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Innocent in the Sheikhs Harem (Armstrong Sisters #1) Lady Celia Cleveden Thinks Of Herself As Eminently Sensible From The Tips Of Her Sturdy Boots To The Top Of Her Unadorned Bonnet It Seemed Logical She Would Marry An Equally Practical GentlemanUntil She S Rescued By Wildly Enigmatic Desert Prince Ramiz Of A Qadiz, While Traveling Across His Unforgiving Sands He Offers Her A Place In His Harem And Lady Celia Ought To Be Shocked Except The Seductive Desert And Intoxicating Ramiz Make It Curiously Tempting

About the Author: Marguerite Kaye

Marguerite Kaye is a prolific historical romance author hailing from Argyll s West Coast She is a voracious consumer of books, Scotland s world class larder, and the occasional cocktail.Find out on her website at

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    Note read as part of Summer Sheikhs collection but will come out as a single title in June 2011What a wonderful surprise This was a lovely story with great characters and an exotic setting that comes to life in vivid colorful detail The writing was wonderful and I pretty much loved the story Highly recommended Note I reread this in March of 2016 and I still really enjoyed this one, it s a really good historical sheikh romance.

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    OMG I absolutely loved this story Hero is a sheikh in a far away land Heroine is the English wife of a diplomat who is on a mission and takes her with him They are attacked and heroine s husband is murdered Heroine is saved by our brave Sheikh and takes her to his palace They fall in love, he is shocked she is a virgin widow, she is shocked by the emotions he stirs in her and the beauty of the desert When an English diplomat arrives and asks her to spy on the Sheikh, Celia is torn between her love for England and her love for Prince Ramiz Will she dare to betray his trust and how will Ramiz react if he finds out I really adored Celia She is pure, innocent and a sweetheart She is one classy lady and her intelligence is what astounds Ramiz She is feisty and challenges him but unlike most heroines she is not a whiny childish drama queen Her strength and class are unique Ramiz is a strong, honorable Sheikh He is a great ruler, a kind man and a super romantic swoon worthy hero His declaration of love to the heroine gave me butterflies in my stomach.Last but not least the sex scenes were exquisitely sensual Wonderful writing and a heartwarming, unforgettable love story

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    I ve read many books with the sheikh theme and the storyline for Innocent in the Sheikh s Harem is basically the same as most of theminnocent American English woman and wealthy prince of a fictional middle eastern country fall madly in love but cannot marry due to cultural restrictions However, this book sets itself apart from other Harlequin harem novels because the sexual encounters between Prince Ramiz Celia are seriously off the charts hot Every encounter and there are several is lush and sensual and described in vivid detail Just close your eyes and you are there although that didn t work too well for me since I was listening to the audiobook and almost ran off the road Nevertheless, if you are a sheikh fangirl and don t mind delving into the naughty, this is the book for you 4.5 stars

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    So I liked this book plenty It was sweet and full of angst, with a lovable heroine and a hot hot hot hero But what I didn t like was the whole Arab theme God, no matter how good the book is, the Arab theme always manages to leave a bad taste in my mouth I usually don t read books with this theme, and I will try to stay away from them in the future after I give the last book in this series a chance About the characters While I liked the sizzling chemistry between the two, their efforts to try to control their baser efforts were hilarious They kiss, they stop again, the next day they kiss and decide never to do it again, then a few days later he loses control and takes her virginity and really decided not to touch her And then the next few days we see them having an illicit passionate affair.Anyways, about the heroine She was kind, gentle, practical and I loved her, especially at the end when Ramiz the hero blames her for spying on him But I don t know why, there were some parts in the beginning and middle where I found myself not liking her very much I can t quite put my finger on the why, but I didn t But meh, all that dimmed towards the end, where I loved her again.Ramiz was a likable hero too, but the Arab theme comes in the middle Just because she was staying in his harem which was empty he thought he had rights over her And his princely you all have to obey me demeanor wasn t at all attractive Once again, blame it all on the Arab theme Not my cup of tea.But it really was a delightful read, sweet and enjoyable Once again I ll compliment Kaye on her superb writing Her attention to details, her historical accuracy and her rich vocabulary make it all the worth reading Reading Marguerite Kaye is one of the small pleasures of life, just like reading Diana Palmer and Betty Neels 3

