph that knits the whole book together.That s the feeling I had after reading Long Time, No See The quality of the writing was excellent throughout, and Dermot Healy spent 11 years writing this book, so I m sure he had something important to say But I just don t know what it was I enjoyed the lively writing, the well drawn characters, the intriguing situations, but in the end it didn t seem to lead to anything much The characters didn t seem to develop in any meaningful way, and the various mysteries in the plot were either left unresolved or were resolved in a way that felt like an anticlimax For example the bullet hole in Joejoe s window was just caused by him firing off his gun There s a lot of buildup and suspicion and then it was just an old man firing off his gun by mistake.Again, maybe I m missing something, but it felt as if the whole book was like that plot points were developed just to the point where they had the potential to be interesting, and then were dropped Mister Psyche grapples with the recent death of his friend in a car crash or at least you expect him to, but he doesn t really do much grappling He s just sad sometimes, and then he builds a wall Perhaps the wall is symbolic, or perhaps it isn t Mister Psyche has an odd relationship with his girlfriend Anna, with hardly any emotion or affection and not much contact except by mobile phone Again, we don t find out why this is, and nothing much changes about it.Perhaps Healy is trying to say that that s how life really is, that it s not that interesting or dramatic, that there is no neat or satisfying resolution, that events don t have a point in the end If so, he s probably right about that, but it doesn t make for a very engaging read Or perhaps the characters and plot are developing in interesting ways, but it s all so understated that I missed it I don t generally need, or want, to have everything spelled out for me, and nor do I need a nice neat resolution, but I like to have something happen and for it to a bit plainer than it was here.My overall feeling about this book was that it was a beautifully written and intriguing and very long setup for a great novel, but the story didn t develop as I d hoped it would.

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    Dermot Healy died suddenly June 29th, 2914 With John McGahern, he was probably the best writer of this Irish generation As a poet, Seamus Heaney described him as the heir to Patrick Kavanagh As a social commentator, through his novels that I have read, he would be cut from the same stone as McGahern and John B Keane, and the modern Roddy Doyle Healy and McGahern captured decent people in intimate rural communities, people who depended on and supported each other Rich dialects were transferred to the page, as were eccentricities and characterisations, daily lives with all their events and sagas, solitariness and loneliness of rural life and eventual deaths, culminating in mourning of and celebrations of lives passed In many ways Healy s writing celebrated his neighbours and readers ordinary, but, decent, lives People who did their best while above ground.His autobiography Bend For Home is superb, capturing a young boy, losing his Garda father McGahern also had a Garda father, though of different character and his move from a village, Finea in Offaly, to a town, Cavan from a familiar world to an alien one He did the enforced Irish emigrant s prolonged stints in Dublin and London, tough years as a security officer in Heathrow warehouses, reading Dylan Thomas, and some squatting with insecure and uncertain subsistence My favourite novel is A Goat s Song , set around The Troubles , with themes of destructive love, alcoholism, sectarian violence with a quest and personal journey to belong I have yet to explore, and research for reading, his apparently highly rated poetry, supposedly steeped in the Kavanagh traditions This book, Long Time No See , his final published novel and a fitting epitaph and book end to his body of work is a very intimate portrait of a rural community, supporting itself and each other, where ages mix and prove no barriers As the blurb from The Independent says unforgettable nothing happens, but everything happens Time passes People die It all seems so true to actual life, so tangible and aithentic I didn t want this book to end.Anyone, like me, who has been fortunate enough to holiday, or live for short periods, in these communities will verify the close knit communities, how the people live for each other and the authenticity of this narrative The novel centres around and is narrated by a young adult, who has just left school and is working as a local handyman awaiting his Leaving Cert A Level, High School Graduation results, Philip Feeney, a decent person who spends his life with his not too serious girlfriend and caring for the older members of his rural coastal community, which is all expertly captured He is probably on the cusp of leaving the community for college and then work before building a life away Healy probably draws from his living at Rosses Point in Sligo, as close to the forces and beauty of coastal nature as one could get I got the U.S edition in a sale and would love to know how this novel travelled Annie Proulx literary territory in the U.S Wyoming etc People in Ireland and the U.K will have no trouble seeing this social commentary and stepping into the story A great book from a great Irish artist who will be missed.

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    I am so sorry that I evidently couldn t get the charm or message of this book Most reviewers seemed to be enchanted with it, believing each character was well fleshed out, treated gently and with grace in the prose,but I had to abandon it early on before I went stark raving mad.I am well acquainted with Irish literature and humor and love most all of it that I read I found this novel hard to follow and could not muster up interest in the characters or their lives.I couldn t follow who was speaking everyone seemed to just chime in to the point that I had to keep going back to figure out who was saying what to whom and why.Perhaps it was because of being a galley copy, but I found the punctuation, especially quotations marks sadly lacking and the formatting was strange I especially feel bad about that since I was gifted an advance copy and very much appreciated being chosen to receive it Perhaps I can re visit it at a later date.

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    Discovering a book that, upon its reading, makes you feel like you ve come home is a rarity and yet this is exactly how I felt about Long Time, No See Our narrator has just finished school and is spending the summer taking care of his grand uncle, Joe Joe, and Joe Joe s best friend, The Blackbird What should be an easy task is complicated by strange nocturnal occurrences and also by the men s endearing stubbornness Healy takes mundane events and imbues them with a mystical quality Not only that he has perfectly captured the quirks of living in the wild and windy west of Ireland His characters are full of depth, life and soul and you ll feel an immediate affection for them He has exquisitely captured the majestic landscape of Sligo and its people, with a language and a narrative force that are simply breath taking.

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    Memorable characters on the Donegal coast not much plot but wonderful dialogue and a tinge of Joycean surrealism.

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Long Time, No SeeLong Time, No See Introduces Us To The Unforgettable World Of Mister PsycheIn The Isolated Coastal Townland Of Ballintra In The Northwest Of Ireland Recent School Leaver, Occasional Worker, Full Time Companion And Malibu Provider To Uncle Joe Joe And His Friend, The Blackbird, Psyche Is A Boy On The Cusp Of Adulthood, Undone By A Recent Traumatic EventHanging Out With Men Some Forty Plus Years His Senior Proves Hazardous For Mister Psyche When The Appearance Of A Bullet Hole In Uncle Joe Joe S Window Draws Him Into A Series Of Mis Adventures Which Unsettle And Bemuse Perhaps The Blackbird Is Losing It Or Perhaps The General Has Decided To Act On A Decades Old Grudge Whichever Way, As The Paranoia Grabs A Creeping Hold Of Uncle Joe Joe, His Fragile World Threatens To Collapse And It Is Mister Psyche Who Must Digest This And Acknowledge The New World Taking Shape In The Old An Epic In Miniature Peopled By A Cast Of Innocents And Broken Misfits, Long Time, No See S Lyrical Power Casts A Miraculous Literary Spell

About the Author: Dermot Healy

Dermot Healy born 1947 in Finnea, County Westmeath, Ireland was an Irish novelist, playwright, and poet He won the Hennessy Award 1974 and 1976 , the Tom Gallon Award 1983 , and the Encore Award 1995 In 2011, he was shortlisted for the Poetry Now Award for his poetry collection, A Fool s Errand.Healy was a member of Aosd na and of its governing body, the Toscaireacht, and lived in County S