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To Tempt a Sheikh He Rescued Hostage Talia Burke From His Royal Family S Rival Tribe And Swept Her Into His Strong Embrace But Prince Harres Aal Shalaan Soon Discovered There Was To The Brave Beauty Than He Knew Talia Held Information Vital To Protecting His Beloved Kingdom And She Had Every Reason Not To Trust HimMarooned Together At A Desert Oasis, Talia Couldn T Resist Harres Yet Even As His Sizzling Seduction Entranced Her, His Loyalty To His Family And Country Would Always Make Them Enemies Falling For The Sheikh Would Be Her Heart S Greatest Mistake But She Feared It Was Already Too Late

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    Pride of Zohayd TrilogyTo Tempt A SheikhHarres Talia s StorySheikh Harrres Aal Shalaan Talia BurkeThis is the second book in the Pride of Zohayd Trilogy This book takes us back in time to the time of The Arabian Nights This story excites you and makes you want to travel back in time Harres Talia s love story is not an ordinary one and the path to true love is not an easy one and the bumps along the way keeps you wondering the outcome.Harres and Talia meet under the strangest of circumstances In a love story the handsome prince rescues the damsel and they live happily ever after NOT Harres is the middle son and not only a prince but Head of Intelligence Homeland Security He is like the hero you read about The rebels have kidnapped TJ Burke and it is up to Harres and his men to save the elusive Mr TJ Burke To free the hostage Burke it will be tricky but it must be done After storming the cabin Burke struggles and it takes all Harres strength get out with the kicking and clawing hostage After they were to safety imagine Harres surprise to find out Mr Burke is really the beautiful Talia BurkeTalia hated the fact that her savior was one of the hated Aal Shalaan family Her cause was to ruin them as they were responsible for her brother s disappearance As they were escaping to Harres helicopter the bandits fire got closer Harres swooped TJ in his arms and ran with her to safety After they were safely on board TJ saw that Harres was injured As an ER doctor TJ nurses him back to health The road to love sometimes never goes smooth Harres and Talia can attest to that Harres isn t used to a woman that doesn t jump to be with him He finds the only way to control Talia is by kissing her Once that happens their lives are never the same At every crossroad it seems they are hanging on by a thread The one emotion that they will never deny is love Harres realizes Talia is his rock and she rocks his world Events happen that threatens not only their love but their lives Talia overhears Harres speaking on the phone and decides that she will leave Talia returns home and tries to forget the one and only man she will ever love Harres won t give her up and no distance is too far for his one true love They say one look is worth a thousand words These two lovers take that one look to a new dimension Harres feels like the conquering hero and yes the hero always gets the girl The bumpy road suddenly becomes very smooth.This is a story of romance that one only dreams about This is the romance on the magic carpet ride.The love between Harres Talia is destined for greatness The only problem is all the curves is and bumps in the road They say that when the desert calls you, you can never return to the normal world This Desert Prince throws all the rules out to find his destiny in his Desert Princess.No author captures love at every stage as does Olivia Gates This story makes you believe in love everlasting This story is a five star read A MUST read.

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    Prince Harres Aal Shalaan, second son of the king, is assigned to rescue a hostage by the name of T.J Burke He has been hunting for the man for a long time, but it is almost as if T.J is a figment of his imagination Hot on a trail, he goes to a hotel room and spots a small, young man with an intense gaze He knows something isn t right with T.J., but now is not the time to question him Harres has to rescue T.J because his rivals are on their backs.Once they are in close proximity, Harres realizes that T.J is really a woman Talia Jasmine Burke is the one that he has been chasing Though there is distrust between them, Harres vows not to let anything happen to her The attraction between them is swift and powerful T.J refuses to tell him anything, but Harres has some pretty persuasion methods of getting the truth out of her.Harres is injured, and he needs some the information that T.J holds, so he takes them away to an Oasis Harres is a smooth seducer, but T.J can t give in They both play for different teams and the information that T.J knows can hurt Harres.Olivia Gates writes intense and well constructed scenes I love her ability to use and play with words Some might call her writing flowery or overly dramatic, and at times it is, but that s what makes her books so funny and entertaining Her scenes are also descriptive and exotic.Harres and T.J immediately form a connection that leads to some quirky and humorous banter I love how he calls her out on her identity as soon as he recognizes her The one thing that I really like about Olivia Gates s books is that her heroines are equally strong as the heroes T.J doesn t let Harres roll all over Though their partnership in unlikely, it leads for some passionate play.I can t wait to read the next book in this series If you re a fan of exotic scenery and in need of a quick and easy read, then I recommend To Tempt a Sheikh.