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    Celia s life has changed quite a lot in the last year She got married and although her marriage isn t going as planned, she is satisfied with it And she s enchanted by the country her husband s career has taken her to The breath taking beauty of the desert may not be apparent to everybody, but to her it s incredible And then tragedy occurred her husband was killed in a skirmish with bandits And then she found herself in the desert prince s harem just a short explanation harem isn t intended only for concubines of the sheikh, it a place where women of the family together with the children reside.Prince Ramiz isn t sure what to do with the delightful woman who found herself at his mercy He did notify the British autorities of the circumstances, but until someone comes for her, she is in his home And she is irresistible.I really loved Celia she is calm and collected, not prone to hysterics and drama She s also not afraid of saying her mind, not even to the prince.I also liked the setting Although the period is 19th century, we an unusual place a small desert country on the Red sea The atmosphere is seductive and it seems that the regular world doesn t exist There was a quote that I liked about that, but I can t seem to find it now.I loved the way the romance between Ramiz and Celia developed No unnecessary drama and angst They were two rational people slowly falling in love They were aware that it could lead nowhere, but they couldn t stop themselves.Of course, there was one misunderstanding that led to harsh words and accusations, but it didn t bother me much.I m not sure why I didn t give the book a higher rating, I liked it, but it simply didn t strike me as a book that deserves 5 stars.Rating 4 stars

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    Well written with interesting local color Good hero and heroine The only thing that held it back was that I felt it lacked conflict or any really big emotional moments It was gentle and inevitable feeling I guess I liked it but can t quite put my finger on why it didn t score higher with me I am going to look up the others in the series and read them though.

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    This was a great book and a sweet love story I loved the relationship between Celia and Ramiz I enjoyed reading how their feelings grew for each other The love scenes were much hotter than I thought they would be for a Harlequin Historical Looking forward to Carrie s book.

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    Innocent in the Sheikh s Harem is the story of Celia and Ramiz.Lady Celia Cleveden is on an official trip to Egypt with her new husband George, when an ambush gets him killed she is however rescued by desert prince Ramiz of A Qadiz He soon whisks her away to his land and gives her shelter in his harem Initially fearing she might be his next concubine, Celia is surprised when she is the only woman present there, and comes to realize her misconceptions about a different culture.As she relaxes and is waiting to be retrieved by the English government, days blend into night until the subtle attraction between Ramiz and herself begins to boil over and she realizes she might never want to leave..This book began REALLY well a strong heroine, an overbearing but respectful hero, many MANY almost moments, but dwindled midway we encounter spy attempts, bride searches, random insertion of the whole sibling plot which Im guessing is to establish the upcoming books , and the abrupt realization in the end.That being said, the lovemaking scenes were beautifully written, the angst was minimal and the author did good research of the Egyptian history while taking some liberties.Safe2.75 5

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    This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date June 1, 2011 Available Now Publisher HarlequinImprint Harlequin HistoricalAuthor s Website Source for This Book eHarlequin.comPart of a Series Yes, Book 2, Princes of the Desert SeriesSeries Best Read In Order Worked well as a standaloneSteam Level SteamyI have a confession to make I adore Sheikh stories They re a total guilty pleasure of mine I also happen to love historicals, so when I saw that this was not only a Sheikh story but an historical Sheikh story, I knew I had to snag it.Luckily for me, it quite lived up to my expectations Having several of my favorite and guilty pleasure tropes, there was plenty of drama and angst, but also wonderful sensuality and of course the lovely exotic backdrop of a Middle Eastern country that is a main reason to read Sheikh stories.Celia was a strong heroine, without being blatantly modern she was uncomfortable at first in the native garb of pants and a tunic and the idea of no corset, and she was appalled at the idea of being installed into a harem, or even bathing in front of other women Ramiz, as well, was progressive without completely ignoring the traditional male roles of the period He was astonished at the idea of sharing political conversations with a female, and while he was strongly attracted to Celia, I think it was a while before he truly saw her as than just a woman.While I do wish it had been a bit longer, and perhaps had been a tiny bit realistic ending, overall I greatly enjoyed this story A very solid 4 5 Stars

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