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    First able I must say characters dialogues make me smile every time I think I kind of falling love with the hero 3 And every time I do that falling love with the hero I complain about the reality of this Why this guys not found in earth Or why I didn t find them Why. Anyway it s a enjoyable reading progress Miss or Mrs Gates doing very good job with this book If you love sheikh stories I think you ll love this too

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    The second book in the Pride of Zohayd series is packed with emotion, passion and conspiracies Olivia Gates once again takes her readers on an adventurous journey where romance is unexpected and dreams seem impossible TO TEMPT A SHEIKH is fantasy worthy in countless ways.As the head of security for Zohayd, there have been numerous missions where risks must be faced by Prince Harres Aal Shalaan When an enemy of his ruling family takes a hostage in hopes of helping their goal in overthrowing his clan, Harres jumps into action and manages to rescue the kidnapped person After discovering the woman is not whom he thought was being held for information, he is surprised but still vows to see Talia Burke brought back to safety When his mission does not go as planned, Harres comes up with an alternative one which takes them on a perilous trek to an oasis where their time together lets them become intimately acquainted plus come to understand their motivations When she came to this country, Talia believed those in the Aal Shalaan family were criminals and her enemy However, she begins to wonder about her facts the longer she is around Harres.Olivia Gates makes fantasies come true in her innovative novels The premise behind her Pride of Zohayd series is certainly original, as mysterious plots add suspense to each book As is discovered about the hostile plans of a rival tribe against the Aal Shalaan family, the tension of what will take place next continuously heightens In this story, a kidnapping leads to a dangerous situation where two strangers must learn to trust the other or perhaps die, and this turns into a very visual and steamy adventure Forced to be with a man like Harres for an extended period in the isolated desert would definitely be high on my fantasy list Ms Gates is known for depicting her stories with colorful details and accurate information, and this one lets the reader experience all scenes to the fullest in every way possible Whether the moment pertains to something which could be seen or heard or sensed in another manner, I was completely immersed in whatever was occurring Harres and Talia are both determined individuals, and their conversations are overflowing with sharp banter plus intelligence There are quite a few times where I smiled over a particularly quick witted comeback from Talia, and how Harres responded to her made him an even desirable hero The circumstances relating to the immediate attraction between these two may be rather amusing at first, but before long it turns into sensuously passionate encounters There is one book in the series, and I am extremely eager to see how the oldest brother fares in his own story TO TEMPT A SHEIKH is compellingly imaginative plus heartfelt with genuine emotions at all times.

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    A true desert romance with a hero to die for and a fiesty heroine What could you want in a romance novel Harres, our hero, is honourable, brave and totally gorgeous he has now become my favourite Olivia Gates s hero I was lost as soon as he was described as having long dark hair I adore men with long hair T.J or Talia, our heroine, is a doctor who believes that Harres and his family are to blame for her brother being in prison and so hates him the minute she finds out his identity The attraction between them is immediate but T.J fights it with all her will as she and Harres trek across the open desert escaping from the enemy There are no opulent palaces in this story or at least not until the very end just a true desert setting with an oasis which is like a place out of time Exciting, sensual ad romantic I would unreservedly recommend this novel for lovers of sheikh stories and beautifully written romance alike.

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    Are you looking for a book that has you falling in love with the hero from almost the first page Harres and Talia s story is one of those books that you ll miss appointments, stay up all night, and not fix dinner to finish it You won t want to put it down until you finish and even then you want it to continue Harres rescues Talia from dangerous people in order to gain information from her She was disguised as a man, but Harres still felt an attraction like no other for her Talis hates him and his family for what she s believes, which is that they set her brother up to go to jail Their escape ends with them crashed in the desert miles from the nearest oasis Most of the book focuses on the development of their spicy relationship thru their adventure trying to reach safety This book is a MUST READ You ll also fall in love with Olivia Gates as an author I always look for her books when they come out.

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    This was an excellent read Olivia Gates packed this book full of danger, intrigue and passion I just wish there was a real Prince Harres Aal Shalaan and he d come rescue me I read every word of this book in one afternoon not so long ago and fell in love with the story The passion the hero and heroine displayed as I soaked the story in was realistic and came across the pages in a smooth flow throughout the plot.Spoiler Alert My favorite part in the book was when Talia woke up after fearing she would die in the desert to discover that Harres ran several miles in the heat with no water to get the help she needed He risked his own life to save hers Where she woke up was beautiful tropical oasis Again, I wish he would come rescue me and whisk me away

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    This is my introduction to Olivia Gates and boy am I glad I ve stumbled upon her To Tempt a Sheikh is rich with color, culture and love that had me turning pages over and over I look forward to going back and reading the first book and keeping an eye out for future books Well done, Olivia I learned today that Olivia Gates lives in Egypt where life has been turned upside down Her release of To Tempt A Sheikh by Silhouete Desire was released today so run and pick it up

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    To Tempt a Sheikh by Olivia GatesT J Burke has been kidnapped and Harres Aal Shalaan planned on freeing him T J had information that could potentially harm the Aal Shalaan family But when Harres rescued T J he discovered T J was actually Talia Jasmine pretending to be her brother Plus she hated all the Aal Shalaan family because she believes they wrongly imprisoned her brother Now Harres has to convince her they can have a future together.The author was so descriptive that I had a clear picture of the characters and the location She also poured out the depth of emotions these two felt for one another I also like the fact that she incorporated her knowledge in the medical field by making Talia a doctor It s no wonder that Olivia Gates is one of my favourite authors.

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    Liked the second book in this series You find out about the ruling family and how far the sons will go to protect the nation Harres and Talia are perfect for each other as they are both strong people who know what they want and go for it.

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